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    Iq 1.33

    you can read about the iq 1.33 here: http://www.autocar.co.uk/CarReviews/FirstD...-1.33-3/240541/ The performance is quite disappointing.... I think you have to consider is the +Ł1000 pricetag is worth for it
  2. Do anyone know what is the map coverage area on the SD card? Is it limited to the UK, full Europian map, or up to where? Can I navigate to Austria?
  3. iPityu

    Iq 1.33

    Thanks for your quick answer, I hope the information is right and the dealers just wanted to make more profit before July :D
  4. iPityu

    Iq 1.33

    Do anyone know when the 1.3 IQ is coming out, because dealers said different-different things when I asked them? Some said it's July and some said it's October. The official IQ blog said it's July, but I definitely need an IQ before Mid-September, because I'd like to go on holiday with that , so I don't know what shall I do wait or go for the 1.0. Thanks for your answer, Steven
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