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  1. Hi everyone. This is just a quick question or request for someone. I need to know or see a clear photo of all the brackets and bolts that hold the alternator in place and are used for adjustment - specifically on a ST182 with the 3SGE engine. It doesn't matter if it is a photo of it all assembled on the engine with the alternator in place, or completely disassembled, as long as it's all there. The reason is I have someone interested in purchasing all of the parts but I am sure I have lost at least one of the parts as something seems missing and I also can't work out the correct configuration of what I do have... Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi. I own a UK 1991 2.0 Celica GTi-16 liftback model, and need to remove the water bottle and motors/pumps assembly for the windscreen washers. However, I'm unsure of the best way to access it. The ABS pump?/acuator? is above the waser bottle which prevents access from the top, unless it is removed. The alternator has already been removed which means at least that is out of the way, if accessed from the top. I've read in some threads here after searching that on some other Toyota vehicles the pump and bottle can be accessed for removal/replacement by removing the bumper, or jacking the car up and removing the wheel, etc. I don't know if it's the same for the Celica ST182 though. What is the best way for me to get to it? I'm probably going to remove the ABS thing anyway, but I'm also not 100% sure how to get that off either. Unfortunately these two separate things are not covered by the Haynes Repair Manual that i have. Thanks!
  3. Some nice Celicas there! I drive a midnight(?) grey Generation 5 GT. One day i'd love to have it done up. Seen a nice dark blue model, same year, with matching blue interior once. It was in mint condition, and really put mine to shame. Also used to be a nice simiarly dark blue soft-top Gen 5 model near my house. I'd definitely have mine re-sprayed black though if I ever were to fix it up cosmetically, and it needs some nice new custom alloys. Don't think much of the stock ones. :P Black suits this shape Celica the best i think... though light silver, white, or dark blue would all work.
  4. I've owned my 1991 Celica 2.0 GT for three years, and i've had a good run with it. around 120,000 miles on the clock when i bought it, and i've wacked that up to over 150,000 since then. Cosmetically, the bodywork isn't in good shape - but i have to live with that as i can't afford to be vain. unimportant background drivel: ------- Enough of the background... down to business: The car broke down for the first time the other day from overheating as it has a water leak and also looks like the head gasket has gone because the water leaking out is extremely oily. It looks like it is probably a "hard" pipe that has corroded over time and eventually split. The leak is in a position that can't be reached without the head being taken off. So that is the work I'm looking to have done immediately but I also need to get the car serviced as it is overdue. I'm not happy with the work i've had from different places, and so I am desperate to find reputable recommendations that will do their job properly and not cost a fortune like Toyota! I live in Romford near London and Essex. Whoever I go to, I do need an idea from them on price for the work/labour of fixing the car, and also whatever other work may need doing... because if there is much other unforseen work needed on the car and it will be expensive then I'll have to hold fire, or maybe even look at buying another temporary run-around car for the time being if it will cost that much. The car is also due for its MOT very soon. Any advice/recommendations appreciated! Cheers.
  5. Allo! I'm new here, but i first came across this website 3 years ago when i bought my Toyota Celica and was interested in finding recommendations for service garages/mechanics, etc. Never did actually register though after first checking out the website and instead added it to my 'to-do list'. Regrettably I never bothered to follow through and several years later now I'm here for the same reason I had in the first place. Not much more to say really! I live a double-life as a part-time landscaper with my own business and as a part-time worker at a Royal Mail processing centre, taking any hours there doing any duties i can get my hands on... i just finished a 7-week long full garden makeover which had me working 10-14 hour days for 6 days a week at the two different jobs put together. I'm tryna clear my personal debts right now, and I'm pretty hard-up so my car doesn't even compare to many of those I see in the galleries here. :P