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  1. Well Done fella. Had that one a couple of weeks ago. But the MX5 has been back since so the hairdryer stays out and the Aygo stays put!!!!
  2. nuts! Esso's finest NUL has let me down!!!! 103 on the first blob!!!!! Defo SUL in the next tank! Where'd it all go wrong? At this rate the Lil un'll be as thirsty as the "6"!!!!!!
  3. Thinking of debadging my other car, possibly adding a TDI badge
  4. Right ......... Time to start again. Just filled up with Esso's finest vintage NUL. Let's see what's what
  5. WTF!!!!!!! Does 3rd, 4th and 5th work or does the beast run a rally special only?
  6. Last 2 blobs went much to my disappointment......397......going back to SUP!!! Damn
  7. ROFLMAO Didn't have the decency to take a pic! Sorry. :)
  8. Ooh Bigmo, painful, not had that problem thank goodness! Am going to order Klunk Klip2 from Ebay which has been suggested. Hopefully you can throw away the nipple cream!!! LOL
  9. Damn damn damn. Drafting behind artics is the way to go!!!!
  10. 5'2"...... Pads a good un. Saw some "Hello Kitty" earlier in Wilkinsons.
  11. Maran, this has relevance, how tall are you?
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