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  1. Cheers for the offer if new rubber ones have gone inside a year i think i'll be better off with the poly ones found a guy in poland that can do both sets for £120... If i need anything else ill be sure to let ya know MOT due at the end of the month :-(
  2. Hi there thanks for the reply just finished the work didn't go quite according to plan there is one bolt that is so close to the gearbox that’s its nearly imposable to get off, there’s a plastic lip nearly flush with the bolt can't use a socket had to use a screw driver and hammer to loosen then use fingers. second error was the filter pipe in the bottom of the sump stops the sump coming off (unless u disconnect the exhaust from the manifold) so you only get 2" or so clearance to un-bolt the pipe fine on the way down but an arss on the way back up when you got the liquid gasket covering its and you got 4 bolts and 2" clearance. I am actually looking at the moment for some polyurethane rear bushes can only seem to find rubber ones sold complete with the bracket £120 per side change them last year for MOT and 1 bush has gone already :(
  3. Hi there I got a 1990 GTI a few years ago now done a lot of work keeping it on the road had to replace the seals, filler neck for the fuel tank, rear shocks, discs, pads, the Idle contorl valve, map sensor, calipers, bushes, radiator, wheels, CAT 1 alarm got it re-sprayed last year the list goes on..... got an oil leak now from the sump got the liquid gasket and set to work removing the sump... there are 2 bolts that I can't get to there’s a brace across the bottom of the engine bay directly below wich make it impossible to get a socket or anything on them.... the brace is supporting one of the engine mounts so I can't remove easily without a hoist which I don't have. my question is this if I was to support the weight of the engine with a 1.5 ton jack from the bell housing and undone the mount and the brace would this be the easiest way or am I missing something simpler? any help would be very much appreciated