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  1. Thanks for you replies guys. Tried removing and then adding it again still made no difference. I have a week off soon so will will book it in at my local dealer and get them to take a look.
  2. Thanks for the reply, gave it a go and made No difference. Looks like a trip to the dealer and see what they think.
  3. Hi, I have had my Prius+ T4 with touch&go plus for a week now and find the call quality via Bluetooth terrible. I previously had a prius t-spirt and the call quality once the mic setting was turned up was very clear. On the plus the call audio sounds like its clipping and is pretty unbearable. I'm using an iphone5 but have also tried a 4s and a old Nokia all the same. Anyone else had this issue?
  4. Well done! Well i have had my prius looked at today and all is well now no creaking at all. Excellent service from the dealer!
  5. well 2 other people also got there t-spirts when my was delivered at my company and both are fine, looks like i had the friday afternoon built one! I cant compain its the only fault i can raise everything else is great!
  6. Good Luck Stepppy ;) Well my t-spirit is going into the dealer on thursday, will keep you posted it it comes back rattle free!!!
  7. my new t-spirit has some rattles, was going to ask the dealer to take a look when it goes in for its first service. I was disappointed that the car has some rattles already. I guess it has alot to do with being early days in the models life. Over time these issues will be resolved.
  8. Has anyone had an issues copying cd's to the internal hardrive on the t-spirt? Also the cd drive takes a good 45-60sec to start playing a disc. I have tried cd-r's and orginal silver discs all the same. When i select the tracks to be copied it just goes back to the listing screen. Any ideas?
  9. Well i test drove the new Prius Yesterday and was very impressed, i ask if i ordered one today when would i expect it? The dealer told me currently 1-2 weeks. He did however say that on the system its marked as poc or something along those lines which means that eta is subject to change.
  10. Am is of course AM radio(Amplitude modulation) and DAB is Digital Audio Broadcast, also known as digital radio which one day might replace FM Radio.
  11. chrismeilak


    The batteries are designed to last the life of the car, A taxi fleet in Canada has Prius and at 350k miles the batteries had to be changed. That to me is more than the cars life. Items within the hybrid system are covered by Toyota for 10yrs or 100k.
  12. I registered for updates, if that's the route to an invite......., where's my invite! ChrisM, fancy an afternoon at the Bullring on the 8th? Sounds good too me! Wonder how long these baby's will take to be delivered once ordered, Guess its best not to have too many options on it. Looking at the American owners new Prius photos on another forum, the car has too have the 17" wheels it does not look that great with the 15", they are just too small for the body. As far as i can tell you only get the 15" if you have the moon roof (solar) due to weight, that most likely puts the cO2 up. Also has anyone noticed the DAB button on the radio? Wonder if you get DAB on the T-Spirit?
  13. Chris, was this invite via the post or email? I take it they got your details from registering for updates on the next Prius section on the toyota webiste?
  14. I don't have a Prius yet, i currently have a Vauxhal Meriva. Not sure why i put Prius under car in my profile maybe wishful thinking. I dont think we get the LED lights as standard on the UK model, i sure its an option.
  15. Yehh thats what we needed a date! Wonder when the dealers will have a test car? Now what colour to go for? I like the silver or the pearl white.