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  1. UPDATE: Just wanted to update the post for future Gen 7 Celica users looking for Front (Pre-Cat) Oxygen (Lambda) Sensor information. The reference number for this from Toyota is: 8946520690 After some research I decided to go for a DENSO direct-fit replacement i.e. plug-and-play (no splicing/soldering etc.) The DENSO reference number is: DOX-0273 I found this site which had the part: http://www.worldcarparts.co.uk/CarParts/tabid/144/ProductID/1319/Default.aspx Cost £82 including next day delivery (ordered online on Wednesday morning and it arrived Thursday morning at 8.45 AM) Part fits perfectly and car running smooth as usual I've also found this site (after ordering from the above one!) which sells the DENSO sensor for £60 including next day delivery: http://www.sparkplugs.co.uk/pages/pricing/ccp/Denso-Lambda-Sensors-ccp.asp Hope the information is helpful to someone. Cheers
  2. Cheers for the link - will email them for the celica and see what they say.
  3. Well I found three different options that might work for my car: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CELICA-1ZZFE-1-8-PRECAT-DENSO-LAMBDA-SENSOR-8946520670-/330385677134?cmd=ViewItem&pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4cec855b4e http://www.micksgarage.co.uk/autoparts.aspx?dept=116&ga=&b=244&AssemblyID=100048&MakeID=111&ModelID=4518&CarID=14534 http://www.worldcarparts.co.uk/Default.aspx?TabId=144&CategoryID=41&ProductID=1672&PageIndex=6 Can anyone advise on which would be best? Cheers
  4. Hi Guys, The check engine light came on last week and a diagnostic by the mechanic gave "Front Oxygen Sensor" as the source. Checked with Toyota and they're asking 150+VAT which I'm not too chuffed about. Does anyone know where I can get a cheaper model or even a genuine one for less? Also, I've noticed a decrease in performance and a couple of times the engine has switched off whilst cornering at roundabouts. Is that a symptom of the faulty oxygen sensor or something more sinister? Cheers EDIT: Read Post No.5 for information Tags: Gen7, Gen 7, Celica, Pre Cat, Front, Oxygen, Lambda, Lamda, Sensor
  5. Thanks for the tip I also came across this on ebay which seems interesting: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/00-01-02-03-04-05-Toyota-Celica-GTS-BLUE-INDIGLO-GAUGES_W0QQitemZ390182163542QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories?hash=item5ad8ab5456 Has anyone had these installed and knows about the pros and cons? Cheers
  6. dns17

    New Look

    Agreed. The previous theme was clean and easy on the eyes. This new one seems cluttered and inconsistent not to mention an eye sore!
  7. Without meaning to hijack the thread, Scarlett can you recommend a good grade of oil for a 2001 Celica VVTi-L 190 used in a hot tropical country? Thanks
  8. Cheers for the very well detailed info halek! Having a quick read through it seems relatively straight forward. Will give it a go when I get some time and post back on my progress!
  9. Hi Guys! I recently came a across a pic of this fantastic looking custom dash (attached below). I'm very tempted to change mine to something simliar but have no idea how! I've managed to find the dash backing on this website: http://www.acautotechnic.com/product_info....products_id=320 From the pic attached below, both the LCD mileage/fuel screen and needles are also blue. How can I change my stock ones to match? Has anyone had any experience changing dashboards (easy or not?) or used the site above? Thanks in advance. Cel_Dash1.bmp
  10. Mike, the site you posted seems a bit slow so here's Autoexpress' version: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/news/autoexpr...ca_returns.html My first impressions of the car are it looks great from the front and side, but the rear definitely needs a rework - reminds me of a cross between a Ford Puma and BMW 6-series! Those turbine style alloys rock! I also would've liked to have seen a dedicated engine built by Toyota rather than using a reworked Subaru boxer engine. But I guess in these times of recession, cost saving is the only way for the motor industry to survive. I'll reserve final judgement until the car is actually on the roads
  11. Hi guys, I recently picked up a second hand original celica steering wheel & airbag to replace my current one as the leather has completely worn down. My question is are they any precautions when removing my current steering wheel and installing the new one? I've heard stories of airbags going off if the battery isn't disconnected etc. Would appreciate any tips/advice. Thanks in advance. P.s. The airbags on both the steering wheels are undeployed!
  12. Cheers for the reply. Does that mean that the UK Gen 7's chassis is stronger than the Jap models? Either way, I think I'll hold on to it for now ;)
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