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  1. You have got the fan on haven't you,I know it might sound obvious but it threw me the first time the air con light didn't come on.
  2. I phoned the dealer in the week to see what they could do and was put through to a very sympathetic service manager,so was reassured that at least they would take the problem seriously.
  3. The VED (road tax) is based on the official CO2 levels so any future readings will not affect the duty.Modify and be merry. :D
  4. Was having a bit of a clean inside the cabin today and noticed mould inside the car in the headlining.It's been a bit whiffy lately but I actually put it down to an old coat I'd been wearing cos it's been so cold.It's a May 09 Aygo Black 3 door.This pic shows one patch but there are spots all over the place. :( Anyone else got a pongy interior ? I lifted the mats to see if the carpets were damp and although they whiffed badly all was dry. Iv'e noticed the windows steaming up a lot and there has been ice inside the windscreen when it's been really cold. I phoned Toyota today but could only leave a message with the receptionist and got told to expect a call on Monday.I'll let you all know how it goes.
  5. It's a 2008 car,isn't it covered under warranty? I'd run it straight back to Mr T and say "Fix this".Might be a bit busy at the mo tho what with all the recall stuff.
  6. You could SORN it for a month if you have another car or another way of getting around.
  7. OK it may be the weather but I don't notice it with other cars. Why,oh why are my rear lights full of condensation.Is this a modern car or a 1970s Morris Marina ?? Is it any wonder these cars are queuing up at the dealers waiting to be repaired.What next ? Semtex air bags !! Get a grip Toyota.
  8. lindsayg907 wrote: What !!!!! You have to wait 6 months for your car.Tell em to get lost,you must have some comebacks in a situation like this.
  9. OK to sum up so far: We need seats that go back to their original positions A redesigned heater control A radio volume control knob A mute button on the radio A smaller horn push on the steering wheel An intermittent rear wiper with a longer blade A black rubber fan control with LED A passenger door operated interior light Boot light Better sound insulation (much better) A drivers side passenger electric window control Stronger adhesive on rubber trim Bonnet release on drivers side Gearing too tall Water run off on tail-gate Proper centre vents More vents to windscreen for demisting Glove box lid And how about a more solid ride on the motorway So maybe not an exhaustive list and sorry if I missed a few. I'm sure you can think of a few more !! I don't know if the decision makers read this stuff but if it leads to better cars for us lot then it's worth offering a bit of constructive criticism.
  10. AygoIronman wrote: £8000 ain't cheap and if Toyota doesn't listen to its customers "moans" then its not so much Aygo as "I go elsewhere"
  11. Your point about the boot light reminds me of something else that gets on my wick. Why oh why doesn't the interior light come on when the passenger door opens ?? aarrgghh !!! As if it wasn't hard enough getting a passenger in the back with the funny seat set-up,you actually have to open the drivers door to see what on earth you're doing.And when it's windy having both doors open causes a gust strong enough to blow the !Removed! doors off. How much money did Toyota save on that one,about 20p ?
  12. Got my Aygo Black 3 door in June and have done about 3000 miles so far.Overall it's a great little car,cheap to run,easy to park and nippy enough. A few things really get on my nerves though. Toyota,move the !Removed! heater knob,it digs into my knee and I want to flatten it with a big hammer. Why do I have to wait half an hour for the radio volume to decrease when I press the damn button ? I need a turny dial OK. When someone gets in or out of the back why do I have to faff around for five years getting the front seat back to where it was ? When I'm trying to park the heel of my thumb presses the horn.Hey everyone,look at me trying to park!! More clearance please Mr T. OK,rant over.Anyone else think of anything?
  13. Watch out for inflated manufacturers mpg claims.You'd be lucky to get 50mpg My daily commute is an easy 10 miles on motorway and dual carraigeway with hardly any traffic and I struggle to get over 48mpg. Apart from that I don't think new car motoring gets much cheaper.
  14. Hey,you got one of the fast black ones aswell. :D Happy new car.
  15. Nice one,I hear the blue ones are almost as fast as the black ones. Didn't Johnsons Southport give you one of those cool heart shaped key fobs ? Cheapskates.Next time you're in tell em the Liverpool shop is giving them away with every new car.
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