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  1. Hi, I am looking to replace several blown bulbs from behind my Corolla E12 centre console. The console is the manual air-con version and the bulbs illuminate the three dials: I have removed the centre console: But I cannot remove the white plastic part or the two bulbs from it (left bulb is blown): With power off: This is the problem at night: If anyone could shed some light on how to remove either of these bulbs or the white plastic part please. My apologies for the poor picture quality as I only have an old Nokia to take pics with at the moment! Thanks
  2. Thanks again for your help! Unfortunately my cigarette ashes box bulb is blown aswell Is it possible to use one of these bulbs: and strip off the bulb holder off to give me: Can this now be used in the beam level switch? Or I just need to order a Neo wedge LED???????? Sorry for using your pictures again!
  3. Thanks Noedel, I was able to remove it. I have taken apart the beam control switch as the bulb has blown. The bulb looks like an LED but is actually long thin bulb of similar size to LED with a green sleeve or "condom" over it. It is soldered directly into the back of the switch. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement bulb? Toyodiy.com shows no part number from it just a whole new switch for €80. I'll try get a photo of it up later. Thanks Movistar p.s thanks for the use of your picture in first post!
  4. Does anyone know how to remove the Headlight Beam Level Control Switch from the dash? I have searched for a previous topic on this with no luck. I couldnt upload a photo so I have borrowed one from a previous post. Thanks
  5. Hi Ryan, Replace your pollen filter and this should solve the problem. Its located in behind the glovebox and costs around a tenner for a new one (dont just clean old filter). Also try clean any leaves etc from cowling under the wiper blades. Best of luck with new car
  6. If I wasnt 100% happy with work a bodyshop had done (has happened to me in the past) I would hassle them day and night until they put it right. If your having doubts now then get it sorted now because you might regret it later
  7. Yea I thought it looked familiar alright. If more petrol stations in ireland sold 99ron petrol I'd be on a plane to Kent to drive it home Only 95ron here
  8. Alot of the bulb websites say HB4 but you need H11 bulbs. Powerbulbs.com corrected this on their site after I told them and replaced HB4 with H11 free of charge! Movistar
  9. Does anyone know how to remove this E12 Headlight Beam Level Control Switch from the dash? Thanks
  10. Hi all, Someone on here was recently looking for a part number for the TTE compressor rear badge/sticker but I can't find the thread so here is the part number for anyone who needs it: TTE compressor stickers: TTE-COMPRE12 and while i'm here: TTE Badge for Front Grill: PZ439X049003 Not sure if you can still get them from your Toyota dealer but worth a try! I was able to get both parts recently from a Toyota dealer in Ireland. If not try TRC Tuning. Not able to attach photos as keep getting an error Movistar
  11. I suspect the car/owner has moved from the UK to Ireland, and I think I'm right in saying if you stay there for more than 12 months you have to register your car with Irish number plates otherwise insurance companys don't like it ? Could be wrong though Car looks great!! What a change and a good location for the photos Yep, it appears the car was transferred from either England/Scotland/Wales to Northern Ireland. This would require the owner to re-register it in Northern Ireland. The owner can decide whether to keep the original plate or request a Northern Ireland plate (if resident in Northern Ireland). If owner is resident in Republic of Ireland, then he/she has thirty days to re-register the car and pay import duty (Vehicle Registration Tax) and is allocated a Republic of Ireland registration plate only. A quick free online check shows it is the same car for both registration plates. If the car was taken to Republic of Ireland the plate would look something like 98-D-123456 etc. (assuming the car is 1998, i'm guessing it is around that age and if re-registered in Dublin, it would be different for other counties but in the form YY-CC-SSSSSS where: YY — a 2-digit year (e.g. 98 for 1998) CC — a 1- or 2-character county identifier (e.g. D for Dublin; SO for Sligo). SSSSSS — a 1- to 6-digit sequence number, starting with the first vehicle registered in the county that year Insurance companies in Republic of Ireland will insure car with foreign plates no problem but Customs will impound car if in country for more than thirty days
  12. They should pay for a new set of coilovers. I thought car manufacturers had to supply parts for any model they made for at least ten years?
  13. So its possible to remove the transparent plastic in front of the dials? I removed the plastic trim to get at dials but was afraid to go any further! I would like to replace the transparent plastic as its scratched (previous owner cleaning it too hard) . Anyone done this or have a part number?
  14. I'm sure that the Golf GTD is the replacement for the GTTDI? It's 170BHP and can be tuned up to 240BHP Gona look something like this if I save up the pennies:
  15. 55 plate Corolla E12 3 door 1.4 D-4D. Replacement will prob be a Golf GTD
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