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  1. So,if it's still running then it's not seized,if you mean is the water pump seized,then you need to take the drive belt off then spin the water pump by hand and feel if it's rough or smooth,also check for play by grabbing the pulley at 12 and 6 o'clock position and try and move it back and forth,let us know the outcome
  2. You'll need the chip that's in your key to start the car unless you strap your key out of sight right next to the ignition barrel so the chip can be recognised by the sentinal around the barrel otherwise it will never start
  3. But have you had it coded to the car?
  4. The 202 is the correct one(the first one) but I've seen the 063's on loads of cars cos they're cheaper but the top ones the correct one
  5. It is dead easy,took me 2 mins to change them,the hardest part was parting the plug off the contacts......Oh by the way,I do this for a living and trust me Aygo's are dead easy compared to other cars......lol
  6. Bulb changes are dead easy on the Aygo,try changing a headlight bulb on a Modus,the whole front of the car needs to come off,official book time is 45 minutes and you need every minute too.....lol
  7. I recently took my daughter to Heathrow,300 mile round trip cost me £27.66 which equates to 21 litres,brilliant on fuel
  8. I know and that's why I've gone for the Ring ones......lol
  9. Thanks for all that,I can get my hands on some Ring Xenon Max for £16.80 a pair so I'll give them a go and see if it makes any difference
  10. Hi,just wondering if anyone has upgraded their headlamp bulbs as the ones in my wife's Aygo are cr@p,I'm alright with them but my daughter who is learning to drive in the Aygo thinks they're not bright (but she is comparing them to my car which has HID's).I don't want to go aftermarket HID's as they can be problematic especially H4 type,I was thinking of Cree but I haven't actually seen the results from Cree with my own eyes. What have you got in your's? any help will be grateful
  11. They put a bigger clutch in them from 2009 as they knew about the problem (the centres drop out of them,we've done loads) and even if you have an older model when you do replace the clutch you automatically get the bigger clutch kit....(I'm waiting for the wife's to go anytime as it's a 55 plate and got about 45000 miles up it,oh and retail price for the whole job including gearbox oil and vat is £295.74)
  12. HEMI


    I don't think so as it's just at that particular speed,tyres are new and they're Yoko Blue earth,just wondered if anyone has this same noise at 62mph?
  13. I took the wifes Aygo to Heathrow the other day to pick my daughter up,I got brilliant mileage it cost me £27.36 to do 300 miles but at 62mph I got a resonance a bit like a bass guitar holding one note but as soon as I sped up to 65 it went away,back down to 62 and it was back,slowed down to 60 and it went again,it just comes on at 62mph,any ideas???
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