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  1. mains

    MSW 20-4 Black

    It's 16x7 with ET42, and they are made by MSW. There's plenty of room for those rims, and after fitting them, the car handles a lot better. I live in Denmark, and bought them at shop here in Denmark, doubt it will help you. :)
  2. mains

    Mpg Readings

    None of them go beyond a 60mpg reading...its a known "feature" ...so of course, the average figures will be wrong on the display, hence me (and others) doing a manual calculation Not sure what they use in Japan L/100 km like we do here in Denmark, or mpg. Also what about you UK'ers, do you use Imperial gallon, and is the iQ tuned for that or the US one? My last fillerup was 4.5 L/100 km on the display, and my manual calculation was 4.56 L/100 km, so mine is very acurate, and it's been like that since I got it. I don't even look at the blobs anymore, I use reset my trip B computer every time, and then I know exactly how much I can do on a tank. Last tank was then 52.3 US mpg, and 62.7 Imperial mpg with mixed driving, mostly city driving. When I get out on the country roads, it's no problem doing more than 60 US mpg aswell. Have they really made a display that can't show how economic the car is? :) Btw mine is the 1.4 D-4D, maybe the display is the reason you can't get the 1.4 D-4D in the UK? :)
  3. mains

    The Stereo

    Well papercuts can be nasty. So lets say the manual was actually there, and he cut himself on it, he might get a !Removed! manual. Just a thought.
  4. mains


    There actually is some silly velcro holding all together, but just don't touch it, and it will be allright, mine hasn't fallen off yet. :)
  5. mains

    The Stereo

    Yup it can all be adjusted. Maybe the reason you didn't find all the options in the menu, was because the car was moving when you tried? Bass, Balance etc. can only be adjusted when the car is stopped (Or well you can open the menu then the car is stopped), if the car is moving, you get a very limited menu, probably for safety. For mute, you hold the mode button for 1-2 sec, and it turns it all off, works good enough for me. :)
  6. mains

    New Owner

    WOW at those scratchmarks, how do you get in and out of the car?
  7. One will definately fit there, as we have one stored there, maybe two will fit not sure. But since I have no kids without legs, we're never more than 3 in the car, so only need one headrest. And as many others have said, get the keyless thingy, it's brilliant. :)
  8. Who are you calling ugly...! your mum yeah pot calling kettle black.... but like i said to raistlin, you saying i am ugly lets see your picture then TVOR thing is when i had £10k to spend on a car For that price you can get a Grande Punto, Fiesta, Ka, and other super mini's most with a bit better styling I just don't understand the people that has the urge of dissing other peoples tastes. Why did you feel you had to post you think it's ugly, and what did you hope to accomplish with that? Well it's a general problem with the internet I suppose, people feel that just because they can post, they have to. Of course you can post whatever you like, but if you have no interrest in the car, and you're not interrested in discussing a certain subject, like why you think it's ugly, or what you could see Toyota do better, why post? As for the cars you mention, I have actually tried all three of them, when I was looking for a small car (Tried loads others, Honda Jazz, Mitsubishi Colt and some other small cars). As for the Grande Punto it's a horrible car to drive, you need to spend quite a lot on new springs and dampers before it comes even remotely interresting to drive. And then after that, you have the general Italian reliability problem. Oh and it's big, so if you wanted a small city car, this is no competition. (Why Fiat has decided to make Grande Punto a boat to drive I don't know, normally atleast Fiat drives well). The KA is horrible, have you tried sitting in it, or driving it? I'm 6'5", and have loads better comfort in the iQ. And the iQ is a lot better driving around town. Also if you fill up the KA to the same standard of the iQ3, you end up paying the same, but you can only get the crappy 75hp that atleast in Denmark costs a lot more in taxes than the iQ with a 90hp D-4D. Atleast the KA is small, and it looks good on the outside, but it's horrible to be in. The Fiesta would probably make a fine car, but it's not really a small car compareable to the iQ, and if you fill it up to same specs, it will end up more expensive than the iQ anyway. Oh and it's not cool. :) *DISCLAIMER* We have access to the 1.4 Diesel in Denmark, so all my comparisons are based on equivalent diesel models.
  9. Atleast the MPG average is pretty accurate (it is on my diesel anyway), so I just used that to determine how much I have left in the tank. I have run quite far with the last blop flashing, and have not run out of diesel yet. That, and some of the plastik trims are the only problems I have found so far, no car is perfect. :)
  10. Can you divulge how much you paid for the JBL system? Also, details on your perceived difference over the standard speakers would also be welcomed. I live in Denmark, and as your pound is in free fall, and getting close to worthless, it probably wouldn't make sense comparing. Also here in Denmark, everything related to cars is super expensive, the cars alone has a 180% tax on the, second highest tax on cars in the world I believe. But if I converted it to GBP, it would be something like 1000 GBP including fitting. I know the guy fitting it in my iQ used a lot of hours, all plastic panels in the car had to come out, new wiring from amplified to doors etc. The diffrence is quite big, before there was absolutely no bass in the old speakerset, and the sound is of course also much clearer, now that there is a dedicated amplifier for it. The original speakers almost has no magnets, it's so light, so no wonder it has no bass. If you drop by Århus in Denmark let me know, and you can hear it. :)
  11. I've got the JBL soundsystem installed now. It's a fairly complex install, as it requires you to remove almost all plastic in the car, so it took the dealer a long time to install, a full day almost. It comes with a JBL Amplifier, componentset for the front, and coax for the back. And it packs enough punch that I would think of installing a sub in such a little car anyway. :) I'm quite satisfied with the kit. I would also like a doubledin replacement, but I will wait and see if support for the steeringwheel comes on the market.
  12. Hmm, would probably prefer 35mm, but that requires work on my better half. :) Are your HR progressive? Or are they really hard? I have had a really bad experience with HR, where it felt like replacing the springs with solidt metal pipes. What I have liked about TTE springs on some of our earlier Toyotas, is that it stayed comfortable. The other option is to wait for Eibach, I have had really good experience with those.
  13. mains

    Mains Machine

    Toyota iQ.
  14. Finally got the new MSW Wheels. 16x7 with 195/50-16 Continental SportContact 2. It's screaming for loweringsprings though. :) Will get the TTE when released. http://www.splydrk.net/images/bil/
  15. They are actually very diffrent, and here in Denmark where you get the D-4D and 6speed gearbox, they don't even share engine. The iQ platform is a totally new platform for Toyota, and has a lot of new inventions to make the car small, and yet make it feel like a big car. They Aygo is a cheap car (Not saying that's bad, I like the Aygo), the Aygo is a lot more noisy inside, and the seats in my iQ is a lot more comfortable than the Aygo. The iQ is actually wider than the Aygo, which you can clearly feel when you sit in it, but it also helps give the iQ phenomenal handling for such a small car. Also a turning circle of 7.8 meters is really handy in city, and the sharp turning circle also makes squeezing the car in when normal parallel parking. The iQ is often being compared to the Aygo, Suzuki Swift and other small cars. But the iQ is not a small car, it a micro car, and should be compared to other micro cars like the Smart. The day we decided to buy the iQ, we first took a testdrive in the Toyota iQ with a 1.0 engine, right after we took a testdrive in the Aygo also with the 1.0 engine. And since the iQ was more comfortable, and also a more fun concept, we decided to go for that. The other alternative would have been the new Yaris, but I feel more comfortable in the iQ, and again it's a bit more fun, and a lot more citysmart. :)
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