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  1. Konrad C

    EPB fault 'Check Parking Brake System' returns.

    Thanks to Per, when I went to take new photos of the gearbox, I noticed how oily it was compared a couple of years ago. First to remove the air filter housing. Unplug the MAF sensor, and unclip the cable from the upper housing. Use a 10mm socket or cross head screwdriver to remove the intake pipe. Remove the 3 bolts securing the lower housing. Remove the cable bracket at the rear of the housing. Detach the housing from the air intake pipe and remove. You now have a good access to the gearbox. Notice the pool of fluid. Even the gear position sensor and cable is covered. I cleaned the area as best I could and tightened the large bolt. It only took a few minutes to reassemble everything. I will check the area again, and if more fluid appears, get a suitable washer. Hopefully tightening the bolt fixed the problem.
  2. Konrad C

    EPB fault 'Check Parking Brake System' returns.

    Good pro level diagnostics like Techstream should confirm the actual problem. my friend who is an auto electrician used something else, and it pinpointed the actual fault. Since you have had recent transmission work done, it would good to check the connection. here are a few pictures of where to look. With the air filter in place. The next few photos are with the air filter still in place, so pictures are looking under it. The bracket holding the cable needs to be bolted securely or it will tug on the connection, causing it to disconnect. Add these to those in my other post, and you should get an idea of where to look, which is at the back of the gearbox close to the selector cables. The
  3. Konrad C

    2009 Avensis 1.8 petrol

    Yes it's normal. I have that gear like whine when driving in the higher gears on light throttle (wrong term for Valvematic). Basically everything you describe and the conditions match mine. I also had the same sound on my old '98 Mk1.
  4. I hold my hands up. The car was in ECO and EV mode. I don't tend to push the accelerator pedal hard, but the response was not as immediate, compared to my manual Avensis. I noticed this trait with '15 plate Rav4 with CVT auto too. Also since I don't own the vehicle, I did not want to abuse it. The performance was and is adequate, and keeps in nature of the car.
  5. I follow your posts and like your banter Anthony. I will be saving up for when I change my car. I could downsize and get an Auris. I did look at the new Corolla in the showroom whilst I was collecting my Avensis. If the boot was a little larger (I sometimes carry a Dahon Cadenza folding bike in the boot, with the parcel shelf and rear seats in place. That bike is a light weight, 16 speed and 26" wheels, so not as small as a Brompton. That is why I preferred the estate version. The best thing is that the engine is hardly stressed in stop, start, slow moving traffic. Also getting good economy is easy. Since affordable EV's are not yet reached the level of convenience for everyone, hybrids are the way to go for now. Anthony, I reckon you will have your current car for a while until the Corolla hits the secondhand market.
  6. I had a loan Yaris Hybrid Icon Tech for a few hours, while my Avensis was in for a recall - I have to say I liked the Yaris a lot. The first thing I got used to quickly was the auto transmission and handbrake. My Avensis is manual and EPB. Liked the Infotainment system and quickly paired my phone to the cars Bluetooth. Much better than my car which is a convoluted procedure, and voice only. The radio has DAB and that worked fine. I stuck my USB memory stick in, and the stereo played my music fine. I had to reduce the bass a bit - the previous user must like a lot of bass. The general controls are very much similar to my Avensis and some parts look like they came out the same parts bin, even though the cars are 10 years apart. Storage is one thing that the Yaris is lacking. No centre console storage/armrest, only one cup holder for rear passengers, and tiny glove box. No map storage on rear of front seats. The front doors held my large water bottle. Rear space for is adequate. The boot not to small and there is a spare space saver wheel. I like that. I liked the instrument panel which was easy to understand. The handbrake and auto 'box totally different to my manual/EPB Avensis. Driving the car was a pleasure, especially in traffic. When driving the car feels a little sluggish, so the engine kicks in to help until the speed is reach. Then the engine settles down or shuts off, depending on speed. The economy seems good. I was getting mid 50's mpg. I did put a little fuel back in. When I got the car, it had a few spots of bird droppings, and I hate that on a car, so a quick was and it was all gone. The car was handed back cleaner. I also peaked at the engine. Overall I really liked the Yaris and would buy one with a higher spec, with electric rear window winders and auto lights. The lack of storage is the only downside, and the fuel economy makes up for the lack of pull (compared to my Avensis). Yes I could easily live this or the new Corolla Touring Sport (Combines the Avensis space with the hybrid tech).
  7. Konrad C

    Fuel tank recall. campaign:LGG84

    I had the car done on Thursday. Went in early in the morning, then collected the car at about 15:30 in the afternoon - have dash cam footage. The loan car was a '68 plate Yaris Hybrid. I have lots of thoughts about the Yaris. I was impressed but the car needs to be larger. I took a lot of photos and noticed a lot of things I like and dislike. I will post on the Yaris forum. Compared with my Avensis '58 T27 1.8 TR spec, the Yaris Icon Tech lacks storage space, no auto lights in the spec I had, and lacks the oomph my car has, though was fine once moving. Getting back into my car was easy, and I only missed the slow speed silent running, especially in traffic.
  8. Konrad C

    Avensis Slow Speed Brake Judder

    If you mean a loud low frequency graunching noise, just before the car comes to a halt, check the brake pads and discs. I had this on my old Avensis many years ago, and cleaning them helped for a while, but changing the pads or pads and discs solved the problem. It was build up of brake dust in my case. I remember when it so bad, it sounds like a big subwoofer!
  9. Konrad C

    Handbrake cable stuck in caliper bracket

    I had this when changing a friends Prius wheel bearing. Galvanic corrosion. You will need some heat directed at the steel part, while shielding the cable. Try plenty of freeing agent, strong grips, tapping around the part. Basically try everything you can, without damaging the cable. Good luck.👍
  10. Konrad C

    EPB fault 'Check Parking Brake System' returns.

    Hi Per, My fault was caused by the mechanic who change the clutch, not securing the connector to to the gear position sensor properly. So unless similar work has been done, the connector should be firmly fixed and secured in place. The fault was properly diagnosed before any dismantling was done. Recently I changed the rear brake pads, and mistakenly used my Launch Creader to reset the parking brakes. All it did was delete the calibrations leaving the car with the "check parking brake system" message plus the cautions and warnings, and no auto release. I then got my diagnostic netbook and got codes C1336 and C1346, but the software could not clear them. I got Techstream and that fixed the system. Another cause of the Parking brake fault can be a seized piston in the rear caliper. A friend has just this very fault and is changing the caliper. Also the cables can seize or break. It seems that the actual EPB unit is okay so long as water does not get in, so avoid deep puddles! It is expensive to fix, and it's best to eliminate the other causes before laying blame at the EPB unit.
  11. Konrad C

    timing chain noise comming back after replacement

    I have read through this post, and it seems that the fault was fixed, not the cause! Mooly hit the nail on the head. The timing chain, guides and tensioner were all replaced, but was the lubrication system checked for blockage and cleared, engine flushed? I have always changed the oil regularly, since owning my current Avensis, using 0w-20 fully synthetic oil, recommended grade in the handbook. I was going to say, I watch a lot of engineering videos on YouTube, and they say to look further than the actual problem, or you will be doing the same work over again. Take it back to Toyota. The car is 2016 model so should be covered by the warranty, unless I am mistaken. I think the engine needs a strip down, especially in the lubrication side. A flush might work if the the oil ways can be unblocked, but an engine strip or replacement would fix the problem. Oh and another timing chain kit replacement!
  12. Konrad C

    Steering wheel interface for T27 2009 - 2011.

    I still have the stock 53828 stereo, so have not changed to aftermarket. If you have a friendly supplier, you could try the later interface in place of the one you have. If my logic is correct, Everything from 2009 to at least 2015 should be compatible.
  13. Konrad C

    Rear washer

    Your car will have two pumps on the reservoir, for the front and rear. http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2004/yaris-frp/scp12l-chmgkw/3_116510_016_/electrical/8503_windshield-washer http://www.japan-parts.eu/toyota/eu/2004/yaris-frp/scp12l-chmgkw/3_116510_016_/electrical/8504_rear-washer You will have to undo clips to the right hand wheel arch liner and bumper to access the pumps. Avensis have been using the same type system for years. When my Avensis front screen pump failed ( couldn't hear the pump), I got to the pumps and swapped the connections to confirm the motor was dead and not the wiring. Activating the front pump motor made the rear washer squirt. When I tested the rear connected to the front washer pump, nothing happened. I replaced the from washer pump and all was fine.
  14. Konrad C

    2010 avensis ashtray wont stay closed

    The dash and console is easy to pop off. I have trim tolls, but a flat bladed screwdriver will do. I did some work on my heater unit, to clean the contacts of the rotary temperature controls.
  15. Konrad C

    2012 toyota avensis parking brake actuator

    A few questions. Have you had the brake pads changed recently? If the pistons are not rewound with the cut outs horizontal to the calipers, the pins protruding from the rear of the brake pads may cause the piston to be angled in the bore. This may cause the caliper to be seized. Or the brake pad could be could be jammed in the caliper. The brakes need to be thoroughly inspected with a strip down. This includes the cables. Then reassembled and greased where needed. Using diagnostic system like Techstream should clear the 'check parking brake' warning. Another cause of the 'check parking brake system' message, could be the EGR on diesels. This usually is accompanied with VSC message. I accidently cause the check parking brake with warning and cautions, whilst using the wrong diagnostic device, after replacing my rear pads. I eventually cleared all the errors using Techstream. If it comes back after all the above, then you have a fault with the EPB unit!