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  1. Try reading these two threads - should contain useful information: Iq Aftermarket Radio & Bluetooth http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=97480 Iq3 - Fitting Aftermarket 2-din Navigation Unit http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=100054
  2. Having 2 Yokohama S70D tyres fitted to the front tomorrow, the original Bridgestone EP25s did 24k miles. £60 each for the Yoko's, whereas the Bridgestones were a more pricey £73. The S70D are apparently fitted as OEM/standard on some IQs, probably different countries to the UK? So they should be ok. Haven't got any room to store a set of summer/winter tyres so just decided to keep with summer tyres all year round. Plus if there's any snow it makes it more fun.... :) [p.s. always drive responsibly, within the law, and speed appropriate to conditions!] MattIQ
  3. Yeah, I'd agree, I have to pay more on my insurance premium for my IQ being lowered, but it's a cost I'm willing to meet for the benefit gained :) Maybe you could find someone on here that's near you with a lowered IQ and see what you think?
  4. MattIQ

    Iq Cd Player

    You can get an 'iPod integration kit' from Toyota, you end up with a iPod plug in one of the spare slots next to the Aux socket - it allows charge and control. Some owners on here have got one fitted, but I can't remember who. More information can be found on http://www.toyota-tech.eu and then go to Owner, Onwer Accessory Manuals, Choose IQ, 2008/10 FMC, then IPOD. Or look at the latest IQ brochure from Toyota UK website. It says must be fitted in conjunction with the TNS510 (SatNav unit) but you could ask if it works with the standard CD-slot stereo?
  5. Nice looking vehicle, welcome to the club! I'd certainly advise some lowering springs, I went for the genuine -25mm Toyota ones and they made a massive difference to the body roll and handling. Others have fitted aftermarket -35mm ones and are happy with those. It is a shame about the seats, some lateral back support would be welcome...
  6. MattIQ

    Iq Cd Player

    I've looked into this, and then got scared by the costs. Have a look at this forum topic - useful info in there: "Iq3 - Fitting Aftermarket 2-din Navigation Unit"
  7. MattIQ

    The Ecu.

    I don't know about the ECU, but your dealer should be able to perform the 'max 60mpg' instant reading fix to 99mpg by using part 83800-74081. (For free under warranty).
  8. MattIQ


    Yeah, I too had the recall done a while ago and received the prepaid £20 card in the post today. What to spend it on..... :)
  9. MattIQ


    Had my brake recall completed today, everything seems fine. Dealer did a free health check (I need new tyres soon) and a usual wash & vac. Had a '60' plate white IQ1 as a courtesy car for the day, drove ok, but glad when I got back into my lowered IQ.
  10. That's really good for you. My missus prefers it big.
  11. You could press the door lock button near the electric window switches?
  12. As far as I know, the Average MPG is calculated from the last fill up, since it resets back to 0 when you fill the car with fuel. I think it's unlikely you'll see 60+mpg with an IQ3, most people with those figures tend to have a 1.0 litre IQ/IQ2. Oh, and in relation to the second post, the fuel tank is only 32 litres on the IQ.
  13. I got mine too today! Wonder what I can spend the £20 on, some tasty M&S food perhaps?
  14. My second service has just been booked in for late May, but I'm on the pay monthly (~£13) service plan for the IQ, so won't have to worry about the cost. However, they did offer some kind of Emissions Treatment/Service for £19.95 that apparently helps reduce emissions and improve mpg. Mentioned something about cleaning, valves and such like (I wasn't really listening - they called whilst I was at work). Anyone know anything about this and whether it's actually worth it? Or what it entails? And why it isn't included in the service plan if it's a recommended thing? Also, should I be paying the £10-£15 'insurance' fee for a courtesy car whilst mine is in for a service?
  15. If you can afford it then I'd get it fitted when you buy the car. Otherwise you'll be left facing a huge bill to have it installed. The revised dash components alone are a few hundred, then add on labour and the actual cost of the sat nav unit. Or stick with the basic CD player and use an aftermarket sat nav.
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