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  1. Hi just wanted to know if the VVTI engine is any good ? or not ? and are they good cars?
  2. Hi thanks guys thanks for the messages and it all helps me make me mind up. The car is going to be about 5 grand so as far as im aware its a good buy. The car is a 2.0 petrol but they have a 4 cam somthing so its a D4? and not the D4D i think they are the diesle version ? and the one im getting is a 2.0 Petrol D4 ! Its go the lexus style sat nav and everything in there :P Has anyone kitted one up etc? Thanks again !
  3. Just want to know peeps if the engine of a 2.0 D4 is a good engine and if anyone has got the same car and had problems with it. Im buying an estate 56 plate fully loaded sat nav screen and all. Want to keep it for a year or so and see how i get on what are people's thoughts on this car ? Thanks and has anyone got there's gas converted ? :o)
  4. hi mate was reading about this and not had the courage to do it ! so how do u exactly get the glue to come apart to split the head light? and do u do them for people of for a cost and if yes how much ? as i got a t sport corolla !! and urs look wicked mate !
  5. Hmm i was abit puzzeled the other day i seen a corolla t sport with them led strips and it looked pretty good so i ordered some from ebay ofcourse lol and the guy said to stick them on with double sided tape etc but i was thinking what if your on the motorway and they unstick ? lol does anyone know if you can brackets or somthing to hold them strips up ? Thanks !!
  6. lol me being thick here farhanali whats the choke ?and how do u know its on??
  7. thanks people will have a look will put me car pics up tonight lol u can see the damage its sustained lol will see how it looks after the repair :P
  8. I was looking on ebay and i cant find them can you get LED Rear t sport corolla lights 02 plus hatchback? Thanks
  9. :D hi im looking for someone whos breaking a whole car as i need a few parts off it. The car i've got is an 02 t sport hatchback 3 door. I need a passenger seat and the centre piece where the hanbrake and the gears are. please reply back if you can help ! Thanks you can message me if you can thanks !! would pick up the parts and pay cash on collection ! Thanks !!
  10. thanks for your help mini marc i did manage to get it off all i did was take the battery off and the lights have gone off *touch wood* and borodaz i do think you could be right too!! for the time being the lights have gone off so fingers crossed hain. and does anyone else have a problem with the revs reveing when you start the car when i start mine the reves stay on 1 and a half thousan and then rev down then rev up abit again is this common ? thanks again peeps !! :) i will upload the car damaged pic soon so should be fun lol !! great car though !
  11. Hi first post on here so please be kind lol, i brought a toyota corolla t sport 190 bhp and the car was fine as i drove it the car now has the vsc and the trc and the engine management light on. the car has done 90k, got to point out the car was parked up for several months. Checked the oil and the car is fine. the car was damaged from the right hand side but there was no engine damage to the car ! its going for repair sooon soo will have to upload the pics of before and after lol !! so please could you help and any suggestions please thanks !! ;)
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