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  1. this is my gt4 and im doing it up as a project
  2. its ether your battery, starter motor, ignition switch, or a loose ignition wire from were the alarm is hooked on to the ignition i had the same problem but on my old Subaru but now have a Toyota celica gt4A 91 but year i just 1 day after it had been in 4 wof they put it outside and when i picked it up it wouldn't start again so i did all the checks on the starter motor and battery and they wernt the problem so i pulled the whole alarm out and connected the ignition wires and all the other wires back up and them bam it started first pop but yours might just need a new battery
  3. just drive at about 30 - 50 km/h then slam your brakes on so they lock up if they lock up and dont pulse then you have no abs if it has like a strong pulseing braking then you have abs another way is if you have a look at your front/rear brakes there should be 2 cables 1 is your handbrake usally in the back and theres a small wire kind of cable that kinda plugs into your hub or sumthin
  4. it could be the number plate not screwed on tight enough if you can try screw 2 bolt in the top of the number plate and 1 or 2 on the bottom if its a flapping noise another way 2 check is go to each number plate and see if its kinda flapping by pulling on where it isnt bolted on like the bottom and see if it flaps
  5. hey ya year i had the same problem yesterday its just a fuse in the fuse box just under the steering wheel by ya feet i think it was a 10 fuse on the top line but check them all just in case i replaced it and mine went fine and if it keeps blowing look behind the stereo 4 a power wire that might be touching ground