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  1. First thing, - thanks to all respondents with positive info. They gave me the confidence to do the dismantling. As mrpj pointed out, there might be different models but I think that this will help. To remove the outer cover, stand at the front side of the mirror, wriggle your fingernails into the gap between the outer cover and the black mirror surround in an arc around the outside point. Apply increasing pressure and lift the edge of the cover away from the mirror. There will be nasty cracking noises but these are only the clips giving way. I guess that these items are particularly vulnerable in today's traffic conditions and so the designers make them easy to replace. H T H. J
  2. Hi. Some careless !Removed! has recently 'clipped' my driver's side door mirror. The rear cover and the small cover containing the turn indicator bulb were knocked off. Can anyone help me with a. How to safely prise off the rear cover? and b. The correct sequence for replacement of the two covers? T I A, J
  3. Hi. My car is coming up for its first annual service. I assume engine oil and filter replacement but I'd be interested to know what else is listed. Where can I find this info? T I A. J
  4. I do very little miles, and I think that is at the root of this problem. Since I've been operating the cap occasionally, it opens ok. Sorry to have generated a false alarm. J
  5. Visited Toyota Sandhurst; Service Manager said a technician tightened something up? 10 mins approx. Seems ok now. Also said he knew of no previous history. This car is v low mileage, last previous fuel fill-up was in May. I will try opening/closing flap weekly. Thanks for links.
  6. M456an. " check also if there is a recall for your car" How do I do this? J
  7. Hi. My Yaris is c6months old. Within the last week; the outer fuel flap cover has refused to click shut. The little plastic button takes time/vibration to to extend. Has anyone else experienced this? and/or any suggestions to cure this long-term? T I A,
  8. Thanks M&J. Readers might be interested that I bought a 'Garmin' air vent mount from an Amazon associated supplier. It had a 16mm ball...............the Garmin head needs a 17mm ball! And the supplier demands return postage. (This is not intended to reflect any criticism on Amazon themselves).
  9. Hi. Is it easy to dismount and remount the 'Garmin head' from this mounting? (To hide it, while parked).
  10. Hi. I have a specific reason for not wanting to have the sat nav on top of the dash. Would it be possible to have a vent mounting above right of the mm-screen? Thoughts/suggestions welcomed. J
  11. Hi Alan. I did the job, and it looks ok, but if I were doing it again, I'd be sure to stretch the material lengthways first, then sideways. I used a 2-pack glue, a section at a time, over four or five days. So far it has resisted little fingers!
  12. Thanks both. You've provided the push I needed. Mine has come loose at the rear edge, It's going to need stretching and some strong spring clips to hold it in position while the glue sets.
  13. Hi. The fabric cover on the centre lid is coming loose, probably due to the driver's elbow resting on it. I know it isn't a massive job but I wondered if anyone had come up with a neat way of stretching and glueing? T I A, J
  14. Hi T W. Thanks for link. The significance seems to be that light green is better than dark blue, ( >70%). I hope not to see red!
  15. Hi, I recently had the display on Energy and noticed the bars representing state of charge were a dark blue. I'm used to seeing them a light green. Is there some significance to the colour? J
  16. Hi Oakridge. Works well. Thanks
  17. Hi Folks. Thanks for suggestions: I'll follow them up. The grandkids say that a smartphone would be wasted on me, and to give it to them instead! Kithmo, - SWMBO likes caravan sites that no one else has ever heard of. J
  18. Hi. Prius T-spirit, Gen II. The satnav has a facility for entering a destination by lat & long: but only ( I believe ) by degree/min/sec. Does anyone know if there is a 'settings' change to accommodate the UK O S map system. The destinations I have in mind are back of beyond in character. J
  19. Success! Mostly due to T W. It would be just my luck to blow a headlamp bulb with turning them on/off quickly. This procedure has worked fine for me. Thanks again. J
  20. Hi. I've gathered from various postings that it is possible to view some technical attributes; eg the actual voltage of the '12 v battery'. I haven't been successful. I am listing my understanding of the procedure and would be grateful if anyone could point out any mistakes; or whether it doesn't apply to my model/year etc. Press Park, engage parking brake. Press 'Start' without pressing footbrake, [Accessory mode?]. Press 'Display', [top left button]. Screen should now show word Display at top left of screen, with a 1 just below it, and a 2 much lower down. The procedure goes on but I don't want to complicate things. I cannot get the display screen to show the numbers 1 & 2. I would very much wish to avoid any procedure which involves swithching the headlights on/off quickly. T I A.
  21. I wasn't there at the time but ISTR Rolls-Royce introducing this in the 1920s.
  22. JohnD2

    12V Battery

    Thanks again T W. I think we've exhausted the topic of the 12 v battery. My car is now definitely perkier and I will watch the mpg with interest. I'm still not having any success with the Priuschat procedure but I think that ought to go to a new thread.
  23. JohnD2

    12V Battery

    Hi T W. 1. I was quoted (Toyota Sandurst), £95; but then given a discount? which brought it down to £80. The storeman there is an unsung hero and even carried it to my car. How times have changed. I'd be very interested in anyone else's experience of buying/using a cheaper copy. 2. Re, difference in charging voltage. Is it possible that this could be due to tolerances in component manufacture? eg voltage stabilising diodes etc. 3. I haven't yet been successful in using the built-in (Camdata?) system. From info on the forum, I understand the procedure to be as follows:- key in, no footbrake, press power button once (what colour), wait for screen to show (what is screen heading), select 'Function Check', select 'Vehicle Signal, turn headlights on then off three times. When I press the power button it stays green, and the screen stays on whatever page it was on at last shutdown.
  24. JohnD2

    12V Battery

    Hi. I regret having to inform readers that the experiment has failed. I have had to replace the battery. Tid-bits of info gleaned over the three months of extended life: there is a permanent drain of 20 mA (20 thousandths of 1 amp) on the T-spirit. The smallest (350?mm diagonal) Maplin solar panel will provide roughly 100 mA into a partly charged battery in strong sunshine; but during an overcast November day it's down to around 5 to 8 mA. My car system charges the 12v battery at 14.2v.