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  1. Bump.. Honestly peeps, feel free to make offers.. I have no use for these things.. Ross.
  2. My rev 2 was a hard top.. I had no probs with sitting in it with a helmet on at the few track days I was at last year.. :D
  3. Right after the successfull sale of my beloved MR2 Turbo to one very happy chappy, I have a few bits and pieces lying around that I no longer have any use for... Fensport FCD (Fuel Cut Defenser) Fensport Alloy Bleed Valve (dont ask came free with my exhaust) HKS De-Limiter HKS Super Power-Flow Induction Filter (Green) The top 3 items will suit any Toyota 4-Pot Turbo engine, whereas the Filter is specific to any MR2 Turbo that has an AFM (so Rev 1/2 and some 3) Am open to offers for these as have no use for them.. PM me with your offers..
  4. Still got her, thought a sale was on bloke came took it for a spin loved it paid a deposit shook hands on a deal and now says he cant insure it.. :censor: :censor: Ah well, money in my pocket.. So anybody interested, I'll listen to your offers, am puting it in the AutoTrader next week so will like to have something arranged before then.. Cheers folks. Ross.
  5. TheBoyRoss

    De Limiter?

    Hi dude, I have a HKS De-Limiter, which I was due to fit to my 92 Turbo.. But seeing as I'm selling the car, I have no use for it. If your still after one PM me and see what we can arrange. Ross.
  6. Still got her, Would rather sell on here if I can as will save on forking out for Autotrader.. Also am open to potential p/x offers as am looking for a decent(ish) run-around for the time being.. Whats your best offer..???
  7. I enquired about one for me Nehew for xmas as he loves the motor and raves about it all the time.. (he's only 6 bless him) but couldn't find one, and thats why.. Ah well...!!
  8. PMSL.... Wouldn't mind getting me one of those little bad boys..!!!
  9. Hmm yeah that can be a worry, but I usually leave at that bit and go up Castle Street to make me way home..!!!
  10. That'll be the one yes... !Removed! great... Especially as they have put that anti skid surface by the lights after TGI's (towards Oracle) !Removed! excellent for traction..!! :P
  11. Anyone.. Surely someone wants one..??
  12. I tend not to get involved with the Nova boys as they can be as unpredictable as their cars.. And I dont fancy being side-swiped by some glue-sniffing such an incredibly beautiful person... But I do tend to get a load of Beemers (and we're not talking anything with the M badge either) trying to large it when-ever I'm out and about.. The other day when I was on me way home from work and was sat a set of traffic lights (on the IDR in Reading) some rep dude (shirt hanging in the back) in a 3-series beemer pulled up in the lane on my right stared over laughing whilst revving the nutz off his motor... Had a quick glance of the car didn't see anything that would indicate an M3... Sat there and waited for the lights to change, when they did he dumps his clutch and goes no-where he's only gone and !Removed! stalled it... :fishyface: :fishyface: Man how I laughed as I looked over whilst pulling away... The next set of lights he's back and a little :ffs: especially with me pmsl.. So this time I decide to take the bait... Amber he's gone Green I go 1st I've made up the distance 2nd have gone past him 3rd he's getting smaller in the rvm... Not only that he's been undertaken by an RS Turbo of a work mate..!!!!
  13. Bad time of year I know... But anyone interested or know of anyone that would be interested..??? Cheers, Ross.
  14. Thought it'd be best to whck up a pic of the girl as well..!!!
  15. The running costs are as everyone say dependant upon how heavy you are on that FUN pedal..!!! :D The insurance for me was higher than your average 21 y/o (now 22) but I had, had the misfortune of a couple of silly bumps which buggered my NCB but I still managed to get quote from Keith Michaels for £1120.??p and they never bumped up my premium when I added my Exhaust or Filter... Egg also offered good quotes (even better if you paid on your egg card).. Servicing again dependant on mileage and fun outings (track days etc), I change the oil every 3-4 months, I've changed the plugs twice since I've had mine 9 months (std>platinum>Iridium) with a set of leads, oil filter and coolant... All the parts are readily available from places like Fensport and even your local toyota dealer at reasonable prices.. Good luck.. Make the plunge you know you want to..!!! Oh and mine is For Sale... :D :D :D
  16. I have the above available for any MR2 Rev 1/2/3 (as far as I'm aware) Never been used still in its original box (althought a bit tatty) £50 +p&p Or buyer collects if local..
  17. Hi all, Been hiding in various parts of the country over the last couple of months, hence no posts from me.. Had to re-register as well which confused me..?? Ah Well... Anyways as the thread topic suggests I am selling my beloved MR2 Turbo... To bank the money to save for a TT Supra... The car in question is as follows: 1992 - J Rev 2 MR2 GT Turbo (non t-bar) Taxed & Mot'd May 04 Imported Mar/Apr 03 (I'm 1st UK owner) Warranty May 04 Only 86,000 kms Immaculate Red Paint Suede/Leather Interior Climate/AC Usual Electrics PAS ABS Mongoose Full System Blitz SUS Induction Denso Iridiums This car has been treated to the best oils and service items I could source, and as a result she runs like a dream.. I replaced the tyres (Pilots on the front, Eagle F1's on the rear) during the summer just after purchasing the car.. All of which have loads of tread on them.. I cant emphisise how well this car runs... The car remains limited to its factory 180kmh.. I have a de-limiter available.. Also have a FCD which has yet to be fitted... The car was Rolling Road Tuned @: Abbey Motorsport in November, and produced 213bhp ATW and 209lb/ft torque... Serious offers in the region of £4650 please... email: rodders1806@hotmail.com or PM me for contact details/pics. Cheers, Ross.
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