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  1. Thanks guys, yeah, HIDs Direct are doing a set for £17 Iv seen that they do H7R (anti-glare) bulbs too. Whats the difference between H7 and H7R? And can I fit them on the Rolla?
  2. Hi everyone, been a while since I've been on here, because I havent had a single problem with my Corolla (as of yet). Now, a few months back I installed a HID Kit (6000k 35w bulbs) and one of my bulbs has gone out, I kinda snapped the white filament thing during installation, but its lasted me till now. Ive found someone who is selling the same bulbs for cheap, but they are 50w bulbs instead of the 35w that I have installed. Would I need a new ballast for these, or would my existing ballasts do? The ballasts came with the 35w kit. Thanks.
  3. I own a 1.6 and when i first bought it, i wanted more speed on it too, just like you, iv contemplated remapping, induction kits and what not but i think what everyone else has said is just about right, best thing to do is keep the 1.6 standard and drive it around, and save up for a t-sport for later on. Good Luck
  4. CorollaD4D, yes iv tried that, used both options and still no change I made a new cd and tried it out, but not with the settings morgie provided in the link. The rest button didnt really work, stick getting track number one playing, with no sound or the ability to skip track, or search for folders. I might try putting in a aux cable in the back and hooking my iphone into it to see if that works. But as it stands i need to ring alpine up, which i havent had the time for.
  5. Hey thanks for the link, its definitely not anything to do with the menu, because the settings have been the same since i had it, iv tried the reset button, no luck with that, will try burning another cd with the settings on that link you gave me and give it a shot, but by the looks of it its going to alpine for repair
  6. lol yeh volume is turned up like i stated audio cd's do work, just doesnt play mp3's. i dont think theres any warranty left on it as its been more than two years since iv had it, il ive the reset button a go, if not off to alpine it is.
  7. Thanks for your reply morgie, Dont think there is a reset button at the front mate, the mp3 disc just starts playing, but theres no sound, and only shows the folder being played but track number does not come up. You cant change the folder or skip tracks as theres no tracks showing up, just folder 1. This is the same mp3 cd iv been using for a while, its always been inside the cd player and has been working well when it used to, i tried burning another mp3 cd and still got the same problem. iv also formatted the ipod and put the songs back in that also did not work, even tried hooking a memory stick up into the usb port, and still no change.
  8. Hey gang So i have a problem, i have an Alpine 9886R head unit connected to my Rolla, iv had it for over 2 years now and have been playing mp3's from either cd or ipod. It was on my previous car, and i took it out and put it into my corolla when i bought it (been about 10 months now). I have been able to play mp3's from the ipod and also cd's, since the day i connected it up to the car, but a few days ago, i turn my car on, and suddenly the mp3's dont work, they dont play anything from the ipod and cd either, the only music that plays is audio cd. Does anyone have a clue what may be going on here? Thanks
  9. Thats looks wicked mate! You should consider taking it to Dragons Den or something
  10. A giant dust cloud has closed all UK airports Police have arrested the cleaner of Everton's trophy room
  11. I live in Manchester From what my plastic copper mate has told me, alot of these car robberies go unreported, because the owners believe they forgot to lock their doors, and dont report them because they dont want to claim it on their insurance, because they would be liable and there would be no evidence to show that the car was locked.
  12. DOH! Sorry, can a moderator please move this to the appropriate section. Many thanks
  13. Just a heads up for everyone thats locks their car doors with the key fobs. There has been a few car burgalaries recently near where I live, and the the cars that have been robbed have showed no signs of forced entry. Everything from inside the cars have been stripped off. An incident happened where around 20-30 cars have been robbed in the same area within a few weeks. I have a friend who is a PCSO who works in the area, and believes that these theives may be using some sort of jamming equipment, that stops the car from being locked when owners use their key fobs. That way the car alarm will not go off when forced into. So just make sure your doors are locked when you leave you car. :)
  14. I have stopped filling up at Shell now, it was 118.9 today, didnt even used to pay this much for V-Power. Tesco and BP are the cheapest here, was 11.7.9 yesdays, the prices are increasing daily it seems, wont be suprised if it hits 120.9 by tuesday
  15. Those headlights look amazing, but daym, the amount of dent in your car looks like youve been a victim of a drive-by
  16. Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.

  17. patience* ...sorry had to do that :) Angels look good no doubt, but i think they only suit cars that have projector style headlights, otherwise they look abit tacky
  18. I like it! Better than the last one, However i think the "Search This Forum" function is missing... or hidden somewhere
  19. im in need of a new pollen filter, my MOT is soon, so was wondering if pollen filter is tested in it. If not i'll wait till after MOT, because i need the monies.
  20. I know what you mean, i'd do it myself too, but im collecting the stamps
  21. I'm getting my 60k service done by Mr. T for £202, Is it worth it? Doesn't seen like they're replacing anything big, but the service manual claims the ancillary drive belt and valve clearance will be inspected
  22. I have a pre-facelift corolla? Will i be able to fit in 100w bulbs for the fog lights? Also are the bulb sizes for the fogs H3's? Thanks
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