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  1. Konrad C


    Most Bluetooth devices should pair, unless there is a compatibility issue or interference with the signal, the phone should pair. I went to the Doro website - https://www.doro.com/en-gb/shop/mobile-devices/easy-phones/doro-6520/ and checked the specs. Bluetooth is version 2.1+EDR so should work with voice calls. Sometimes the phone firmware may need updating. Also there is a compatibility list that you can check - https://www.toyota-europe.com/service-and-accessories/my-toyota/bluetooth-compatibility Doro is not a popular phone like Nokia, iPhone, Samsung, Sony, etc.
  2. I am using a Bluetooth/USB adapter plugged into the rear of the audio unit. It compliments existing phone call only Bluetooth and works with the steering control's. Here is my posts on the subject which should apply to your car.
  3. You can download the owners manual, but only as early as 2011. Go to My Toyota - https://www.toyota.co.uk/tme#/my-toyota/eManual The average MPG doesn't move much. But look at the instruction to zero the readout. Press DISP button or switch longer than 1 second whilst average consumption is displayed to zero. Then there is the instantaneous fuel consumption. I have the earliest 2009 T27 and the manual very similar to the one you can download.
  4. I agree with Bob regarding the amount of work to replace CD/radio with the nav unit. I thought about it, but when you see this following link, you will look for an easier option - As bob stated, the navigation will be piratically out of date. I use my phone via a Bluetooth/USB adapter, so can get voice directions and stream music, as well as take calls. The original Bluetooth only supports voice calls and depending on the phone, voice directions. Here are my posts on my upgrades - You can go my route or the android unit with suitable adapter cables suggested by Bob.
  5. Here in the UK laws restrict HID to only fitted to vehicles that come with it has standard, though it has not stopped some from doing the modification. That is why there was hardly much initial response. You stated in your first post that you fitted the kit yourself. Did you make sure there is nothing fouling the movement, and the kit cable it not short on the headlight? Not sure if the level was designed to bring the headlight on the oncoming side lower, to not blind drivers approaching. Go over the installation again.
  6. You said the auto lights are not working, but the dealer says they are? You need to take it back or go to another dealer/garage, and with you present to demonstrate the fault. I suspect that whoever checked, may have not understood your issue or not checked properly. I think your car is within warranty, depending on mileage and other factors. If so, see if this is covered.
  7. Konrad C

    Clown Horn

    Because the Corolla are common in Greater London, I will ask an owner to toot his and compare with my '09 T27 Avensis twin set up, which coincidentally is the same as my previous '98 T22 Avensis! I would go and source a scrapped Avensis or similar to have the Toyota horns I am used to. Not Corolla Clown horns. 🤡📯
  8. I searched on YouTube and Paul is correct. One video say to make sure the trip is in ODO mode, not trip 1 or 2. I won't be doing this myself, but it's good to know.
  9. I didn't really understand what you are saying, but I guess you have a noise when the car is in gear. Does the noise happen whilst the car is stationary any in gear or moving. If stationary, does pressing the clutch stop the noise? This could relate to transmission problem! Does the noise increase with the engine speed or road speed. Possible causes. If moving and under load, then the engine could be shifting enough to cause exhaust or inlet parts to leak. An engine mount has broken causing a moving part to touch. Clutch or gearbox has a problem. A foreign object lodge in brake area, wheel bearing, loose wheel nuts! You need to give a more detailed description of when/how the noise has occurs, using my pointers, to roughly get an idea of possible causes. It's hard not being there in person to give a better diagnosis. You may need to find a friendly garage or person with a bit of knowledge locally to help you.
  10. Since owning my current '09 Avensis from 2015, I always use 0W/20. I remember asking the parts man at my local Toyota dealer what grade, as a test, and he said 5W/30! When I corrected him, his response was "that oil is for the hybrids"! Most of the recent petrol and hybrid engines in Toyota preferred oil grade is 0W/20. I wonder if some of the hybrids have had 5W/30 oil at service? Some of my posts regarding the oil grade.
  11. That figure is closer to my old Mk1 - 3000 rpm at 70 mph, and that was 5 speed. If fact it is the same for 5th gear in my Valvematic. The 7A-FE was also very refined with a high muted tone. In fact the road roar was louder! Still great economy from any of these cars. When it comes to servicing, very straightforward for me.
  12. Nick, slightly off topic, I was looking at the Auris Touring Sport as an alternative to my Avensis 1.8 Valvematic TR Touring Sport, is the gear ratio similar? At 70 mph the revs are at 2500 rpm. Quite relaxed and with cruise control. What is your revs showing at a similar speed. I sure I asked this question before. With the oil, I am a bit of a stickler, when it comes to oil grade, and so long as the oil is high quality full synthetic it shouldn't really make much difference. I just like to stick to the preferred grade. I might switch to 5W30, if costs and oil consumption become a factor. To date, the car has not needed much of a top up with any of the fluids, except petrol and washer fluid.
  13. Great job. Very easy to do when you know how. Very satisfying. When you wound back the pistons, did you make sure the cut outs in the piston were horizontal. The calipers need to fit over protrusions on the back of the pads, when refitting. If forced on, the pads will wear unevenly or the caliper is skewed to one side. Happened to me from a previous brake pad change. I have done other make of cars rear brakes, including Renault Grand Scenic which has EPB.
  14. To bleed the brakes successfully, I find I had to use a pressure bleeding kit - Gunson Eezibleed available in the UK. Also with the correct car diagnostics that support the function, like Toyota Techstream, the ABS is also part of the bleeding process. You must have a late registered car, because here in the UK at least, the Avensis was ceased back in 2018. The new Camry and Corolla have effectively replaced the Avensis.
  15. You have a fault somewhere which is draining the battery, obviously, but finding it could either simple or more likely hard. You can eliminate anything that works when the key is accessories position, and in ignition on position, unless something has shorted!. The obvious thing will be the interior lights - I think you would have spotted that a long time ago. Next is a fault on the light switch and auto lights system. I would get an auto electrician to find the current drain, and a booster/starter will be handy. I recently flatten the battery listening to music, whilst changing the wiring of my dash cam, and having the doors opened. I then ran the dash cam to check front and rear coverage. Then the dash cam switch off! I checked other things, then turned the key to IGN, and the 'Parking brake inoperable' or something similar along with a warning bong. Battery was too low to work the EPB. Quick jump start from my neighbour had the car start instantly. I may have to invest on a small portable battery booster/starter for future use, especially if doing diagnostics or anything with the engine off. I had used the car earlier during the day, and also listened to music whilst waiting for somebody for about 45 minutes. The battery is okay showing 12.45v and 14.5 with engine running. My car is petrol so has the smaller battery compared to the diesel version.