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  1. Toyota Avensis T27 1.8 manual acceleration issue

    Could be a number of things. MAF sensor, throttle pedal system, bad petrol, fuel system, lambda sensor, valvematic system, spark plugs, coil packs? Regular oil and filter service, say every 10,000 miles or at least once a year, with high quality oil (0W/20), and air filter. Diagnostics with live scan and data logging may help.
  2. Failed Emissions MOT

    Adding to what Kev has already said, buy as late as possible with some paperwork and history. If you know about the 1ZZ (140) engine, there is an history of burning oil with this engine which was cured around 2005, on the Avensis (Might be earlier on the Celica). Any car which had the oil burning issue, would have had the short engine changed under warranty. The oil consumption was 1 litre every 1000 miles. Any car that had the fix also had a different dipstick and I think the oil pan changed. More info from earlier posts - Not every 140 Celica had the oil burning issue, but the later the better. The 190 is a different engine so you won't need to worry about that.
  3. Cruise control

    All 1.8 T27 Valvematic Mk3 Avensis support cruise control, but the 1.6 variant does not seem to. I looked in Auto Trader at all the available cars, 1.6 and 1.8. Looking at T2 spec, neither engine has cruise control, but TR spec, only 1.8 get cruise control. So if owner wants to retro fit cruise control, the car needs to be 1.8. That is why it worked for the 1.8. Since my 1.8 came fitted with cruise control, I can say that the 1.8 engine is the minimum for driveability for the size of car. The 1.6 would struggle by comparison, especially on hill motorways.
  4. avensis 2009 tr 1.8 saloon clock

    Here are some photos of the different modes of the function display:- Initial turn of the key showing all the warning, status and caution indicators. Current display set to date and time. Now in current fuel consumption. When driving a bar moves between 0 - 90 mpg. The reading changes instantly depending on how the car is driven. Average fuel consumption. This is gives an overall reading. Can be reset by press and hold either 'DISP' button over 1 second. Estimated range based on average fuel consumption and fuel remaining in the tank. Display also set to trip A mode - I reset trip 'A' at last refueling. Use trip button on left of binacle. Average speed. Reset via DISP buttons. Seat belt warnings. Trip B. Odometer mode. Pressing the ODO/TRIP button on the left to switch between function and resetting TRIP. There are a couple of other modes not shown, and the important one is the door open warning. The door warning on the display shows which door is open, and warns if a door has not been closed properly when moving off, along with a chime and caution sign. If your display does not operate and show any of these functions, then something is wrong.
  5. Oxygen sensors 2001 Avensis 2.0l cdx Engine:1AZ-FSE

    Read the follow posts that have lots of relevant information :-
  6. avensis 2001 t220 radio plug

    You need one of these - The adapter cable is known as PC2-17-4 and CT20TY01, to connect Toyota harness to ISO. Fits every Toyota from the eighties to date. Just search the web for your local market.
  7. avensis 2009 tr 1.8 saloon clock

    Alan, can you take some clear photos of the display, changing the display mode each time. Then post them in one of your posts. Make sure the key is in the ON position. Use the DISP button on the steering wheel or DISP button on the instrument cluster to change display to modes. If you want I could take and post pictures showing the different display modes. Hopefully you have found out how the car functions work.
  8. Coolant loss

    Link to another post -
  9. Coolant loss

    I used to own an Avensis GLS 1.8 '98 hatchback and had a fluid loss that could not be found. I found leak by pure chance (drip), and was due to a crack in the top plastic section of the radiator. Look at the link to my post :- I got my new radiator from Eurocarparts at a cheap price using the discount code at the time. With a few hours I fixed the car.
  10. Avensis T27 Steering Clicking Issue When Turning

    I have noticed a slight knock feeling through the steering wheel once in a while. It only happens when turning left at junctions, when I come to a halt at give way lines then move off again. It is slow to moderate speeds and not every time. The knock is very gentle through the steering, but no sound. I am sure the feeling occured since the clutch was replaced a year ago, and cannot remember it happening before. MOT did not pick up anything, and the steering rack and joints have no play. Now you mention the cross member, I will check under the car when I have a chance and make sure all the bolts are secure.
  11. RAV 4 2018 Hybrid - Add a CD Player and hidden USB plug

    You are the reverse of what I have done - going from CD to MP3 via USB. I added a USB/SD/Bluetooth adapter via the CD changer port. I have lots of CD's with MP3 and WMA files, so can play those to. Before MP3, I had about 100 copies of my CD's in my old car, which had a Sony CD/cassette, and 10 disc changer in the boot.Now I have more music on memory sticks.
  12. 2007 to 2009 auris 1.33 petrol engine Oil

    It is not just the 1.33 engine to which 0w-20 is the prefered grade. The Valvematic engine (ZR 1.6, 1.8, 2.0) also has 0w-20 as the prefered grade too. I use Petronas Syntium 7000 0w-20 from Eurocarparts using discount code for 5 litres. https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/engine-oils-fluids/car-engine-oils/car-engine-oil/0W20-engine-oil/?521773331&0&ce5_113&gclid=CjwKCAjw2dvWBRBvEiwADllhn05hIZkbTasphOZ5RkGcRR16ykAwARpY5lL7c3AVn7MN80UhvyBMABoCtYQQAvD_BwE The year before, I used Triple QX Synplus 0w-20 again from Eurocarpart. https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/engine-oils-fluids/car-engine-oils/car-engine-oil/0W20-engine-oil/?521776261&0&ce5_113 Now I just seen the latest price, I am going to buy the Petronas again, ready for my next oil change.
  13. 2006 Auris 1.6 Petrol Oil Dipstick Tube

    £350 to secure the dipstick tube! So long as the tube has not broken, it may only need just pushing back in place and using a suitable sealant to secure in place, if necessary. Next the seal probably needs replacing. Worst scenario - the tube has broken or corroded, so needs replacing. I couldn't find a price for the dipstick tube, but the seal is priced from £5 to £10 and is used by other makes. Seal might be even cheaper. As Dean as said, go to a local (probably far cheaper) garage who can do the same job.
  14. 2006 Auris 1.6 Petrol Oil Dipstick Tube

    I check the following illustration and the dipstick tube has an O ring at the joint - http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2006/auris-corolla-jpp/zre151r-ahgnkw/2_165510_017_344W/tool-engine-fuel/1105_cylinder-block#11452B The O ring is item 11452B. I am surprised the garage didn't check and secure the tube.
  15. avensis 2009 tr 1.8 saloon

    Unless there is something wrong with the car or you are not quite in the correct settings do the following. Make sure the key is in the ON position. Use the DISP button on the steering wheel or DISP button on the instrument cluster to switch to the appropriate display to SETTINGS. Then press and hold any DISP button to enter the adjustment mode. Options are CLOCK/CLOCK FORMAT/DATE/DATE FORMAT/LANGUAGE/ECO INDICATOR/UNITS/⬅BACK. With CLOCK highlighted, Press DISP to adjust hours. Then wait 5 seconds until the minutes start flashing and then adjust. There are 5 bars that disappear, counting down. When complete, wait 5 seconds, again 5 bars disappearing one at a time. The menu will return to the CLOCK menu. Then scroll down to BACK and press hold to go back to SETTINGS menu. Same CLOCK to change the other items mentioned above. I hope this helps and any more queries I might be able to help.