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    Lucida Mpg

    try masterquote for insurance they quoted us 360 for an estima
  2. we get all our estima spares from www.nipponspares.com we have had a recon gearbox for £250 and a starter motor for £40 and the price includes delivery :)
  3. kazdek


    Is either your engine mountings or your SADS (Doughnuts) ← we had the doughnuts done when we bought the car ,so it must be the mountings cheers for that :)
  4. kazdek


    sometimes when we start the engine , a thump noise comes from under the drivers seat. we have just had a new gearbox fitted so its not that ,anyone know what it could be?
  5. We have been having problems starting our lucida. when you turn the key it just clicks , after a few attempts it does start. This morning when i tried to start it i got the clicking noise then it made a funny rumbling noise and a light came on. its the one next to the park light . a funny sort of rectangle shape. I turned off the engine and turned the key again and this time it started ok. Does anyone have any idea what it could be.? it was very cold when i tried to start it , could this have anything to do with it??
  6. how much does it cost for a new/recon/second hand lucida gearbox??
  7. got it done locally for 80 quid
  8. :D thanks will phone round .
  9. that doesnt sound too bad actually, was quoted 500+ at toyota garage
  10. I have just passed 60,000 miles and need to have the cambelt replaced on my lucida ,can any1 give me an idea as to the cost of this please? Regards
  11. chassis number is CXR10 0076037 2.2TD X limited Mreg 1994 Estima Lucida
  12. its a 2.2td M reg(1994) japanese import
  13. :( o dear , my brother in law's head gasket went too , he paid £2500 !!! they had to replace the entire engine!!
  14. does anyone know of any garages that do cheap lucida repairs in the South Yorkshire area?
  15. Does the Lucida have a cambelt or a chain ,if it has a belt when is the best time to change it??
  16. is the oil filter on a toyota lucida 2.2 td the same as on the british previa
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