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  1. Hi Guys, I was hoping one you guys would confirm is this is the EGR on a 2006 Yaris D4D. My father owns the vehicle in question and it's giving off black smoke, lacking power, not going past 50mph and running rough overall. As it's a driving instructor vehicle and doesn't get driven hard, I'm pretty sure it's the EGR valve which is blocked but just wanted to confirm the location as there are a few posts between this model and the older model which are confusing me. Also, are there any guides on removing the unit? If not, I could knock one together if it would help anyone? I've been looking on the forum for about an hour but can't find one.. Thanks in advance for any help. Kaz
  2. kaz219

    Noisey Engine When Ideling

    Has the car ever been run with low oil... bottom end could be knocking sounds like the bottom end bearings could have worn abit
  3. Hi guys My post before dissapeared so here goes again! lol I own a 2005/55 Yaris 1.0 VVTi with 80k. However, recently, its gone sluggish, doesnt pick up like it use to whilst acelerating - hesitates a good 10 secs before the power kicks in. Diagnostic machine brought up injector no 3 which was changed but the fault is still there. the garage checked the other injectors, coils, spark plug leads and spark plugs but everything seems ok. What could be the cause :S Thanks in advance! Cheers :D