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  1. this is very intersting about the whine. No I couldn't find any synthetic 80/90 so will settle for the organic alternative
  2. I had the opposite a few years back; it was the regulator sending out too high volt to the bulbs. With dimming you have additional suspenct as daveh mentioned. start looking out dirty bulb connection and dirty/ loose earth connection
  3. You are right. I am really after full synthetic one which I cannot find any
  4. I would like to do all three parts: transaxle, transfer box and the rear diff (non LSD). For the last two, the service data asks for 80w-90 or 90 both of which are a little difficult to find. Can I use 75w90 (full synthetic) instead? WOuld it have any detrimental effect on their longetivity or performance. I believe the transaxle oil can be fully drained & replace. How about the transfer & the rear diff? thanks
  5. If you are talking about the rubber strips along the L&R side of the windscreen, they are one piece and when they age, they split and look like separate pieces. You can use glue & sealant.
  6. Ian, the ECU uses a lot of sensors around the car. O2, lambda (as you mentioned) aire temp, MAF, knock to name the few I know of; off course the road & engine speed. gjnor, your comments agree with what I know and frankly I am not thinking of great improvements. I will foloow up those 2 companies you mentioned see what they offer. Thanks
  7. bonjo

    cam chain rattle

    great ; the last question mark now crossed off my list☺️
  8. bonjo

    cam chain rattle

    motorcycle chains do strech, so does bicycle's. I don't see why the car would be different except that the loads are different and chains can be made a lot stronger. Perhaps the latter makes them last for long long time. But is there a maintenance schedule for the chain on the toyota? Other that schedule oil change & using high quality oil so as not to compromise its lubrication?
  9. Yes once turbo came along, it added a new dimension to modifying petrol engine. MAny failed because the affected engine components were not upgraded. Now flashing/reprograming the ECU is becoming popular in the bike world for fuel injected engines. The reasoning is that the ECU map provides a safe working environment for the engine across many countries in the world. Different temperatures, fuel grade and so on. This is good from the manufacturer and owner. But if you can control the environment variables like fuel grade, then you can change the fueling & ignition maps for a better fuel. From the replies, it looks like no one has explored this avenue (yet😊)
  10. I was wondering if it is possible to have the ECU remapped/ reflashed to gain some power, torque while improvong the mpg. I know a lot of companies do turbo engines with either fuel but could not see one doing a straight petrol engine. Anyone explored this potential?
  11. bonjo

    cam chain rattle

    thanks guys. the rattle goes away after a couple of minutes and hasn't changed since new and I will worry no more about it😀. yes daveh sounds like it is a chain. TBH I was surprised specially I queried why ther is no cambelt change in the maintenance scheduel!
  12. My petrol 4.2 has always made a little rattle (not a start up but continuous till the engine is warm) from cold sine new. Once warm, it totally disappears. Mr T said it was normal while the car was in warranty. During the last service, I asked the question again (13years later that is!) the mechanic said it is most probably the cam chain. The engine doesn't have a spring loaded tensioner so it is probably a little slack hen cold & nothing to be concerened about. So is this correct? In my simple mind, I always saw a tensioner to be spring loaded (manybe this is so for cambelts!?)
  13. in the end, I took the lazy option but went to an independent garage for the change £36 (Mr >£40). Pedal is much more firm compared to when Mr T dealer did it a couple of years back
  14. that's interesting about restricting pedal travel & one to note I do agree with you about using a garage. I have relied on the dealers on servicing and maintenance of my car but I am discovering the quality of their work is getting worse each year in contrast to their pricing. They slipped up on my front braking system big time changing both discs & pads instead of the sticky brake caliper (& it wasn't cheap). I am going to get a quote nevertheless based on your suggestion of the cost. The biggest + point for me is not having to jack up the car and remove the wheels which is a pain for me. thanks a lot for your reply
  15. I am hoping to renew the fluid on my 2002 petrol manual and having difficulty finding out how much fluid I need. What I know is that the clutch & brake use the same reservoir. Does this mean I need to bleed the clutch as well?😟 If so how do I do it? Since I have to do it on my own, I plan to buy & use mytivac 8020. Any opinion on this product? I am not comfortable with the inline one way valve bleeders as I want to open & close the bleede nipple while doing it. Is there anything additional I need to be aware of for this job (I have not bled an ABS system before)? thanks for any advice & help