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  1. It's 'normal'. I have 1.8 Valvematic tourer and on light loads in 3rd and 4th gear, and possibly even 5th, I gear the high pitch sound. I had the same with my Mk1 1.8 '98 leanburn. That even had a replacement transmission due to bearings, and the new transmission had the same as before problem. I call it the Avensis sound. 😄
  2. It's about moving with the times. I have to admit many years ago, I was too attached to 'cassettes', until I got my '98 Avensis GLS with the standard radio/CD/cassette. The CD player had a fault, which I later fixed, but add a 10 disc changer. The cassette player was awful. Then I added a Connects2 i-connect USB interface between the CD changer and main unit. I later added Bluetooth. When I got my current car - 2009 Avensis, it didn't have USB only AUX and the Bluetooth on worked for voice calls! I bought a new Bluetooth/USB adapter and barely use the CD player, even though it can player MP3
  3. Adding to Joe's reply, if I am correct, it could be connected to cruise control, if your car has that function. I would get the switch replaced and it's not too expensive - https://www.autodoc.co.uk/car-parts/oem/8452042010 What if the OP's car is involved in a serious crash and the car is examined! Just use this as a temporary fix and get a new part.
  4. It depends on what you want. If you are keeping the car for a long time and had better audio in another car, yes it is worth it. When I owned my '98 T22, the speakers sounded bad on hot days, because the inner cone rubbed against the magnet or coil. I put up with it and found a way to reduce the rubbing. It worked mostly because there were very few hot days. The problem was with one speaker, but other front speaker began to have the same issue. I went and replaced all the speakers with 6.5" JBL 2 way speakers. Sony CD/radio/cassette stereo fitted from factory, had high power and easily drove t
  5. Even though the OP has got the answers, I notice he has a T27 from his profile. Since all manual T27's regardless of fuel type have 6 speed, I would only assume it is difficult to source a replacement petrol version, since there are more diesel gearboxes available! Unless the housing is destroyed, it would better to find a gearbox specialist to replace any damaged/worn internals. Otherwise wait until a suitable matching second hand gearbox becomes available.
  6. This sounds like either the master cylinder, slave cylinder or pipe are leaking. The other issue could be old contaminated hydraulic fluid or a collapsed rubber hose. If you pump the clutch pedal, does the clutch start to work, so you can get gears with the engine running? Hopefully this has given you some direction for fix.
  7. I looked at a few sights including toyodiy.com and 7zap and found the following part numbers, filler plug gasket - 90430-18008, overflow plug gasket - 90430-12008. Hope this helps.
  8. I suspect the OBD fuse may be blown. I don't own your car, but I Googled searched OBD fuse Toyota Celica 2005, result - https://www.autogenius.info/toyota-celica-2004-2005-fuse-box-diagram/ and https://knigaproavto.ru/shemy/en/toyota/celica/750-1999-2005-toyota-celica-fuse-box-diagram.html . If you have the owners manual, it will confirm the location of the OBD fuse. The OBD fuse is located in the under dash fuse box. It is rated 7.5A. I blew the OBD fuse on my Avensis using the paperclip method, trying to fix something. In your case, the fuse could have been blown for sometime, probably
  9. Get diagnostic done. Have you had any transmission work done. I had similar after the clutch was replaced. The connection to the gear position sensor was securely connected nor anchored, in my case. Also using the wrong diagnostic tool after brake work, can delete the zero point calibration of the clutch and G-force sensor, when trying to reset the brakes. Don't unless you have the right diagnostics like Techstream. Otherwise leave well alone. Diagnostics again will confirm this with fault codes. Also check the callipers and pistons are not seized, plus have the pistons been wound back correct
  10. When I got my current Avensis, it missed a couple of features I had in my previous cars. One was multimedia - no USB for music, Bluetooth for streaming and two devices. Fixed that with adapter plugged into CD changer port. The second feature never on any Avensis, is window close when locking doors, which was on my old Vauxhall Cavalier. Not a problem since I have all electric windows so can do the windows from the command panel. One feature I have never missed are reversing aids like camera or sensors. I do have a Fresnel lens by the tailgate window. Folding mirrors would be useful on my
  11. I did a post on changing the oil on my 2009 (58 plate) 1.8 Valvematic - In one of the photos you can just see the clip mentioned by the OP. Every time I went to remove the filter housing, it was tight due to me slightly overtightening, from the previous oil change. The filter tool helps keep the clip catching on the lugs, but not lock the filter housing in place! So it doesn't really matter if it's there or not. So long as the filter housing is just tight enough, like a standard oil filter, there should be no issue.
  12. Joe, You are in unknown territory for me. I cannot advise you anymore than plug and play upgrades, like my Bluetooth/USB adapter. The other members are giving good advice. What I can say is, be careful which you are. Good luck with the installation.
  13. Konrad C

    Usb hub

    This is my solution (one of many) for my charging facilities in my car. I use this adapter plugged into the console power socket of my Avensis, so I can charge other items. I bought it from Lidl a few years back. The adapter has two power sockets at each end, and three USB sockets. My stereos USB (via Bluetooth/USB adapter) has a USB stick for my music.
  14. My experience with charging phones in car depends on the phone, the quality of the cable, the charger used, plus the USB output. I think the USB socket output or the cable used, is not good enough. It would be better to use a good quality USB/power (cigar lighter) socket adapter. There are many variables which I state below. The phone may have a high capacity battery and requires a high charging capability. When I have my Samsung S5 Neo ( socket), it was fine with most of the chargers and cables. Not quick due to micro USB, unless the socket has lint or the cable substandard, so ca
  15. Yatour cover most stereos for Toyota and will state if they are compatible or not. The problem is that not every Toyota unit is covered, so you have take the risk of the unit not being compatible. I did that and was lucky, because T27 (2009 on) models were not mentioned. I use a Bluetooth/USB adapter for my T27 that has W53828 radio/CD player. Even though the stereo has Bluetooth, it is only for voice calls and depending on the phone, satnav voice directions. With my current Bluetooth/USB unit (WEFA), the USB source is select by DISC/AUX button or MODE button on steering wheel. On
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