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  1. I love this site ,some nice subtle styling some a bit garish but a good avensis community in japan... http://www.geocities.jp/avensis_style/contents.html enjoy ps : i think the japanese have replaced the avensis with the SAI
  2. get the gun metal grey and then you have an excuse to get gun metal alloys to match
  3. I have a 04 with fogs and i remember when i blew fuse 43 all above mentioned lights and fogs were off, stuck in a new 10a everything hunky dory
  4. hi irish avensis came with the a "harsh road pack" which means it rides about 2 inches higher than uk models,you will need it with the potholes,some of them should have lifeguards on duty over them :) don't understand why alloys will not fit though!!! 2 inches??? !Removed! hell thats a bit of a difference. so what gives it the difference, is it bigger springs ,shocks or is there just something stuck in there and is it reversible? would it be a big/expensive job to change the car to "normal road pack"
  5. got your attention....... My mate has a 04 avensis 2.0diesel, it was imported from the uk, he's a taxi driver. He was told by a toyota garage that the 16" alloy wheels (8spoke) from an irish model would not fit his car. he has the steel wheels on his and the same size tyres as the alloys (205/55-16) I can't see what the problem would be. I know that the 2.2 diesel is a different fitting but thats the only one isn't it? is there a difference in the suspension settings between irish and Uk models? i ask this because my new 17" alloys(10spoke juno) with 215/45-17 tyres appear to have a bit more space under the arches than another uk import with the same wheels and tyres. would there be a difference in weight? my car is a 1.6 petrol and the other being a diesel. i remember seeing on the toyodiy site that irsh market models were specifically mentioned but can't remember where. Anyone with any thoughts or opinions on this please let me know cheers 9
  6. Hello all My mate is thinking of buying a 2004 1.8 automatic with around 55k on the clock , is there anything he should be looking out for and is there any common problems with this model and the autobox, how regular should the auto be srevice? thanks for your help in advance
  7. Yep Same story here, recently fitted 17" wheels and got some goodyear eagle f1's too. fantastic in the dry, brilliant in the wet, sh1te in ice and snow . I put the old diamondback's back on the front and away she goes.
  8. the fuel flap seems to be a problem on all avensi' i 've lost count of the amount of them i've seen open on the road. my mate fixed his by removing it taking it apart cleaned it and put it back and has worked since.
  9. Hey Wiilm I see your in france. what have you done to your headlights as to not blind other drivers over there? Did you tape over some of the headlight and if so can you take a picture of them ,as they say a pictures worth a thousand words ta
  10. 225's when the previous ones were 215's? That surprises me (though I'm not disputing what you say because I don't know too much about these things). Would it have any impact? I presume the ride might get a bit harsher with the 45 profile? I've heard from a tyre fitter that the 225's rub a bit as he tried fitting to his wife's avensis........any truth in this? and also i 've just recently got 17" junos with 215/45 goodyear eagle f1's (gotta a good deal) a bit noiser but the car corners in the wet now. So will a 225 tyre fit on a 7" wide wheel? Sorry for hijackin the thread
  11. where you moving to? Somewhere warm and dry i hope B)
  12. I thought it was quite good . lots of info and all in the one place no need for trawling all over the internet.I've also copied the disc and given it to other avensis owners and all for JUST 3 quid. a bargain.
  13. Speaking of scams ..... take a look at this site..... http://www.419eater.com/ for all your scam baiting needs
  14. So how did you get on at the toyota dealer , what did they say?
  15. are the t5 286 bulbs , for behind the dash, white or yellow? and would led bulbs be better for longevity?
  16. Cheating B******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpBoNLzvHrk (Sorry poor quality but you get the idea) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. may sound a bit obvious..........but are they easy to fit? Well as you have a diesel engine i can't comment as i don't know . for me the drivers side sidelight is the easiest and the passenger side i loosen the bar that holds the battery in and then push the airintake out of the way, which is held in postion by one clip.but if you have small hands it'll be much easier. just be gentle with the bulbs, and when you have the new bulb in, try it to see if it works before putting the holder back in, if the bulb doesen't work remove it and turn it around and try again. just remember to have a little patience and do it slowly so you remember what you did. I hope this makes sense....!!!
  18. Hi I got these ones, they are warm white led w5w bulbs a direct replacement for your t10 side light bulb , they are perfectly white not a hint of blue off them http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2pcs-168-19...sQ5fAccessories the postage is a bit of a wait but they are worth it
  19. I think you will find that it is the driver that contributes to the kerbing and not the wheel i was wondering if either of the above mentioned wheels stick out beyond the tyre at the rim or further up the wheel around kerb height.hence they would be more prone to kerbing.
  20. Hi At the moment i'm looking at 2 different alloys the 10 spoke Juno and the 7 spoke mapsa in your opinion which looks better on a 04 Avensis ? Which ones are more prone to kerbing ? and because i'm going from 205/55-16 up to 215/50/45-17 is there going to be a need to alter the speedo or is the difference negligible? Cheers thanks for opinions
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