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  1. Hi Leonard. Have a look at this - https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/1871 I had to look through your other posts to know what car engine you have, but it doesn't matter in this case. The original posters car was a T22, yours is a T25. My car is a T27, but the shields are fitted the same way. Here is info on the shields - http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2004/avensis/cdt250r-almeyw/3_273550_083_223W
  2. There are a couple of issues - the stereo with limited tone adjustment and the speakers. I keep the bass at 1 or 2, and the treble at 2 or 3. If you are playing the music from a phone via AUX or Bluetooth, you can use the equalizer on the phone to tune the sound. You can't do much if playing CD, or MP3 via USB stick/CD. The speakers have weak midrange and that's the main issue. I have not bothered changing mine. Have you tried different ASL settings. The ASL has four levels - Off/Low/Mid/High. Press the audio control a number of times until you reach ASL, then turn to correct level. Low has the least sound level boost for high speed, High gives much higher boost. I set mine to Low. This is for the standard stereo so the Nav versions might be a little different.
  3. If you can contact the AA or the technician who fitted the repair pipe, ask if the pipe is rated to be used with petrol. If they re not sure, ask who the supplier of the repair pipe and part number. Hopefully you will know it's okay to be used, and save you anymore bother. I think Gerg is right about rodent damage. Very unlucky and how do you protect against that?
  4. I think he did reading the above posts. The fault is not actually the EPB unit, but the diesel emission system - EGR and/or DPF. There are a few systems that can cause a warning of a fault on another system that is working fine. Some links are are obvious and make sense, others you don't understand the connection. Here is one I had - the gear position sensor - the connector came off. This was due to the mechanic who changed the clutch, not securing the cable properly and the plug not firmly connected. This caused the 'Check Parking Brake System' message and being a manual, the auto release did not work. Another issue somebody had, turned out to be the cables or caliper. Again far cheaper than the EPB unit. I also trip the caution after using the wrong diagnostic tool and wipe the zero point settings of the clutch and g sensor. I used Techstream to fix that. What specification/engine is your car, what checks you have done and what things have been done, that may have triggered the warning?
  5. Different car but still a Toyota recall, I took my Avensis to Sidcup, my local dealer. This was for the fuel suction pump. I had a loan Hybrid Yaris which I enjoyed. I noticed the rear seat bench, which has to be removed to access the suction pump, was not firmly fitted on the right side. It was a little loose, but not noticeable in normal use. Then last week, I realised the middle buckle of the rear seatbelt could not fit in it's rest position. That is when I did this - I rectified everything mentioned above, plus re attached the seat cover hooks to the frame. Minor but important details. It shows that the staff are rushing through these jobs, as there were quite a few customers at the dealership for various reasons. A busy dealership. I had the time to inspect and refit everything properly. Your car will be different as it is a plug in job, so nothing will need to be dismantled.
  6. Thank you Nick. I should have made this a how to remove the rear bench of a T27 (Tourer). 🙂
  7. Thanks for the photos, but they are very small! 🔬😂 Did your bluetooth on the old stereo play music and relay satnav directions from the phone? I was hoping to see clear photos of the rear sockets, as this could make my mind change my unit! The W53828 Bluetooth only supports voice calls, and voice directions from Iphone and Windows phones. There is no multimedia/music support. Android phones need full multimedia Bluetooth, so only voice calls are supported. Toyota updated the basic stereos Bluetooth to support multimedia. This is why I am interested. When you got your Nav stereo, did it come with the SD card? Without the SD card, the stereo won't function properly. I think you have the SD card or the stereo would be working at all.
  8. This has been done before. Have a look at the following - The units might be different, but the extra sockets on the Nav units are fairly similar.
  9. I noticed the middle seatbelt buckle was not in the correct position, nearly 2 months after the fuel suction recall. So I decided to fix the problem myself. To remove the bench cushion, lift the front part by pulling up with a bit of force on the left and right sides. Then pull the bench forward. Looking at the photo showing the white fixings holding the bench in place, and the black fixings at the rear. Close up of fixings. The rear seating area minus bench, and close up of the fixing point. The seat belt buckles The buckles in the second photo was tangled, so the middle buckle was barely protruding from the seat cushions. Whilst the bench was out, I noticed the seat cover hooks were not in place, so I fixed them All done and fitting is reversal of removing - put the rear cushion tags below the bar under the seat backs, locate the front pins in their fixing points, and push down firmly, until they click into position. The buckle now fits in its park position when not in use, and the loose feel of the bench is gone. I found a few things that I lost under the bench from the boot.
  10. If you have put everything back together, pull the handbrake and press the brakes. One or the other will adjust the piston and pads to the discs. I would give that a try.
  11. Have you connected a GPS antenna? That is my first thought. You say there is no Bluetooth to pair to. Bluetooth is built into the stereo. Have you got the instructions? Out of interest, did your basic stereo have Bluetooth? I would upgrade my older basic stereo which has Bluetooth for voice only to the later version with music playback. I would need to see the rear sockets to compare. It needs to have USB or CD changer port so I can connect my USB adapter. In the meantime, I will look for answers to your query.
  12. I have not replaced a caliper but have done brake pad replacements on quite a few cars recently - My Toyota Avensis, Renault Grand Scenic and Vauxhall Corsa VXR. I use this tool kit to wind back the pistons - When doing the Corsa, I made the mistake of using the right hand side on the left, jamming the whole lot! Lucky I used a technique of turning the tool,whilst applying pressure against the piston. Once I could remove the tool, I used the correct left hand tool to complete the job. The secret is forcing the piston in whilst turning it the correct way. Generally it needs a bit of force to turn the pistons, even using the correct tools. A little caution when replacing rear brake pads on some cars. The pistons have cutouts used to engage the tools to turn in. Make sure the cutouts are horizontal to the caliper, because the there may be pins on the back of the pads. The pins need to sit in the cutouts, or they will damage the pistons and cause the brake pads to wear at an angle, which in turn damage the discs if not caught in time! This also aids putting the caliper in place.
  13. I went to this site and got the info from there - http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2004/celica/zzt231l-blfvfa/3_252480_003_/tool-engine-fuel/1702_exhaust-pipe#17410 http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2004/celica/zzt230l-blmsha/3_252480_001_/tool-engine-fuel/1702_exhaust-pipe#17410 The part numbers are different 17410-22380 for the VVti, whilst the VVTLi is 17410-22480. This will need detailed examination to see what the differences are!
  14. Scott you answered the questions well for me. The Mondeo hybrid is a bit of an afterthought, in my opinion. It probably there to meet some emissions target. I must admit, I am not keen on the screen looking like it was stuck on. This is current design for most makes, so I would get used to it.