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  1. A couple of years ago when this problem was first noticed a solution was to buy some "seat belt buttons" which are those little plastic rivet-like things that are easily fitted to seat belts to stop the buckle from moving too far, and position a new button on the belt where you want the buckle to not move past..if you follow me.There are already buttons on the belts but not in the best position, in my opinion. I have one each on the front belts which hold the buckles up against the slot in the pillar when not in use and two in the rear belts which keep the buckles from rattling on the side panels, without having to use that slot arrangement which loosens up with time. I asked Kingo to source and supply them and it didn't seem to be a problem for him to get them. These seat belt buttons are available from any Toyota dealership I bought them and fitted them solved the problem of the buckle going down too far you can position the buckle near the top makes it easier to get hold of too.
  2. crb1011

    Sold My Iq

    I am replacing it with the VW Fox 1.2 Urban. Not so many whistles and bells but just feels more secure on the road. Will get the same mpg but of course the road tax wont be free. Laways had VW cars never had any problems and certainly no recalls to date.
  3. crb1011

    Sold My Iq

    Just sold my IQ fed up with it always going back to the dealer for something to be looked at. The last recall was the last straw. Think the dealers are having trouble selling them second hand can see loads for sale some dealerships have 5 or more for sale. Is it because nobody wants them now or are they just asking silly money.
  4. I dont think I would trust them ever again jacking up a car is just very basic stuff and if they can't get that right well there's no hope. Maybe you should advise Toyota of what has happened. If you had driven away and not cheked the car over they would have denied evrything and you would have had to pay to sort out the damaged caused by them.
  5. If you have that many faults with the car I suggest you go back and get a refund or a replacement under the 30 day money back warranty does sound like the car isnt fit for purpose.
  6. Well you started it think yourself lucky if thats all you have to worry about. Just chill out there is alot worse things out there than not getting the part for your car that you wanted.
  7. Would it affect the road tax band??
  8. I think you have a problem my fuel consumption is well above 50mpg even around town and to date have only covered 600 miles so I would expect the mpg to improve. maybe the next step is to contact trade description dept as you bought the car for its fuel economy. I have a polo 1.4 and I get more than you even around town. The IQ is marketed on its fuel economy but in your case you are not getting this. I think the dealer is putting they head in the sand hoping you will go away.
  9. I was asked whether I wanted to take up the service plan but I declined this. The first service is only a basic one and costs about £100 the 2 year service is a bit more expensive around £150. Now all the the service plan does is fix the labour rates at the time of joining so if the rates go up then you win. When you take out the service plan you put money into an account and it builds up over time and the money then pays for the service if there is not enough money you pay the extra. Best option is to put a fixed amount into a building society as you wont get any intrest from the service plan account Toyota will Hope this helps
  10. Let me write you the only confirm you need : "GO TO ANOTHER TOYOTA DEALER AND WRITE TO TOYOTA UK TO DESCRIBE WHAT HAPPENNED !!!" I think the garage wants to be reported to Toyota tey clearly dont know what they are doing
  11. Major brake issue if the pedal touches the floor! Not good :( I agree brake pedals DO NOT hit the floor when pressed unless there is a major problem with the braking system. If that was my car it would be in the Toyota garage wanting some answers and I would not be driving it around GET IT LOOKED AT.
  12. crb1011

    Car Insurance

    I managed to get fully comp for £149 through SAGA thats for me and the wife both over 50 so maybe thats cheating a little bit
  13. Just been to the dealer and reported how easily the interior door panels mark. They say that nobody else has reported this problem to them but they will send in a detailed report to Toyota and see what the response is. Seems vert strange that there have been no complaints over the door trim bearing in mind the number of posts on this forum on this subject. Just bought the seat belt stoppers from dealer 62p each part number 73219-02010
  14. crb1011


    saw another black IQ 09 plate in horsham today thought it was mine.
  15. Just clocked over 250 miles in 5 months only put in £20 of fuel from new going to be a very very low mileage car in three years time :P
  16. My insurance was £146 with SAGA with max no claim bonus for the basic IQ thats for me and the other half both over 50. If you are over 50 give them a call
  17. crb1011


    Anybody thought about adding stripes to there IQ got a black IQ and was thinking of adding two white stripes going from the front to the back seen this on minis and it looks cool
  18. Try sleeping in a bed and not the car problem solved
  19. Why do you need them just put the belt in the slot, it works fine !!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep I agree put the seat belt in the slot provided and all is ok never had any problems so far no rattles and they stay where they are looks neater too
  20. We have had our IQ for 3 months now and as yet no scratch marks maybe its just luck
  21. crb1011

    An Iq Meet

    2.Chris from W Sussex
  22. I dont agree with that statement it is good for both town and the open road
  23. been on a long trip today three up (all adults) no problems easily get upto 70mph hills not a problem even over took so I would say 1l engine is enough power fuel consumption did suffer a bit though 55 ish to the gallon can live with that.
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