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  1. ok i wanna change my corolla from having a top mount airfilter on the carby to having pipes running off to a pod filter. Is this possiable. if so please tell me how to do it or give me and link of somthing please
  2. go to this site :::::::::: http://www.installdr.com/ ::::::::::very helpful site VERY
  3. tired that but it turned off when i shut the boot so i diconnected the sencor but the door open light stayed on
  4. is there a constant power sorce in the rear on the 1989 toyota cs corolla twin cam or do i hve to run power from the frount (its for neons)
  5. i did a 1.5 min with my 1989 corolla cs dam thats fast
  6. a VL is a holden car or GMH Mostly In australia you see italian (wogs) people driving them and chapple street in in melbourne cbd where there are lits of italians
  7. i ahve the same car as this guy quotes he drifts . in my car this would all most b inposiable with out he use of come sort of oil all over the road this car dose not go fast and after you hit 100kmh it reves too high but if you can plse tll me what this guy is tryign to say i would apresciate it You do now. FF Drift is easy although you can't link corners like in MR/FR/RR Cars and is performed thus: (at own risk) Enter desired corner with what appears to be slightly exessive speed. Re-apply throttle on turn in then lift off hard just before apex (note: car must be revving only 2-3000 rpm below limiter) the engine braking causes massive forward weight transfer and rear end should break into drift. To correct: Apply gentle opposite lock and reapply throttle. This works for me in a stock AE92 4A-FC Corolla so don't say it doesn't work. This technique can also be handbrake assisted. Setup wise, Soft all round (i.e. stock) helps the weight transfer and stock steel wheels on the rear should also help to remove rear grip if you have liquorice on your front rims. Aside from Basic handbrake drift (Read: Glorified Parking) this is the only way I am aware of to drift an FF Car Properly. A less scientific method (and 100X more likely to write of your car) is to start drifting w/ the handbrake then semi Initial D style catch the inside front tire on the curb (45* or less incline) to slow down that corner and bring the rear around. However Crash/Drift ratio is too high for my liking. I hope this helps. :!Removed!:
  8. i need info on where to go to get quotes and is eny one has done this to a 1989 toyota corolla cs and how expensive was it i really want to get this done im even taking out a loan to get it done . because i need power ill probly get a supercharger as well
  9. Guide to doing up your very own VL 1. cut the springs full shick moit, until 11mm off ground 2. full shick interceptors with 2 mags on front wheels majt 3. shick subwoofa ( note: its not loud unless the boot hinges are about to give way ) 4. Get some fully fluff assed dice from uncle charlie down at the vic market, he hook you up with some real nishe ones moit 5. install a hair wax holder on the dash for those last minute touch ups before you turn off chapel street 6. buy the lowest seat you can find so all people can see is your Kappa hat poking above the dash 7. fully shick stickers on the side door, showing the sponsors you couldnt afford ( Greddy, HKS etc etc ) 8. put 144 on side window and state it does 11's moit 9. install a bottle of gold polish under the dash so you can quickly shine up those "chest- hair line indicators " before stepping out. 10. put a $30 turbo tip from Super-Cheap Auto on your exhaust so people think you can actually afford a real turbo 11. slow down to 2k's approx 20 feet prior to a speed hump, to ensure people think your car is lower than it actually is, and seems like your chassis is detailed 12. stare at people when you drive past as if you're about to fight them, then drive off with as much rpm as possible so they get "scared" 13. when you exit ur car, look at the big scratch on the spoiler as if you didn't do it when you put ur amp on there when ur arms got weak and rub the scratch with ur thumb as if it would come off 14. When you rest your arm on the door, make sure you push outwards so your muscles look bigger. 15. make sure you have a nice 15yo girl in the passenger side who's "like, totally in love with you" 16. never fix ur neons, just constantly jiggle the wires so it goes on 17. make sure ur turbo's bearing are shot so badly that u get 3000rpm of lag and need to pump the clutch to get the shick sound 18. make sure you own a nokia, so you're bro's and hoes can call you and say, hey bro, lets go for a cruise in the Vl turbo Leh! 19. take it to "tint professor" and get to drive the replacement car (excel) and FRASH it to da max 20. never but optimax because ur bro said it's not good for turbos 21. ask a bro for 2 bux for fuel money coz u used ur money up for a new turbo badge ofr yuour fake vl turbo 22. moving your lisence plates to the side so you can get that extra 3 cubic cm's air intake.. 23. when you change the steering wheel moit, make sure you use the good boss kit so your fringes dont get stuck in the column 24. write in ur calender that u'll need a new clutch every two months because you can't drive manual 25. have a folder in your glove box to store all the canaries you cop every saturday night at chapel st coz ur seat is so low 26. ask the copper to stick ur canarie on an angle in the perfect place on ur window so the most people will see it at "chapz" 27. keep a syphon tube in the boot incase you need to make a quick refill majt 28. nod ur head to other "tilted hat people" as if you know them... they'll nod back if they are sick 29. get your break lights tinted so they are only just visible at night. 30. make sure u are sponsored by a Car Towing company, proving you are a real vl muzza on the burnout run saturday nights 31. dont use breaks.. manual shift the auto like a sick !Removed!.. 32. Clean your lowerd seats before leaving chapel so mumma knows you didnt eat a souvlaki after her dinner. 33. State you got a permit from the EPA not to run a cat converter. 34. Tell everyone at the drags that your running 32psi, and after the Cortina sucks your headlights out , say " oh my digital boost controller was stuck on 11psi " 35. glu-tac your TURBO badge on to your boot so when you floor it, the TURBO badge will fall off and you will say, Bro! See that my car is fast the turbo badge falls off all the time! 36. always wash your car with the hood up on the nature strip 37. When out with mates, make sure your fat cousin and her boyfriend sit in the back so your car looks lower. 38. when someone overtakes u in ur vl u have to reovertake them and just as u pass them u have to make sure the blow off valve sounds 39. When driving past chicks at o-zone, make sure you change gears at just the right time for the BOV to open up... correct cruising method : hand out window on the door, 1 hand on top of steering wheel, chin up, hat tickling gods feet, full shick diesel jeans and top
  10. ok im 18 and i want to make a fast car B) my choice was the 1990 corolla cs and i want to know what i can do to make it better i have a full time job (engineer - toolmaker) and lots of cash from my b-day i was thinking in the way of hi flow air system , complete surpension change, bigger wheels. i want to get a torbo or supercharger which would b the better option? ans if eny one you guys hav actually put a mod like thins on that motor in the fucture im thinking about changing the complete motor to one out of a wrx but that probly wont happin i chose this car because i think it has potential it has a nice shape and the body will sure a body kit well if eny one had eny picks of this car with a body kit on it can you please poast them or send them to my e mail at cobras_cobras_nightterror_1986@hotmail.com or just ad me in messenger and we can chat
  11. when i changed the deck and speakers i found that the car had wires run from the frount to the back that wernt even used so when i put 6x9 on the prasel shelf ther wires where allready there. booyeah. and my corolla came with pioneer speakers at the frount i was really surpized considering my mum had had it since new so they where stock but the only fustrating bit was that the speaker mounts dont mtach the mounts on the deck it ****** me off so much but then i just scrwed self tappers in and it worked :ffs:
  12. dont worry i figured it out i fond the best site ever http://www.installdr.com/
  13. can some one pleas poast the connection diagram for wiring up the head unit i got a sony explode with explode 6x9"
  14. ok my car is a 1989 toyota corolla sc i need more power but i carnt really find eneyting with out replacing the motor eny sagusttions and i dont want ot change the motor it it the late year 1989 i do have some stedy cash so il open to eneything and what size strut bar fits on my beast
  15. the tacho is wired up right i think but then i rev it only reads 2000 and when i rev it more it goes back down to 0 please help me
  16. ill buy the car $1000 bucks ill pay for shipping to australia
  17. **** IT DIDNT WORK all i coneeced it to each of the wires and it did nutting but on one of the wirers it went up to 2000rpm then when i reved it more it went to 0 so im gona stuff the hole tacho idear un less some one can help me
  18. thanx dude i dont realy enen need a tacho its a auto but i dont want to blow the motor doing burn outs so it helps it worked
  19. my car is the model made in december 1989 it has a diffrent motor to the earlier 1989 i think they changed it in may thay year and i found the coil its in side the distruibtor and i carnt figure which one is signal wire so im gona try each
  20. please i need help i have racked my brain over this im new please help me
  21. i have to a tacho to go in my 1989 rolla cs and i dont kno where to put the signial wire it saya onthe coil but there is no coil please help me :!Removed!:
  22. -baker-

    16" Wheels

    i need some wheels for a 89 corolla and a body kit if eny one has onle lying around im in australia will pay for shipping fom eny where in aust
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