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  2. ur cat has gone out of spec done loads im getting the same code, what do you mean by cat has gone out of spec pal?? thanks
  3. Hi guys, anybody have any idea of a price range for a new exhaust (pre facelift Tsport) from front to back? custom or standard which ever ging to be cheapest?? also does changing the front part of the exhaust make much of a difrence as ive noticed most people get cat back? Thanks in advance
  4. thanks, just ordered some cleaner so ill clean the MAF and also check the intake is tight and secure and see if that helps
  5. arrrrrgh! :censor: having a problem at the moment with my tsport, engine managment lights came on so i plugged in and got fault code P0171 fuel trim too lean bank 1 car was driving fine so i just reset it and carried on as normal. today the lights came back on again and car has started to loose power here and there, mainly between 1500-4000 revs so plugged back in and same error code came up. has anybody had this and any suggestions what to check first?? thanks in advance
  6. knew it wouldnt be to everyones taste but reason i did it is because that badge was the only piece on the car that was silver. wing mirrors, wheels, all other badges ect are al black. im happy with it.
  7. Yeh i got a black and white one off ebay a while ago for the back to match as i sprayed the back badge and writting black but couldnt get front badge off but clearly didnt try hard enough lol think il av a look and get one ordered cheers
  8. thanks, saved me replacing the whole grill lol painted the badge black to match the rest, just want another black tsport badge for the front now.
  9. Thanks, i think i tried everything except e12 grill lol
  10. Hi guys, decided i want to remove the front badge off my pre facelift tsport.. any ideas where i can find a new badgeless grill??? these are the only ones i can find but would rather order from uk. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/03-06-TOYOTA-COROLLA-FRONT-MESH-GRILL-GRILLE-S-CE-LE-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem588c5ce054QQitemZ380312019028QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories thanks
  11. Thought id put a few pics up. Snows been doing my head right in, i went without lift for about a week, felt like a nervous wreck haha
  12. this should do it clicky I ordered one of these, it said despatched for aages so tried to contack him and dint get no reply, did sum research and aparantly the guy has loads of websites and people tend to struggle to get what they order and takes a long time. no telephone numbers to ring or anything. after reading what i did and sending numerous emails with no response i asked if it was a dodgy site as ive had no reply ect to which i got the reply before we post out your product what do you mean are we a dodgy site, so after abit of banter backwords and forwards it ended of with me recieveng a refund and i will not be shopping on that or any of thir sites again. I dont know if they are dodgy or not but Just a heads up. I ended up ordering one from ebay instead for same price, it came from australia though but was spot on for the price
  13. Jus wondering if anybody has done this and how (if its possible) it would be done????
  14. With mine i had my mate shake the car from side to side while i watch the suspension as thats what i thought it was and while lookin i noticed the bolt on the droplink was moving. was just moving a few mm so i took them off and they was both worn. replaced and it was fine.
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