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  1. Where are you putting the coolant? Code 54 is about the chargecooler so you should be filling the big black box ontop of the engine. Code 54 usually means the level is low - although it can also mean that the pump has failed. If you are loosing any more than a teaspoon in hundreds of miles then you have a leak. The fluid never gets very hot so I wouldn't expect to see steam anywhere. When we say a whole bottle of coolant - how much is this? The total capacity of the system is only a couple litres at the most.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. :) But as you say as long as people follow the rules and overtake with consent the risk is minimal.
  3. Perhaps Lauren can clarify this. I always thought that going out on track is totally at your own risk, ie YOU are responsible for YOUR car. The question of fault or blame is irrelevant, the rules of the public highway do not apply. So if I crash into another car - I have to deal with my car and they with theirs. Blame has no input whatsoever. In fact I am fairly certain that trackday insurance only covers your vehicle no one elses. So with trackday insurace not only are you insuring against your stupidity, your insuring against everyone elses aswell, as theres no claiming from the other party in an incident.
  4. As far as I know its like this - If your car has numberplates with the GB euro flag on them then a white GB sticker is not required. If you don't have this then you must wear a GB sticker.
  5. Sirius

    Gt4 Wheels

    Yeah - unfortunately its really just a case of offering up the wheel to see if it fits - only way to be 100% sure.
  6. Sirius

    Gt4 Wheels

    That is not true - many people use 7 or 8 inch width on ST205's.
  7. Sirius

    Gt4 Wheels

    I believe the PCD is the same 5x100, but you'll need to check the offset of the particular wheel in question aswell. By far the most important issue is the design of the spokes - as I'm sure your aware the ST205 has very large front calipers, many many wheels won't fit because of this or require sizeable spacers.
  8. As said by the others - rushing is a sure fire way to spending lots more ££££ than you need to. Do it once and do it right. With 2 weeks to go I would forget it and plan the work to be ready for the next big show. Is it really worth having a bad job done just so you can fill a space on the stand?
  9. You may well of done but you still should have credited your source of the picture. The picture was made by Kris who runs www.gtfours.co.uk He is a regular poster on the GT4OC.
  10. maleborn1967 - If you are going to paste pictures found on the net it would be nice if you credited the website where you found them. In this case www.gtfours.co.uk
  11. I had a great time yesterday - Thanks to those that came and said hi :) Some very nice cars in attendance - nice to see them getting used as they should be. I thought the track layout was good with a wide variety of corners for every type of car. The standard of driving on track was very good with a couple of exceptions, but this didn't affect the day fortunatly. I managed to nicely scrub up a set of Eagle F1 tyres getting some quite severe beading on the rears, confirming my thoughts that the Eagle F1 is a superb fast-road tyre but gets too hot too quickly on track. Cheers guys :)
  12. I've not been to a TOC meet before - be sure to say hello if you see me :) My car has Sirius on the side - so should be easy to spot.
  13. Couple of other things - the UK ones have Exhaust Gas recirculation, which is a load of vacuum pipes and gubbins near the intake manifold.The JDM cars do not have this. JDM cars usually have stickers in various places in Japanese. On the GT-Four at least the JDM's have a smaller gearbox oil cooler radiator - 5 row versus the UK 10-row. The UK's come with air conditioning - the JDM's usually have full climate control. There is loads of subtle differences, when you next look at one try to get a picture of the engine and interior. It will also say on the logbook if its an import as the date of registration will be way different to the date of construction.
  14. I am a bit concerned by this and other mentions in the thread about racing. I can't speak for Easytrack but all other trackdays I have been on are very strict about this - no racing is allowed. People do realise that trackdays are non-competitive?
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