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  1. Hello. Yaris Hybrid Design 2018. A few days ago, the TPWI warning light came on. Yesterday, I checked and reset the pressures on all four wheels. The warning light has gone out. I cannot find a TPWI reset switch (supposed to be by the knees of a front passenger) so I have always assumed that my car wasn't fitted with TPWI. Suppose a front and rear tyre were exchanged; (31 psi >< 29 psi) how would the system know what pressures to adopt? JD.
  2. Perhaps I didn't ask the right question last time! This answer feels right. Many thanks.
  3. Hi. I don't wish to make the journey to the nearest dealer. I'm hoping to buy a lamp/bulb by mail order. Can anyone advise me as to the correct part number or identification for the bulb?T I A. J
  4. Hello. The repeater flasher lamp in the driver's door mirror was smashed by a passing careless driver. Do we have anyone in the club who would know of the stores reference number for this item.
  5. Thanks to respondents. I'd like to add another discussion point. What is the optimum fps setting?
  6. Hi. I'd be interested in members opinions re:- 1. One camera having front and rear lenses versus having two cameras (windscreen & rear window) 2. The benefit of the cameras having polarising filters. 3. Suction cup versus adhesive pad mounting. 4. Does the 'magic box' in front of the Yaris rear view mirror make it awkward to mount the front facing camera?
  7. Thanks Flash22. Note that your first link is much dearer than your second link. J
  8. Hi. My 2018 Yaris is coming up for an oil change and filter change. I've had less than success in contacting my local dealer's parts department. The oil filter number is 90915YZZJ1. However, in my research I have been offered 90915YZZJ2 . Can anyone tell me if the J2 is truly a compatible item? J
  9. First thing, - thanks to all respondents with positive info. They gave me the confidence to do the dismantling. As mrpj pointed out, there might be different models but I think that this will help. To remove the outer cover, stand at the front side of the mirror, wriggle your fingernails into the gap between the outer cover and the black mirror surround in an arc around the outside point. Apply increasing pressure and lift the edge of the cover away from the mirror. There will be nasty cracking noises but these are only the clips giving way. I guess that these items are particularly vulnerable in today's traffic conditions and so the designers make them easy to replace. H T H. J
  10. Hi. Some careless &#33;Removed&#33; has recently 'clipped' my driver's side door mirror. The rear cover and the small cover containing the turn indicator bulb were knocked off. Can anyone help me with a. How to safely prise off the rear cover? and b. The correct sequence for replacement of the two covers? T I A, J
  11. Hi. My car is coming up for its first annual service. I assume engine oil and filter replacement but I'd be interested to know what else is listed. Where can I find this info? T I A. J
  12. I do very little miles, and I think that is at the root of this problem. Since I've been operating the cap occasionally, it opens ok. Sorry to have generated a false alarm. J
  13. Visited Toyota Sandhurst; Service Manager said a technician tightened something up? 10 mins approx. Seems ok now. Also said he knew of no previous history. This car is v low mileage, last previous fuel fill-up was in May. I will try opening/closing flap weekly. Thanks for links.
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