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  1. I once had abs, epb, vsc lights on at the same time. When I checked it the code indicated 2 faulty O2 sensors. I fixed the brakes and the fault codes cleared themselves, even the abs light (after disconnecting the battery for a few minutes)
  2. Reset procedure works. Make sure the caliper pots actually are positioned correctly and the pads are fitted securely to the key on the pots. Then press the foot brake to adjust the brakes correctly before actuating the epb. The same as any other parking brake system.
  3. Epb, abs, vsc. ECU is pointing to the brake system. I've had them all on at 1time or another. 1 time u had them all on at the same time. ABS turned out to be the fact that I hadn't inserted the sensor correctly and it had fallen out of its wee hole. All are connected systems if not the same. Why change engine parts or exhaust system parts to fix a brakes fault? I once had a fault code along side the above faults that point towards 2 faulty O2 sensors. I checked the brakes, cleaned and serviced them put it all back together and to reset the abs light disconnected the battery. Guess what, after I reconnected the battery ALL of the above brakes faults were gone as was the fault code for the 02 sensors. I did not replace any of the lambda sensors. Deal with the brakes problem first, especially if u don't have any symptoms of a faulty egr or fuel systems.
  4. No scan tool is requires to reset the epb. I've never had any problems manually resetting the epb, without the use of any special computers or programs. I can't quite remember the procedure off hand but I'm sure it's as simple as activating the epb and then deactivating it using the switch and then re- deactivating and holding the switch in that position for upto 10 seconds. U should hear the rear brakes release just a wee bit further. I'm sure u could search on Google.
  5. Is the actual code - C1271 Low Output Signal of Front Speed Sensor RH? That's where I'd start! Front speed sensor! May suggest faulty wiring or simply the sensor has been fouled during any recent wheel end work or period of non-use, if ur car has been furloughed for any length of time due to the current climate.
  6. U could on the other hand change all parts that a greasemonkey suggests and u may even correct the fault code but I bet the original problem will still be there. Deal with the brakes as suggested by the ECU fault code.
  7. It may be a stupid question but have u actually removed ur wheels and physically checked that ur brakes are moving freely, ie check that the guide pins are moving, the caliper pots are moving in and out freely and that the pads are lubricated and shims are correctly positioned? ECU tells u the faults is at the brakes, I bet that if u fix ur brakes the fault code may not actually be the problem. Just circimstancial!!!!
  8. Check here https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.tochr.net/822/brake_ecu_malfunction_p1750_.html&ved=2ahUKEwj8r77nnuDpAhVUtnEKHV0_C9IQFjAAegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw2cUU82wZ7cx110QqZUaxi_ This mentions something about Mexican vehicles, perhaps they are special! Google the obd code and put in toyota as well
  9. Silly question, but have u actually taken ur wheels off and checked the hand brake system? Whenever I have had epb and vsc or even abs light come on I have taken the appropriate wheels off and visually checked for anything that doesn't look quite right. Then mostly end up giving the system a quick clean and service to make sure everything is moving as it should, put everything back together and either disconnected the battery or did a manual reset for the epg system. When the EPB goes out so does the VSC. When the ABS goes out so does the VSC. The car is telling u where to look for the fault! Fancy that! Read on and I guarantee that someone will soon suggest the egr valve or 1 or all of the O2/lambda sensors, best bet would be to look where the computer is telling u first. Good luck, don't panic. Remember that even a monkey can use a spanner to remove nuts and bolts. Some garages, even main dealers will start replacing parts (with all the excuses) at ur expense (when it makes no difference) and eventually get it right the exact same way that a monkey might also get it right. Check where u are being pointed. The computer should actually say "ur getting warmer, warmer. Oops sorry, colder now". Think about it! It's not just a hat rack, u know! Think logically, computer say brakes/vsc problem but u end up somewhere inside the engine removing/cleaning something that has to do with the engine function and exhaust system, where's the logic there? Keep calm and stay safe
  10. How did the egr cleaning go with regards to the brakes? Surely egr is in the engine and brakes are not! Why would a smart computer thingy tell u the problem is with the brakes and which in turn affects the Vehicle Stability Control of the car if it actually meant to tell u the fault is with the engine and exhaust functions. Think about! It's not just a hat rack u know! Some people on these forums are simply scare mongers that constantly repeat what they have read online instead of actually going outside and taking an actual look at where and what the fault might actuall be! Good luck
  11. U mention the handbrake unit has broken, do u mean u have parking brake malfunction visible on the dash? Accompanied with a vsc light? Perhaps u could take the wheels off, and physically check the movement of all rear brake parts. I've had this multiple times. Usually the cause, as I see it, is poor servicing of the brakes, if need be remove everything, manually wind the brake pistons back into the caliper to ensure smooth movement. Remember to press the foot brake a couple of times to adjust the pads properly(after refitting/replacing) BEFORE ACTIVATING THE PARKING BRAKE (on and off a few times). The parking brake warning will still be on, simply disconnect the battery for a few minutes then reconnect and if everything is all good the light will be off and all u need to do is reprogram ur radio stations and the date and time. Job done. No expense except for ur time and any parts that may be required. Usually removal and refitting accompanied with cleaning the parts is enough to get u by until u buy any new parts that are required.
  12. picto27

    EPB Query

    I've had a brake pipe fail on test as well, on a T25. I basically crimped the pipe over enough to stem the fluid loss, bled the brakes and drive the car home, replaced a section of the pipe and then while out test driving before rebooking the test the other side decided to fail just as l was about to park outside my home. Luckily, just as I was literally stopping, so no accident. If u activate the epb whilst driving u receive a warning telling u to release the parking brake but it will also slow the vehicle down in an emergency and this accompanied by down shifting the gears should bring the vehicle to a satisfactory halt. Obviously don't just ram it into the lowest gear and lift the clutch, I'm sure the car will do a summersault worthy of straight 10's but not good for the engine. As for the rust. Tis but surface rust, I've seen a lot worse, simple wire brush (brush on rust remedies if desired) and the spray underside with stonechip protection and the car will live to fight another day. Remember to wash off winter salt regularly as salt is the enemy. Food on chips but not on cars.
  13. picto27

    EPB Query

    I had abs light /vsc on for ages then finally had a look, imagine my surprise it was an abs plug not connecting properly because the socket had a cracking and the plug couldn't grip. Easily fixed with some super glue then plug in the sensor. Epb/vsc was caused by pads partially seized due to laziness. Fixed by giving each side a good rust free clean, some lubrication and resetting the caliper pots. Press the brakes a couple of times to adjust, apply the epb a few times. Epb light was still on. Remedy: disconnect the battery for a few minutes then reconnect and as the Epb is nw working correctly the light is off. No lights on the dash! Job done. The car will tell u where the problem is! Fancy that!
  14. How bad is the rust? Usually they mention the rust but does not seriously weaken or affect stability. Have u had it up on ramps, serious pressure wash or wire brushing to remove suave rust blisters, then spray the underside with underseal. Unless the bushes are deteriorated but these could be replaced if u have the time, patience and know how.
  15. Hi there, I had a similar issue with my 04 Avensis about 6 months ago. To cut a long story short, it turned out to be a small moth that had found its way into the car and when it was causing asbo noise pollution situations it was resting or living on or within the tiny gap between the windscreen and surrounding trim. I only found it because I leaned in towards the screen to wipe a small flek of dust/fluff. I thought it funny that it only ever happened when the front of the car was parked near a street light but not so much when the rear was closest. I hope this helps, just do a full sweep or vacuum of the tiniest crevices in the car.