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  1. Hey dere just lookin for a few opinions... Lower it or not?? new back box or leave it as it is??
  2. Cheers for the heads up and did u do it yourself or get a bodyshop to do the work? did it myself, your gonna need an anglegrinder some fiberglass filler and a exstra set of hands, the main problem is that the facelift is a little bit wider in the front than the pre facelift, so your gonna have to shave down the sides of the bumper, you may also have to slim down the bumper beam or replace it with a thinner one (i had to do this with the tunemasters front) not shure if this is neccesary on the TTE bumper doug... Thanks again mate... i was gonna fit it myself if it was straight fitment but i think i might get a bodyshop to do it and have it fitting as best as i can, Cheers for the help!
  3. Cheers for the heads up and did u do it yourself or get a bodyshop to do the work?
  4. ya i actually saw one today in college and it fits perfect and by the way iv got the car a month the previous owner did that, hence im gettin a new one instead of paying for expensive touch ups
  5. Hey dudes, I've had this bug me for a while got my eyes on a tte front bumper for my facelift E11 corolla, the trouble is i haven't seen it on any of the facelifts but I've been lookin at the photos of the bumpers on their own and they seem identical in fit I'm just wondering does anyone have this done or seen it done?? picture included in the attachments any ideas for mods??
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