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  1. Is there a maintenance schedule document (normally a table) giving the required maintenance regime agains time or mileage for a 2003 4.2 petrol? thank s
  2. I would buy the proper kit to do it which I believe includes the final coating for UV protection as Gerg referred to. And the fading would come back as it did in the first place. I wish they would re-introduce glass lenses🙁
  3. I had to change mine after a bolt flew off a lorry and cracked it. Tried to get a toyota OEM replacement but the insurance would have not pay for the full cost (minus the excess off course) so I went with one of their recommended fitters (one of the many emergy windscreen replacement outfits). All looks good and very similar if not exactly like the OEM. But... Could the glass be thinner than the OEM? Why, because I am hearing a slight wipers wind noise when they move across the screen.
  4. you normally should keep the battery in a good state of charge. So I would recommend you look into getting a maintenance charger with desulfation+ maintenance mode if you keep your car off the road for period longer than 4 weeks. A battery that remains discharged for a long period (like in your case) would loose its charge capacity. Just because a battery is new doesn't mean it is not faulty. Since yours is about 6 months old, it must be under guaranty. I would ask the battery shop to do a CCA test on it to check the capacity. A depleted battery can still give you 12.5v but no oomph. I replaced my OEM battery (after 12years) with Yuasa (5 years ago). It has a slighty higher CCA compared to other brands listed for my car
  5. bonjo

    Throttle body

    glad you are sorted🙂
  6. bonjo

    Throttle body

    It is normally ECU re-learn if you change the battery (I had the same situation). The idle should settle afte a number of engine off & on; 4~5 in my case. Old fuel can also be a culprit
  7. Many thanks for the info. Are they for uk spec cars? i don’t understand where the 3.5 figure I see on oil companies comes from🤔 is there a version with oil cooler?
  8. Had a gear service done on my car and provided the relevant types of gear oil. I supplied 3.5l oil for the transaxle (manual box) and the garage returned 1 liter back! They also showed me the database they use to back the amount used saying 2.4l!. I am a little confised here. Is it 3.5 or 2.4l?🙁
  9. My car is a RAV4 2003 petrol so my comment is not specific to your model but may be of interest. I have had both the O2 sensore (upstream of the CAT) replaced (40k & 65k) First, if either the O2 or Lambda sensor had gone fauly, you would get the orange check light. If you run a diagnostics on the ECU, it will tell you if there is a fault with any of the sensors. As you know many many factors affect the MPG; I understant ethanol in fuel makes it worse. So E10 should reduce your MPG more. The octane rating (RON or ROM) would not should not affect it unless you go below the minimun rating but high octane fuel have additives that can help wil engine cleaning & improve the MPG. This is often misunderstood and people think the higher octance is the reason. As other's have mentioned in winter months your MPG is worse (about 10% in my case). So a good quality synthetic oil is a must. I use 0w40 in mine since new and noticed an MPG improvement of about 10% over the original toyota oil. Dragging/ sticking brakes also seriously afftect the MPG (15% in my case) and are difficult to notice by many people.
  10. I ended up taking the sunroof off, removing the seal and cleaning + treating the rust. It was quite bad. Unfortunately without realizing, the seal removal had also streched it so when fitting it back, the lip would not sit flush in some places. It was cosmetic as the design and the rubber sealant I put on under made sure it was waterproof. Fast forward a couple of months, I decided to hund for a second hand unit from breaker yards. During this process I found out this is a common problemon most of them but you rarely notice it because it is well hidden! After sizing up few suppliers and their offering (some were in as bad or worse condition than mine!), I bought one for about £80 all in and fitted it. But I applied plenty of rust inhibitor on the inside when the weakness is before mounting it😀 So I am satisfied with the outcome but had I found the part at that price sooner, I would gone straight for it!
  11. bonjo

    Twin exhaust

    from memory, it is a german company with an outlet somewhere around silverstone. Please let us know if you source one😀
  12. bonjo

    parts catalog

    I know buying a bolt from T is a financial suicide. Did not know parts catalog were available; had the impression it was a closely guarded secret to put people off maintainig their car themselves!🙁 ger: that is an excellent link; already put to test
  13. bonjo

    parts catalog

    Are there any online parts catalog website? To find parst, price and ordering? one of the bolts securing the engine undertray to the bottom of the front bumper has fallen off. NEed to find the part number for it!
  14. bonjo

    service info

    I plan to drain & refill if the rear axle has a drain plug. gjnor, from your comment it looks like this is the case thank you for your feedback
  15. thank you for your feedback & the links I don't have a leak issue and the roof is not leaking. I think the top side (outside) lip of the rubber seal allows some water past it (there is usually a little pool of water in the corner depending as I do not not park on a flat ground. I expect the rubber is treated with some mastic/ sealant to stop this from happening and in may case, this has failed. I wonder how much the metal glass surround costs these days from Mr T, I may end up restoring the current one