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  1. Hi All, Took the car in to have a new bulb fitted. They also sorted the window switch and rear suspension arm recalls, however they checked it out for a THIRD recall - Instrument Panel Recall. It needs to go back in for three days to have the old one removed and new one installed, have booked in for 20th January. After a search on the net I cannot find any details related to this Instrument Panel recall. I received letter about the other two recalls, but nothing for the instrument panel one, anyone here have any details or links to details? My car is a '07 Auris T180 with the factory fitted touchscreen Sat Nav. Thanks Granty
  2. Hi Everyone, Thanks for your thoughts and opinions on car mats. We have opted for the official Toyota rubber mats, and they should be arriving shortly from Parts King. The next thing I am struggling to understand is the rain sensing wipers. I understand how to turn on the auto wipers using the stalk, but am confused about the adjustable 'band' around the stalk that has four '-' marks against it. Now I am presuming this is some sort of sensitivity adjustment, but I find no difference in wiper speed or actuation when the band is in different settings. From memory there are three '-' marks and a '+-' mark on the lowest setting. Can anyone confirm the use and what the different settings do? I have read through the manual, and unless it's in a seperate section cannot find anything explaining these. We have an 07 Auris 2.2 T180 D4D incase there are variations based on model types. Thanks in advance Granty&Swanny Edit: added model
  3. Hi and welcome. Probably best to post the question into one of the other forums, as questions shouldn't really be posted here, and some members probably wont review this forum often.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome. Well looks like the official rubber mats are the way forward. I'll take a look at that Ebay link. But if Parts-King happens to read this thread and can post me some details I would like to put business through a forum member :) Granty&Swanny
  5. Hi There !! Bought an 07 Auris last week and need to get some mats for the car. I have had a look through the Car Care forum and also the Auris forum. A few threads about mats but nothing really being recommended. I have looked at the following so far... Ebay - Official Auris Mats Cannon Custom Fit Rubber Mats Halfords Rip Speed Aluminium Heel Plate I can see in the Auris there is a securing point for mats, which I would like to utilise as my old Fiat Siecento used to have the mats sliding around. :( Anybody got the above and can offer advise, or if you can suggest some alternatives. Many thanks Granty&Swanny
  6. Hi There !! The girlfriend and I just bought a new Auris last week. Wanting to keep it in tip top condition, as people say Toyota's last for ever, thought we would join the owners club to ask for assistance and help out where we can. We bought an 07 plate Auris 2.2 D-4D T180. I have one question to ask so will post in the appropriate forum. So for now, nice to meet you all!! Granty&Swanny