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  1. Yeah I did that with my last avensis but I'm going to replace the compressor on this one, I don't mind throwing a bit of cash at it! I have access to a garage and a/c relevant equipment so shouldn't be to big of a job.
  2. So my a/c compressor has given up on my 2005 avensis estate after I had it re gassed. Its the 2.0ltr vvti petrol engine. I got this code off the compressor 5se12c ge447220. Question is, do I have to replace it with a Denso one or does anyone know of another cheaper alternative that is a straight swap for the denso original one?
  3. I've recently acquired a 2005 avensis wagon, 2ltr vvti in immaculate condition, it has 180000 miles on it but looks brand new, my only gripe is I don't think it performs as good as it should. I know it's high milage but its been well looked after with a full service history. I've changed the air filter, removed and cleaned the throttle body as it was caked in carbon crud but that's made no difference and it had a fresh oil flush and change. It idles at or below 600rpm as well which I think is a bit on the low side. Would it be the vvti solenoid that I should look at next, either clean it or replace it as when I put my foot down, nothing much happens. I'm not expecting super car performance but a 2 ltr should still have some punch! Any ideas welcomed!
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