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  1. My 2007 verso idles at around 1900 then drops to 800-900 after 2-3 minutes, i was worried about this this but looks like the norm.
  2. I know i will get caned for this but has anybody got a pict of the EGR valve or tell me what it looks like and where i can find it in the engine compartment.
  3. Hi, Just an update, took it to the local Toyota dealership and the ignition coil needed replacing. The knocking noise was coming from the exhaust as the revs dropped, it vibrated against the heat shield, i bent the heat shield away from the exhaust slightly and this helped before i got it fixed, and now all is fine apart from my bank balance being £230 down. Stretcher
  4. Hi, Got a problem with my 07 T3 Verso, i have three lights that come up on the dashboard, the engine light, TRC light, VSC light, all came on after going over a bump in the road,also a knocking noise coming from the rear of the vehicle and lack of power but the car is drivable but seems to want to stall. Any advice or words of comfort will be much appreciated. Stretcher
  5. Hi, I tried to pop it back but just could not do it, to scared i would break the glass in the end took it to the local Toyota dealership and they did it for me at no charge.
  6. Hi, Walked up to my 07 verso today and someone has hit my nearside wing mirror the glass is not broken but has popped out of the housing i have tried putting it back but with no luck, the back plate keeps moving and making a clicking noise, do you have to put one side in first and then pop it in ? i think i have all the parts, on the back of the mirror there is a white piece of plastic that seems to be a guide and only slips into a hole and a straight piece of metal i think that it acts as some kind of spring and the heating wires attached to the mirror any comments welcome on how to put it back also is there a knack to it ? Stretcher
  7. Hi, I have just had a 30,000 mile service plus a MOT for my T3 07 Verso for £175 and asked about a service plan they came back with a price of £742 for this i get 40,000 full service, 50,000 intermediate service, and a 60,000 full service they are also offering free MOT's with the life of the plan so should work out at 3 MOT's for me (they charge £55 for an MOT). I can pay 31 interest free monthly instalments of £23.93 or pay the full amount upfront, can anybody give me some advice as to whether this is value for money or not. Many Thanks Stretcher
  8. Hi everybody, I have a 07 T3 Verso and sometimes the wipers on the drivers side banges against the piller when it reaches the top of the stroke, it's the side of the wiper rather than the top hitting, this does not happen all the time and only on the fastest option, i have checked i have the right size wipers, any suggestions to why it happens and how to resolve it.
  9. Hi, Little bit of advice needed, my clutch pedal squeaks now and again when it is pressed and released, i have taken a look at it and it seems to be coming from the spring pushing the clutch pedal up not sure if i should take it back to the dealer as it is still in warranty or save myself a bit of time and dab a touch of grease on the spring where they touch each other but not sure if its the right thing to do . Regards Stretcher
  10. Hi, Been looking to buy a roof rack for my Verso T3 07 with no rails. The Thule range is £142 with locks, original Toyota part the same price but not sure if lockable, wondered on build quality for both, any advice please. Stretcher
  11. Hi, Just had a 20,000 mile service on my verso from Hills of Woodford, cost me £434 for that i got a service, new front brakes with brake fluid change, air con filter change and air con gas, oil change and filter change. They had the car for about 3 hours they also valeted and washed the car. I have attached the bill with all the other bits and pieces, price came as a bit of a shock, is this about right for a 20,000 mile service Stertcher
  12. Dave, Many thanks that has put my mind to rest, on the second point my wife also drives the car, unfortunatly she has a cd of James Blunt constantly playing when she drives, so i think i would have to put up with the terrible noise ( James Blunt not the clunking ). Stretcher
  13. stretcher

    Verso T3

    Hi, I have a 07 verso T3, coming up to its 20,000 mile service and when i move of and turn the wheel from a parked position, i straighten up and after a few yards i get a single clunk noise from the front wheels (nearside i think) can anybody help please. stretcher
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