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  1. Hello, I have a 2006 hilux vigo with a 1KD-FTV engine. I would like to know if anyone know what type of diagnostic tester I need? Is it OBD, OBD1 or OBD2? If it is does anyone have an experience using an after market tester for this model Hilux?
  2. Hey, So i have a old hilux surf suv SSR limited. It has a 2000cc 3Y-E engine and the chassis is YN-130. I need a repair manual does anyone know where i can find one for this engine. I had the engine rebuilt but the problem is the person who rebuilt it for me mixed up all the vacuum hoses. The problem right now is that when i stamp on the accelerator hard the engine start to become suffocated and cuts out. But if i gradually press on the accelerator pedal the engine pick up rpm slowly. I believe the problem has to do with the vacuum hoses been connected wrong. Because i check off the fuel injectors and they are all clean and giving fuel just fine.
  3. The manual that i bought said when the light is flashing replace the fuel filter but if it's solid it means water. Anyway either way you have to fix the problem.
  4. hey, Yea i know how to reset the ecu diagnostic memory :). Thanks alot for the help i'll get to it and see how it goes.
  5. Hey Thanks alot. I actually bought a Toyota service manual but the manual uses the intellgence tester to figure out alot problems kinda useless for me since i don't have one. After reading through the service manual i found it said that it means the fuel filter needs changing but it didn't mention anything about water. But i will check both i don't have my jeep on me right now so i'll take a look and see. thanks
  6. Hey, I have a Vigo and something looking very similar to the fuel light is always on. it actually not the fuel light but it has the fuel symbol and under it it as like these waves. Does anyone know what this is and how to fix the problem?
  7. Yea i do offroading but not extreme offroading. I want to install them my self. are my head lamps good enough or do i have to change them What about the 3Y-E engine repair manual does any have any clue where i can get that from
  8. My light on my HILUX SURF ARE REALLY BAD i tired installing a higher wattage bulb but what happened the entire bulb seemed to get black and burnt what i suspect was it was getting way too hot the bulb did discharge alot heat. Anyway i wanted to install a HID system in my hilux any recommendation. and if some can point me to and installation tutorial. I can probably figure it out i am sure its not hard. but i still like to do my research before i actually do things Another think my Hilux has a 3Y-E engine does someone have the manual for this or maybe can point me to where i can get the manual because i contacted Haynes the people that make repair manuals for vehicles and they said they don't have the 3Y-E engine for the Toyota Hilux all they have is the 3Y ( which is the carburetor version to the engine)