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  1. Its probably just an updated model.
  2. My MPG seems to average around 48-51mpg. Involves 20miles p/w urban driving to and from work, and 65 miles motorway at weekends when i go to see the misses.
  3. My one major problem that ive started to dislike it the following. People bitching that there is no leg room in the back behind me when im driving. Im 6ft 7, gimmie a break, i didnt buy the car to be a taxi, be gratefull im taking you anywhere.
  4. Ive nicknamed mine the "Mean Machine".
  5. It could be turned off, or doesnt sound when in reverse.
  6. I dont understand why you would want it turned off. Its there for your safety.
  7. Holy crap you are lucky to be alive. Have fun with the insurance company.
  8. Back in June a week before i was expecting delivery i got a phone call with 3 possible reg numbers and was told to pick what i wanted. Annoyingly they where all XXX 4111, 4112, 4113. Didnt really have much of a choice lol.
  9. I concur with the equally spaced theory, i always find the 3rd bar up dies quicker than the one before the beep. Dont know why.
  10. Thats near enough what i was quoted for my service plan. I took them up on it soley for the fact that when the time comes ill have it paid for rather than forking out whatever cost the garage wants for the service.
  11. Here in Northern Ireland i have to say I see alot more 107s than any of the trio. Quite sad really, cause seeing a constantly happy brace faced aygo clone makes me sad :(.
  12. Well i drive on average 80miles per week, 45 of them being motorway. Im avergaing 50mpg since June.
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