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  1. Yes I DO have this position in radio menu - like I wrote above. But I think it doesn't work too well. I will tweak this one a little more and see what happens. Thanks mate.
  2. OK, question. My factory fitted CD already HAS this function activated in the menu. BUT I do not find this working. I mean when I have the volume set for 10 it stays at 10 all the time no matter how fast I'm driving. I do not notice it is getting louder during accelerating as well, but maybe it is very subtle? Is it always deactivated in auris, no matter what the trim? How can you notice that the function is working (except for the increase in the volume, of course). Does it change the number on the display as well, for example from 10 to 15 when you drive faster and then back to 10 when you slow down? Or it just increases the volume but the number on the display remains the same i.e. it is 10 at the stop, then you drive fast and still says 10 but the music is louder anyhow?
  3. Should be possible to set the auto door locking on if you happen to have the toyota VSS1 (or whatever it's called) alarm system. I did the other way on my "regular" auris (I turned this function off). Have in mind that you cannot open the door from the inside when they are locked by only pulling the open lever (that's how it works in most cars I have come across). You have to unlock them first (this small black-and-red-thingamagic next to lever) then you can open them.
  4. Where it was produced, depends on the model: - auris 3D - TMC Turkey; - auris 5D - TMC United Kingdom - corolla - TMC South Africa TMC stands for "Toyota Motor Company". The above is valid for European market. E.g. auris in Australia is manufactured in Japan (or at least was), so were first units sold in Europe. When it was produced - I do not know. You can for sure check the year of production (it is encoded in VIN number as well) but as to the exact date - no idea.
  5. Yes I can see that, the link must have expired. This is a toyota's website: The New ATA, where you can find information and mounting instructions for most of the accessories, if not all. The address is: New ATA Here you have some information on the CD-changer: Part number: 08601-00911 Name: 6-disc CD changer, TM0461 Old Part Nr: 08601-00892 Description: With its six disc magazine, the CD changer offers you the potential for hours of continuous music. It locates discreetly under the seat to enable easy access while also being hidden from prying eyes. You're welcome.
  6. Yes, you're right. But please do remember that DSG is a dual-clutch transmission. That is why it is extremely fast, smooth and has good fuel economy. It is a very complex and complicated piece of hardware so the price is hefty as well. And even before you can come up with something like that and charge ana arm and a leg for it, you have to pay millions for reasearch & development. So my bet is, that as long as the MMT does sell and customers are not utterly outraged by its poor performance, toyota would sell it ;)
  7. I feel your pain Jackie888. I'd prefer a changer over my single CD player but what can I do. When I was buying my auris a multichanger was available only in one version - as a special temporary offer. Since the rest of the trim was not up to my expectations (much lower version) I decided to go for the one I own now and skipped over the CD changer. So the only way during a long trip to omit juggling with multiple CDs is to have one with a lot of MP3 files on them. But back to your original question that I did not answer previously (sorry about that): there is an original toyota multichanger (for 6 cd) that you can have more information on below: Toyota 6-CD Changer As for the price and availability, I believe you should send a private message to Parts King. This one should definitely work with original auris radio. I do not know about any other aftermarket products.
  8. Nobody knows why there is no fully automatic gearbox on auris - it's Mr T's call :) I believe that didn't want to spend to much on R&D and only worked out a small change to the regular gearbox. The semi-automatic MMT does indeed have a clutch, but it is automated. When you change the gears the clutch is being operated automatically without you knowing that (and probably noticing, but with MMT that is a different story). I believe that even more appropriate name for this gearbox would be a "manual with automatic clutch" or something like that.
  9. I believe you have burned the regular DATA CD and put MP3 files on it (just like you would do while burning a CD-R with data for use on a computer)? Auris' radio does play MP3 files so that way you can have up to about 8-9h of music on one CD. On the other hand, when you burn an AUDIO CD from MP3 files, you end up with a normal audio CD (MP3 files are decoded on-the-fly by burning software) and thus only around 21 tracks (depending on length of tracks) with around of 72min of music.
  10. Thanks aurissimo for your thourough post. In my auris the deviation between the car's speedo and the GPS is approx. 8-10 kph (speedo always showing more).
  11. No problem! And I would put stress on the word "gentle". The beeps in auris are by no means gentle. They are very annoying. I would totally agree with you if those beeps really accompanied some important warning lights. Like, I do not know, engine overheating, problem with breaks, some other vital system malfunction (like an airbag or ABS system). Does it do that? I really doubt it. It doesn't even show the tyre pressure ;) Instead it "screams" at me at moments that have absolutely nothing to do with total vehicle safety (radio on, door open when stopped, key in the ignition etc.). That is why I find those features needless and only annoying. As for the reversing beep that somebody noticed earlier - it is now almost on every lorry and/or bus. When the driver has no rear mirror and cannot clearly see what is happening behind the vehicle. It is to warn other traffic participants (mostly pedestrians) about that particular vehicle reversing. It is not for the driver to know he is in the reverse. So I found things like that a little bit exagerrated or maybe even redundant on auris. You can clearly see what is behind you. Please understand that I am totally for reasonable safety systems and additions, like I wrote before, but against those that improve safety only on paper: in manufacturer's brochures or in other advertisment jibberish.
  12. Sure. Eliminating a human being from a "thinking" process is no progress to me... It is just plain opposite. And that is exactly what all of those unnecessary beeps etc. do. Here you go, you have the sense of my previous post ;)
  13. thanks that has me thinking . but there is a manual switch to regulate the hight of the beam depending on wieght you have in the back. skid Maybe for the reverse gear sensors? Those that beep while you are reversing? I do not have those so I have no ide how the unit for them looks like.
  14. You're welcome ;) If you call making people thinking an obsolete thing in name of some strangely conceived "evolution" then you're right - I will thank for that and remain a dinosaur. A thinking one, that is. And I will wait till everybody else - going with the "evolution" will die out once their "intelligent" equipment will make them killed :)
  15. I am with supermart on this one. Those features are annoying if anything and make people angry instead of helping anybody (except for toyota to get a better grade on safety test and then market the car as a 5 star one). Don't get me wrong - a lot of features are there for our safety and they are doing it well: airbags, ABS etc. But not stupid lights and beeps. How come, 20 years ago there were no ligths and beeps about everything and still people could live and not die at every corner? Because they were using their brains. Now, all this is an artificial concern which gradually pushes people into a non-thinking region. I did something wrong or stupid? No worry, the car/oven/grinder will think for me. And the real tragedy will occur once it stops because the CPU will malfunction, sensor will break down etc. I don't like the idea of thinking for me - I can do it very well by myself. And if somebody can't than the last thing he or she does should be doing is driving a car on a motorway with other traffic participants. Tell me, where is the safety in this: - leaving your radio turned on: try to sit in the parking lot, listening to the radio and have your door open (because it is hot or you're washing your car) - IMPOSSIBLE, the beeper will *beep* you crazy; - boot or lid hatch breaks?? come on, have you seen that happening? Unless they make them so POOR quality now to cut the cost that they are worried. And once it breaks, it will fly open anyway so no lamp will help you. And when you close your door, lid or boot you can see (or check) whether it is properly closed. If not, then maybe you're not best fitted to driving a car (you have bad eyes or whatever). - leaving you key in igniton and having door open (on a parking lot)? If you had problems with that it was enough to grow a habit of ALWAYS taking keys with you when leaving a car; if not, you may forget when you parked your car anyway since you have bad memory ;) - as for the belts - it should be your responsibility (as a driver) to have everybody buckle up. Tell me, there are no LEDs or beeps on the rear seats - do you forget to fasten your seatbelts there? Or forget to put your child in the child seat (OMG, no light for that!)? If there is somebody sitting behind me, he/she has to fasten the seatbelts, otherwise I am not driving - I don't want him to crush me in case of an accident. But no light will help me with that. We are not driving a plane or a bus with 50+ people on board. There are 5 or 6 people max in a car, and 4 door max. Do you have problems looking after that? Come on... This is just a protection for companies but they of course tell us otherwise. An idea that came from across the pond. No light to fasten my seat belts? Than I will drive into the wall without them, go to the hospital and then sue the manufacturer for making a dangerous product. And I will live a rich life ever after. I don't like that very much, and hopefully I can see I am not the only one.
  16. The whole idea of a car's speedometer is interesting because AFAIK all speedos do show LOWER speed than the actual one. Of course I mean the original specs cars, without any wheels changes etc. Isn't that all car producers are obliged to do it that way? So when the speed limit is 40 and you're doing 40kph, you are really driving at 36kph?
  17. Do they even gonna fit? They look like the shape is slightly different. Have you checked that? If so, I would like the new ones as well ;) Although the new front look is what I like in the refreshed auris better than the new tail lights.
  18. Even if they fit physically, there's still a problem of controlling the folding option and blinkers. A lot of work, laying wires etc.
  19. MarqsM

    Toyota Recall

    How comforting ! It's not about being comforting, just simple common sense!
  20. All brake discs do rust. Even overnight! It is a clean raw steel surface that you leave open to atmospheric conditions with absolutely no protection. In the morning, especially during autumn-winter period, for the first few kilometres, the brakes do make some grinding sound. But brake few times, they will clean and everything should be OK. I had it with all cars, despite of brand. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But not to the extent of need of cleaning. Maybe it is your humid British climate? And since you are on an Island, the sea salt? You have problems with rusting wheel bolts etc. Do you have it with other cars?
  21. MarqsM

    Toyota Recall

    Hmmm... It has all become quite interesting and puzzling, hasn't it? Lest's get point by point: 1. As someone figured it out here previously the toyota got under extreme pressure from US government. Guess why? Do they care about their citizens health so much? I doubt it, otherwsie they would not send them all across the world to fight in wars, they would start caring about the environment, they would start to push for economic cars, healthy food etc. But they don't. It's all about the money folks, nothing more. Toyota has been extremely popular in the "US of A", even though I consider american toyotas as cars of worse quality than European ones (they do not care about interior quality in the USA, they have other POV and priorities). It is not too hard to figure out why toyota has become the biggest seller in the US. Have anyone of you driven a recent american car? They are a laughing stock for me - and I lived in Canada for over a year during a company project so I drove buicks, dodges, chryslers and fords. Piece of crap - that's how I would describe them. Terrible materials, thin sheet metal on the chassis, absolutely no handling (too soft suspension) and great V6 3.0 engine consuming 15 litres of petrol when you can go 60mph max. Not to mention that from GM you get a set of maybe 6 colours (despite of model), so almost every single car on the road looks the same. A mistake. So if you cannot beat them with quality, do it otherwise. With media campaign and hysteria.Toyota was no.1 so they hit it hard. Real hard. 2. Honda is recalling about 500,000 cars in USA, Taiwan and whereever else due to airbag failure. Please note that people have already died because of that problem. But, mysteriously, the media is quiet about this one. Toyota's problem with accelerator pedal is POTENTIAL. There was no trustworthy report about an accident due to that (except for the story of our felllow forum user above). But honda is not the biggest car manufacturer, they have never been thought to make very reliable cars so there you have it. Almost no coverage, just a simple mention. Like it should be with toyota. 3. Now cars are pushed very fast to the market, just to be ahead of competition. They are not thoroughly tested, they are very complicated and there is always something wrong. In every single one. Think about renault laguna II and megane II when they came out - all the problems with electronic systems making cars unoperable. Citroen C4 picasso likes to run the battery flat - and since everything is electric (even park brake) try to run it then :) Volvos fail all the time (I had S40 and XC70 so I know). 4. Article by Mr O'Grady. Yup, nothing interesting he wrote. See, the situation OUTSIDE your British Isles is much different. Nobody laugh seriously in the continental Europe about skoda cars anymore. During the last 10+ years they have managed to come up with a good quality, reliable cars for the fraction price of their German counterparts. Especially in the same company: compare the prices vs. VW, seat (their prices are laughable) and audi but this one is a premium car. 4a. Yes, people used to tell jokes about fiats - but their cars are much better now than 15 years ago (I owned some, so I know what I am writing). About alfa romeo you can still hear this one: "Why every alfa driver greets another one when they pass on the road? Because they see each other every morning at the garage". VW - as its name suggests - was a "people's car". It was a cheap, low quality vehicle. It was for many years considered as the worst of all the german cars - especially in Germany. But now, the tables have turned. They have very good cars (but not without any faults of course) and the opel/vauxhall was the low quality one (they are getting better with the recent models). People still tell jokes about every possible brand and they always will, so what? 4b. Last note to Mr O'Grady. In our part of Europe you can hear jokes about British cars. MG, lotus, rover (especially this one) does not ring a "quality and reliability" bell and never have. You even have a joke about a jag: "Why you need to have 2 jaguar cars: because you have to drive the second one when the first one is getting fixed". Untill VW bought bentley they cars were extremely expensive but the assembly quality was questionalby, to say the least. Every single review described bentley continental GT as the first "high quality bentley". I believe that even rolls do fail - so what? If you are all so afraid just sit at home or ride a bike. The chances of getting killed are the same as for driving a "faulty toyota", if not higher.
  22. MarqsM

    Toyota Recall

    Well, apparently not everywhere. Maybe in UK they do.
  23. MarqsM

    Roof Rack

    Maximum load of Thule roof rack for Auris is only 40 kg including roof rack!! :ffs: See http://www.thule.com/upload/PDFs Fitting instructions/Kit/1440.pdf Yes, that is what it says. I don't remember how much you can load on auris' roof (according to manual). Normally cars this size should take 40-70kgs. But take 2 things into consideration here: 1) There is absolutely nothing you can fix the rack to. So - as you can see at the manual you linked to above - the feet just sits around the edge of the car. No matter how much you fasten them, it can only sustain given force. So, the load may be lower than in other cars (that either have some fixing points or some braces or whatever - had them in my punto, xantia, volvo). Also, Thule is definitely on the safe size - meaning, this is what you can load and NOT have any kind of trouble when you drive. 2) I have no idea what you want to put on this roof rack. If those are bricks or furniture you want to move, that is a problem. But the roof rack is perfect for stuff that does not fit in car (bike, skis) or is big in volume and takes up precious trunk space (which, as we all know, is on the small size in this car). 40 kgs is enough for 2-3 modern mountain bikes, skis + boots + sticks etc.), kids cart, sleeping bags, tent etc. All the heavy stuff like suitcases etc. you put in the trunk and problem's solved. I don't know what is the maximum load of toyota's roof rack, but given it must have a similar fixing system I don't think it will be much higher. For me, those extra 40 kgs is enough. But if somebody has huge family and a lot of stuff to travel with I believe he made a wrong decision buying auris.
  24. MarqsM

    Roof Rack

    Nice very cheap. I didn't write it was cheap. I wrote it was much cheaper (in my case) than original toyota ones. And much more versatile at the same time. Of course you can buy sth for low price or sth sturdy and of good quality. The choice is yours.
  25. Pretty nice. The blueish interior is horrible indeed. I don't think that will be a standard color - you will get some limited choice, like now. But it may be tied to one particular version. I remember fiat punto II - one of the basic versions had that bright blue upholstery that made you really sick after spending more than 5 minutes inside.
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