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  1. As a comparison, I just sold my 2009 Toyota IQ2 with 39k and modifications for £4900. It was due its 40k service and MOT though. They may be advertised as higher prices than that, but I struggled to get what I really wanted (5250) for mine. The guy who bought mine deffo got a bargain though! :) Toyota only wanted to give me 3700 at most for it but that was just a pure cash sale, no trade in against something else, in which case Im sure they would have given me a much more desirable price!
  2. With the Antracite wheels on. Price lowered to £6250 or near offer. This is how she will look for the new owner! So if you know anyone interested...!
  3. Well the IQ is now on Pistonheads. The Rotas will be going on on Thursday, and pictures updated then! I will post a couple of pics up on the forum here when they are on as well! http://classifieds.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/toyota/iq/toyota-iq-iq2-vvt-i-2009--see-description--photos/876716
  4. Will post some pics up at the weekend. :)
  5. Unfortunately it doesnt have sat nav. I do wish I had added it on but at 1k it was a bit much at the time. It does have the spoiler/rear lip pack though. Will be going on Pistonheads at the end of this week!
  6. Hey guys, well I have had my IQ as you probably know since Feb 2009 and the time has come to sell up :( Since I got my company car at the beginning of August I have driven the IQ a total of ZERO times! My partner has been using it at least once a week to give it a run and keep everything from seizing up but I haven't driven it at all. I would rather sell it now and put the money towards my first home than cling onto it and let it rot on the drive! So its been a good three and a half years and I'm glad I did it all, including getting it in a mag and doing the Sprint Series and being one of the
  7. It costs me £75 to fill up my diesel megane and that lasts for between 650-700 miles but I get some money back per mile from my company so its all good. Average price per litre is 1.41 which is not so good though!
  8. I actually found I got better MPG using just plain unleaded.
  9. SallyIQ

    First Mot For My Iq

    Dont panic it will be fine! Had mine MOTd in Feb and it passed with no advisory's and it is modified.
  10. I actually used my IQ for about 3/4 days with the bar flashing..then bottled it and finally decided to fill up. Glad I did as it took a smidge over 32 litres! I havent driven mine for about 2 months now though, but was getting around 48mpg at best. But Ive never been one to try and get really high figures.
  11. I had my first MOT in Feb this year and I got no advisory's. Very pleased :)
  12. Lol..if no one wants them I will just get these redone in another effect then sell the temporary replacements I have bought to put on while they are being done. If someone does want them then Ill get the replacements done instead. But need to know by tomorrow really so I can send off whichever pair if that makes sense!
  13. Hey there guys! Im just wondering if anyone would be interested in my wing mirror covers, I may be looking to sell them.. If you dont know what they look like then here is a pic. If noone is keen on the skull effect then I may look to get them done in another effect but it would push the price up obviously (as it will cost me money to get them changed)! Let me know by PM or here. Sal
  14. SallyIQ


    Sorry to see that, should be quite easy/inexpensive to repair though! On another note, I was washing my car the other week and saw this huge dent/crease in the side of my car, unfortunately as its not on a removable panel, there is not much i can do about it, it wont pull out :( Photo makes it look not so bad, but someone has obviously opened their door onto my car with quite a bit of force!
  15. Toyota advertise the IQ by sponsoring T4 on Saturdays, the Aygo is on Sundays, at least they used to! Which would assume that Toyota are aiming it at a younger market..?
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