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  1. The best thing u can do is shop around for the best quote u can find and chris knott will "normally" beat it by 10%
  2. Hi guys, thinkin of sellin my rolla in tha coming months but I have a private reg on. Any idea how long it will take to put the original plate back on and how much it will cost? cheers guys
  3. Anyone got any BC Racing coileys for the ZZ120E for sale cheaper than new ones??
  4. 44k on 52 plate 1.6..................oh and had gearbox recon at 39k whoops!!!
  5. Hi guys, Ive got 40mm Gmax lowering springs on my rolla but I'm finding that in the wet their seems to be major understeer. I also have 17" 205/17/35 rims and a front tower bar fitted. Someone has said to me that my camber may have changed and could be causing it. Any ideas where I can by a camber adjusting kit from as I seem to keep finding american sites only.
  6. Yeah that's normal just like an auto choke don't worry about it!!!
  7. Cool so I aint on my own then! Does anyone have any idea where I can get the diagram from and is this signal wire located near the ignition coil?
  8. Hi guys, Interested in a probably pointless but different mod, a SHIFT LIGHT! Wondering if they're easy to install to the rolla and can anyone recommend where to get one??
  9. Nice one! any luck on the pics of that lip thing?
  10. Looking for a set of Front fogs for my rolla T2 pre facelift seen as the wiring is already in place behind the blanks. Saw these on ebay they state that theyre for 2004 model but they look more like the PFL ones. What are your thoughts ppl? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Front-Fog-Lights-for...id=p3286.c0.m14
  11. The chassis code I have is ZZE121R any ideas??
  12. Sorry to be a pain guys but can anyone catergorically state that there is no difference between the T-sport and T2 suspension pre-facelift fitting wise (apart from the T-sport having shorter springs as standard as I really wanna get some of the BC racing coilovers but it looks like they don't even know if they will fit. PLEASE HELP!!!
  13. Thanks guys. I went for 32 on the front and 22 on the back, or whatever way round it was! TBH they look darker on the pics than they do in real life especially the fronts. Will have a look on europerformance now and have a look at the coilys!
  14. Got some deflectors to put on and spoiler but needs to be sprayed and what not. Can anyone answer this question? Can I get coilovers for the pre-facelift T2 5dr. I have asked many people and still don't know the answer. I asked BC Racing who then asked me for a chassis code. I told them it was the ZZE121R and they haven't responded. Don't think my Gmax 40mm springs are low enough lol!
  15. Ok thanks so your saying that the suspension between the PFL and the FL should be the same, can anyone else confirm this and offer any advice on any low budget coilovers? Thanks
  16. Ok so I checked my tyres and you were correct the front drivers had 7 psi!! Must be why my fuel consumption seemed to have risen lol! I've put the battery terminal cover back on. How much are these TTE front grilles from the dealers and do they fit on my pre-facelift? Oh and the car IS lowered on 40mm Gmax springs but I don't think it is low enough myself. Been looking for coilovers but don't know if I can get any for a 5dr pre-facelift and don't really want to pay too much as its only a 1.6 at the moment. I've looked at some on BC-racing for £649 but am awaiting reply to see if they'll fit. Is there any others you can recommend that aren't too pricey? Oh and I've ordered a boot spoiler awaiting its arrival! Thanks guys
  17. So this is my 1.6 T2 52 plate with a few basic mods. Any comments critical or otherwise would be appreciated!! Oh by the way its being tinted on Thursday so I'll upload a couple more pics! Fire Away!
  18. By the way I have asked STX styling in to emails now with no response so dont think I would like to deal with them!
  19. What 50mm springs have u got or are they coilovers? I was told that the lowest I could get for my T2 5dr was 40mm springs. Where did u get them?
  20. So does anyone out there know anywhere i can buy one of those tte front grilles for my rolla e12 5dr pre facelift?? cheaper than main dealers i mean? also will the quick shift kit on the tte website work with my 1.6vvti 5 speed or is it for 6 speed t sport models only?
  21. Sorry to stop the argument fellas, although i do agree, what the f*** has tranny vans got to do with a toyota corolla forum? but does anyone know if i can drop a t sport engine in and have any ideas who would do it for a good price in the midlands area? As for my gearbox ive managed to get a recon job today in halesowen for 450!
  22. Wow, sorry didn't mean to start an argument lol!! Thanks I'll try that place in Moseley as don't live that far from there. Any ideas on the T-sport engine and box though???
  23. Hi guys, Basically I've been hearing a slight grinding noise in all gears apart from 1st and reverse and only below 3000 revs. So I took it to a garage and they said the gearbox would probably need an overhaul. They quoted me £1132 for gearbox, clutch and labour inc. VAT. Is this expensive?? And is it common on these cars as its only done 42000 miles!! I was also thinking is it possible to fit a 1.8 T-sport engine and box into my 5dr T2 model? If so I might seriously consider it!! Thanks in advance
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