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  1. Not really I'm afraid. Got a lot of logistical stuff and the possible insurance premium in my way. Still haven't enough dough to get the job done either :(.
  2. Certainly. Had mine done at Longlife near Bristol. There's a video of it on YouTube lol. Suggested my plans to my dad who just responded by saying 'but it's 10 years old. Everything will wear out'. This coming from someone who spent 10k+ on a Harley and barely uses it XD.
  3. I'll definately become a supporter, once I've finished saving for my expensive mods. :D ;) Count me in.
  4. I'm pretty close to you guys. :) Takes about 45 minutes to get into Wales though, and have to pay the stupid fee @@@@ You have to pay to go into Wales. Who'd have thought it!?
  5. Oh right. Sounds fair. I'll make a new topic roughly december to start planning all of this. Then I can start locating items and such and verify with you the parts I need to get. Not sure what the diameter of the exhaust is. I can imagine I will need a new one though. Hottt. :P Like I said, I can start planning all of this in around about December. :D
  6. How did it collapse? XD Sweet. It's settled then. :D
  7. We'll wait and see. I think I'll start planning this a bit further towards the end of the year when I should have a bit more savings. (I do have enough to afford everything required for the conversion, but it's nice to have some reserve). I'll keep this thread saved on my firefox and check back when I think it's time to get things rolling. Really need to save up money for a respray on top of this. I'll keep you posted. Dawesy I'll be in touch ;) I seriously wouldn't be able to manage this without any help. I'm more expert in computers and modifying them ;) I'd show you my rig if I wasn't in a rush to get to sleep :P Maybe tomorrow. Spent £300 in my last upgrade. I'm waffling. :P Peace. XD
  8. oooo lol. Wouldn't have thought it XD Not really something I'm bothered by though. If you have the ability to do something then that's enough, age doesn't really make much of a difference lol. Sweet, well so long as I can get something figured out, order all the parts and then take the car wherever it needs to go and do what needs to be done :D
  9. Sounds good. Would depend on how much you want and how long it's likely to take. :P Would be nice for me to learn something though :D Hence why I quite like the idea of a trip to Milton Keynes to get it done.
  10. Howdy from the South West. :D
  11. That's pretty nice actually. :D Stuff like this needs to be cleared up closer to fitting though cause I could mount the intercooler between the fog lights and add a mesh grill there instead of on the bonnet? Some dosey moron nearly rear ended me a minute ago :@
  12. Oh ok. :P Was thinking about a respray in lime green or bright red. :D Ken's taken the best mod colour, so I have to avoid fluorescent orange :( Yeah I used Sky last year but I found an insurance quote for £800 this year so that's who I'm with now. :P
  13. ooo. I've wondered that. I'm basically looking at Ken's photos and thinking 'how on earth did he do that?' Tried stripping the black door strips off a while back and realised there were holes - which made me panic a bit. Haha. I've had a long hard think about a lot of it at work today. And I'm pretty confident that I'm going to do it now. Only two things remain now; raking in some money over the next few months to cover the costs, and my age (21 next month - insurance companies are going to lick their lips at how much money they'll make). Luckily a promotion is on the cards, and I will be talking to team leaders tomorrow about an interview. Also selling my £400 laptop to get a bit more money in. ^_^ (Much to the delight of my gf).
  14. Haha. Loving the rape photo. I'll have to do a bit more research. I think a Haynes manual is in order. Still not convinced with some of the aspects. Saw some pics of Ken's avensis with the custom bonnet vents which concerns me (as it's going to be more money for effective cooling). And of course the when I can find the time! :P But yeah I'll definately be in touch to try and work something out. TBH, my gf is the person who spent £165 on a tortoise, and owns 6 rabbits, a bearded dragon and a gerbil! Talk about waste of money! :D Need to hit the sack now for another day at work. Joy of joys.
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