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  1. Ok thanks :) il take a look on ebay il see what turns up, did you notice a difference with throttle response, power or torque. What do you think of the sound of the exhaust? there is on on ebay i ordered mine from a place up north called turbopacks very helpful :)
  2. ordered a blueflame exhaust on sat wil ost pics n sound clip when i get it fitted :)
  3. im liking the look f the blue falme exhaust very much guna have a search for it now :) as for the trd exhaust i read a comparison on another forum and was claimd to geiv 6bhp and 3lbft taoqu gain on the standatd pipe....
  4. anyone? i also like the look of the magnaflow but cant decide if should go custom or not??? any ideas?
  5. i currently own a gen7 t-sport an have been looking high n low for a trd exhaust and cant find one anywhere in the uk.... i like the idea of the trd one as its not to noisy, where can i find one or something similar? also the ones i have found mainly in the usa are realy expensive, any help guys? cheers chris
  6. do they rub at all? have you a pic of the car from a distance? looks sweet im liking the rays wheels but v expensive and also quite wide too
  7. hey peeps im after some nice wheels for my gen 7 celica, whats everyone got and if anyone has pics please post them :D also what size wheels fit without rubbing etc?
  8. whats this new celica/subaru thingy??? he he i wil be picking my car up thursday im well chuffed!!!
  9. whooo im the new owner of a celica t sport bought it today and am picking it up on thursday! loved driving the car today and the interior is amazing! also very low milage so im well chuffed! now to start stripping coilovers etc off my ibiza
  10. Hello im new to this forum, i currently have a seat ibiza 130tdi, have had a stage 3 turbo added and am now running 230bhp :D it is now tme for a new car and i love the look of the celica gen 7..... i am after a t sport but no matter how hard i look i cannot find a decent priced low milage one! im not to fussy on colour as long as its not silver.... also am i right in thinking the t sport are 190bhp? also the celica gt ohhhh there so nice but agan are there none around?any thoghts maybe imlooking in all the wrong places :(
  11. sooty22

    Gen7 190

    hey im new to this forum, have been having a read about the celica as thats what im planning to get next... this thread is quite inteeresting as i currently have a seat biza mk 4 but is running 230 bhp and 384lbft of tarque:) i know the toyota il not be as wild but its time for a change of car, i love the celice gt the gen 7 but i cant find one anywhere... are the t-sport also 190? cheers guys....
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