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  1. bonjo

    Twin exhaust

    from memory, it is a german company with an outlet somewhere around silverstone. Please let us know if you source one😀
  2. bonjo

    parts catalog

    I know buying a bolt from T is a financial suicide. Did not know parts catalog were available; had the impression it was a closely guarded secret to put people off maintainig their car themselves!🙁 ger: that is an excellent link; already put to test
  3. bonjo

    parts catalog

    Are there any online parts catalog website? To find parst, price and ordering? one of the bolts securing the engine undertray to the bottom of the front bumper has fallen off. NEed to find the part number for it!
  4. bonjo

    service info

    I plan to drain & refill if the rear axle has a drain plug. gjnor, from your comment it looks like this is the case thank you for your feedback
  5. thank you for your feedback & the links I don't have a leak issue and the roof is not leaking. I think the top side (outside) lip of the rubber seal allows some water past it (there is usually a little pool of water in the corner depending as I do not not park on a flat ground. I expect the rubber is treated with some mastic/ sealant to stop this from happening and in may case, this has failed. I wonder how much the metal glass surround costs these days from Mr T, I may end up restoring the current one
  6. for a while, I noticed the rubber seal bulging in a couple of areas around the runroof. DEcided to put it right and to my horror found the metal frame had swelled up because of rust. Not sure what went wrong cause rthe bodywork is rust free. Has anyone had the same issue? Wondering if it is best to have the frame cleaned and repainted or replaced
  7. bonjo

    service info

    I am trying to find out if the rear diff on my petrol GX (2002/03) is a top up only or I can drain & replace the oil? Been told some do & some don't, anyone knows? I have looked at some downloads I have from toyota EU but they all mention toyota USA in the docs so I am not sure! thanks
  8. this is very intersting about the whine. No I couldn't find any synthetic 80/90 so will settle for the organic alternative
  9. I had the opposite a few years back; it was the regulator sending out too high volt to the bulbs. With dimming you have additional suspenct as daveh mentioned. start looking out dirty bulb connection and dirty/ loose earth connection
  10. You are right. I am really after full synthetic one which I cannot find any
  11. I would like to do all three parts: transaxle, transfer box and the rear diff (non LSD). For the last two, the service data asks for 80w-90 or 90 both of which are a little difficult to find. Can I use 75w90 (full synthetic) instead? WOuld it have any detrimental effect on their longetivity or performance. I believe the transaxle oil can be fully drained & replace. How about the transfer & the rear diff? thanks
  12. If you are talking about the rubber strips along the L&R side of the windscreen, they are one piece and when they age, they split and look like separate pieces. You can use glue & sealant.
  13. Ian, the ECU uses a lot of sensors around the car. O2, lambda (as you mentioned) aire temp, MAF, knock to name the few I know of; off course the road & engine speed. gjnor, your comments agree with what I know and frankly I am not thinking of great improvements. I will foloow up those 2 companies you mentioned see what they offer. Thanks
  14. bonjo

    cam chain rattle

    great ; the last question mark now crossed off my list☺️
  15. bonjo

    cam chain rattle

    motorcycle chains do strech, so does bicycle's. I don't see why the car would be different except that the loads are different and chains can be made a lot stronger. Perhaps the latter makes them last for long long time. But is there a maintenance schedule for the chain on the toyota? Other that schedule oil change & using high quality oil so as not to compromise its lubrication?