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  1. Dinku, thanks for the tip. I checked the inside of the boot and sure enough there was a little switch on the left hand side that I must have accidentally knocked when the boot was full of gear. I clicked it back on and now all is OK. Many thanks once again.
  2. Anyone got any ideas why my Gen 3 Prius rear parking sensors have stopped working? Before I take it into the dealer i was going to do a check of the fuses but the manual doesn't show a fuse listed for the sensors. Anyone any idea where the fuse is or has had a similar problem? Thanks
  3. How easy is it to change a thermostat on a 93 Corolla 1332cc engine? My daughter has the car in Cyprus and the veater is not working. I suspect the thermostat is bust and will fit one when I go out. I'm hoping it's strightforward as I'd rather be lying on the beach, what size spanners/sockets will I neeed for the housing. thanks
  4. Thanks for everyone's comments, I think I'll take the advice and just get an aftermarket one, ebay seems a bit too much of a risk.
  5. I see you can pick up secondhand Toyota SATNAV on ebay for about £90. I'm buying a 54 Plate 1.3 Yaris Blue. Could I fit one of these secondhand units easily, or do you have to change or add to the existing wiring loom and remove the dash to do the job. Any help or tips appreciated Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the replies folks, mysteriously everything worked for a few days but is now non functioning again. Fortunately the steering controls and voice control both work so I agree it looks like a lose connection... dealership here I come. Neil
  7. I've got a 58 plate GenII Prius T-Spirit and I'm having Radio/CD probs, everything works fine except the push buttons on the panel for power, track/station change, AM and FM have stopped working. I can turn the system on and off with voice command and the 2 push in knobs at either end of the panel also work it just seems to affect the small push buttons in between. Anyone else come across this? I haven't somehow mysteriously disabled them? Thanks
  8. Many thanks for all your helpful replies, I got 450miles on a tank and filled up with 41 litres so I guess I had 4 litres left?
  9. Can anyone give me an idea of roughly what range is left in the tank when the low fuel warning light comes on on my 58 plate Gen II Prius, thanks.