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  1. If your car dials work similar to my Avensis, the illumination goes out during the start process, the comes back on after starting. If the clutch pedal is not pressed when you try to start, the dials stay illuminated all the time. That eliminates the clutch inhibitor. So I go with either the ignition switch if standard, keyless not working properly, or the starter. The starter will be the worse scenario, because access to the starter is known to be a nightmare!
  2. Very true. I have had to show people how to work the satnav and other features in their cars of various makes. Some people are not as tech savvy and want an easy way to set up and operate things. Also you get the odd person who doesn't know or use the full postcode, but that is rare these days.
  3. I don't have the nav version of my car and from what I have read about Toyota nav systems, they will always be well out of date. I use my phones as navigation, which is integrated via the Bluetooth. I use Here (formerly Nokia) Maps on my Windows phone, that works with the voice only built in Bluetooth. Android only allows phone calls, so doesn't work. Since Here Maps stopped traffic updates on Here drive, I now use the Android (Samsung) version via my Bluetooth/USB adapter plugged in to the CD changer port. Android (and iOS) version of maps gets traffic updates. Here maps is like TomTom where you can download and store maps of the country for free. I also use Google drive, but it doesn't show speed limit of the road you are travelling on, if you missed the signs, plus it doesn't always give a second (reminder) instruction when to turn. Also Google only saves sections of areas that are deleted after a time. Google doesn't work in dead signal areas, so make sure you download areas just in case! Not an issue with Here Maps. I have tried Waze, but don't like it at all. TomTom though good, is limited free use, then you have to pay a subscription fee! Unlike Toyotas clunky system, but like TomTom, Here and Google, full postcodes are used to enter destinations. One major advantage, is you can give voice commands to go to an address while on the road. I used it recently and it was brilliant. Can't do that with the old Toyota systems.
  4. Try searching anti glare matt screen protector in the size you require, in the general Google search. There are different options.
  5. My first thought is the ignition switch, a common Toyota failing. I believe the switch is the same design used from the 90's, as my previous '98 Avensis had a similar failure. The switch can be changed without removing the whole barrel. It is plastic with the cables plugs into it. it is fixed to the barrel by one or two screws. The cowling will need to be removed first. The lights stay bright and the electricals all work, meaning the battery is good. If it dims, as Joe mentions, then it could be the starter motor or battery not strong enough!
  6. If I had your car (jealous), I would experiment. Obviously you need to make time, but once you find out what works, you will then have a setup that is best for you. I had a loan Yaris hybrid and set the infotainment system to my liking, including pairing my phone. I hope the mirrorlink works because it seems the Toyota system is not very good, reading from other posts. Android Auto and Apple Carplay will be welcome upgrades. I am using my Samsung Galaxy S8 with voice commands, and have a choice of map apps - Google Driving, Here maps (with full map download), Waze. The point I am making is I am driving a '09 Avensis with a standard stereo, Bluetooth/USB adapter on top of the standard calls only Bluetooth, yet have all the functions and convenience that should be in the new Corolla! I would be slightly disappointed when other brands are offering better functionality. I hope mirrorlink works. 👍
  7. Not sure how relevant this is, but I had to remove the rear bench of my Avensis Mk3 Tourer. You have to use a lot of force, quick pull movement to lift the bench from the fixing points. Here is my post to give you an idea - Hope this helps.
  8. I have only just learnt some of the commands, since installing my latest Bluetooth/USB adapter via CD changer port. I can set the volume level of the phone, ask for directions, play music, basically control the phone. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8, and I only use Google (not Bixby), and the phone is on the latest update. If music via Bluetooth, I change tracks via the steering control. Read my latest post on Bluetooth adapter I have use in my car. I am currently using the Wefa unit which works very well, but for a little more money would have got the Dension BT Lite. the android stereo option is is okay if all the suitable cable and connections are provided for the steering controls and simple plug and play.
  9. There are a few options, and it depends where the suspected hole is located. If the exhaust is in good condition, and the hole is on the weld or very small, it could be patched or welded. If the exhaust is in bad condition, then I would the section that needs replacing. I changed the complete system on my old Mk1 a few years ago. I could have got the hole welded but it didn't cost the earth. I learnt a few lessons and got the car smooth, just by undoing the bolts and tighten in a way so resonance was reduced. The real concern is the quality of the replacement exhaust. That's why I mentioned welding. It costs little!
  10. Right now Halford are selling Castrol oils like Magnatec for half price for 4 litres. They have the grades you use, unfortunately for me not my grade. So long as the engine has not suffered any damage when low on oil, it should be okay. Any problems are likely to be age related, like perished rubber components. If I were you, I would look for a late Mk2 T25 face-lift. The engine was cured of the high oil consumption from late 2005! You could get a 1.8 TR spec quite cheaply.
  11. You are right. Toyota are in a win win situation, and have the edge in the PHV/taxi market. They must be market leaders, especially with fuel efficiency/emissions mix. London has the ULEZ, which is supposed to be expanding to the north and south circular roads. Diesels are penalised - they need to be Euro 6 and the DPF systems need to be working well. Toyota got rid of their diesel cars. As I said before, the Corollas are selling well.
  12. I recently fitted Pagids at the beginning of the year. It was done in an emergency at a friends garage, when I investigated a noise and found one pad (Apec brand), was fitted incorrectly a couple of years previously. I have a minor issue with the Pagid's, if the car has been washed, the pads stick to the discs sometimes if not driven straight away. Also if not driven for more than a couple of days, the pads sometimes stick. They let go with a light thump. Most of the time they are fine. I will be inspecting the brakes properly later.
  13. Very true Scott. I think some PHV owners/users want something other than the 'common' Prius. I am not a PHV driver and not keen on the Prius looks. Plus Prius is always associated as a PHV. The Auris and Corolla are more conventional looking. I also see other brands like Hyundai IONIQ as hybrid PHV. The second hand market will be interesting.
  14. I have to say that I seen a lot of new Corolla's, mostly Touring Sports, silver with the a few black. I have also seen a couple hatchbacks. It seem that a lot of the Touring Sports in my area (Bexley) are minicabs. Is this an indication that the Corolla estate, is replacing the Prius as the private hire vehicle of choice?
  15. That means the MAF sensor is working properly. Next test is to spray water around the to inlet manifold and vacuum pipes, to see if the engine idle changes. Not too much, just enough to make a seal. Check the vacuum to the brake servo. It's going to be a long search, until someone has the right answer, or you find it by chance.