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  1. Hi all, I'm replacing front drivers side wheel arch trim on my Corolla T Sport (04) but the new part didnt come with any fittings.. after trawling the internet the following diagram is the best i've come up with.. Has anyone got any idea of the part numbers for these screws/clips?.. or where i could possibly get some? Any help much appreciated ;) Cheers tonkit I
  2. Yeah i know, wot i meant was if u dont have standard fogs u need the wiring kit in order to hook up the TTE ones... right?
  3. i dunno if its the fogs as such, it might just be something you need to hook them up if you've not got foggies already?
  4. i was told.. "The wiring kit is only required if you DONT have original fog lamps" So if you dont have fogs u'll need the wiring kit, it defo comes with grille but not sure if u need any extras to fit it?
  5. If the engine is idling you can hear it increase its revs when turning AC on, i was quite surprised what a difference it makes. Worth baring in mind it also increases fuel consumption. Personally i only use it if the temp outside is hotter than what i want to achieve inside, but it does also help demist ya windscreen a bit quicker. With it on i just think im wasting petrol that could otherwise be used in lift :D
  6. I bought mine from Parts King just before christmas cost me £413.62 in total.. probably be a bit more now VAT gone back up. I'm just waiting for the bodyshop to let me know when they can fit it ;) edit: thats including delivery
  7. Great pics mate, this 1 fails for use of photoshop though
  8. I have BC Coilovers and think they're great, handling much improved and adjustable damping is a bonus.. for £650 i would have thought u'd struggle to get more for ya £££.
  9. With anything like this the data can be easily skewed in many ways to obtain the outcome you'd like to see. The data collected is very basic, we're simply talking pass or fail and therefore it is impossible to tell from this why the cars have failed. People who treat their cars well or do low milage are more likely to pass whilst those who dont look after their cars or have high milage are more likely to fail for example. But probably the biggest factor here is the popularity of the car, if there are more cars of a particular model then it is fair to say your gauranteed to have more failures than a less popular model. So, when looking at the tables I wouldn't view them as a league as such, the corolla is not the 34th worst vehicle for failing MOT's in britian. Like it says they've only compared the most popular models and by doing this, are more likely to get a fair representation for each model because the data sets are larger. All we can say for certain is that 11.2% of all corollas bought in 2004 passed their MOT tests in 2007...and even that in its own right doesn't mean a great deal but when you compare it to similar cars on the list like the VW Golf (which scores 19.2%) and say the Renault Megane (28.1%) i think its safe to conclude that the corolla is a reliable car... ..something we all new already, right?
  10. Just seen this on bbc website, thought it may be of interest. Full story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/opensecrets/201...s_released.html The value of such informaton is up for debate but either way it's nice to see the corolla at the bottom of each list
  11. I've had mine a couple of months now and i think they have just about bedded in.. they were quite bumpy initially but recently i've been gunning it along some country roads and have noticed the 'bumpyness' has settled down nicely.. When i first got the car back they were set 7 notches off the hardest setting which was way to hard, i've since adjusted to 14 from hard which i was contemplating dropping even more.. but like i say just recently they really seem to have settled in and feels just about perfect. Only slight issue i've had was a squeek on the rear right, lasted a couple of days then went so i just put it down to the spring bedding in. The difference in the car is awesome and in some respects makes it feel complete.
  12. Madmax, the following posts might help. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...mode=linearplus http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...mode=linearplus Cheers tonkit
  13. Thanks for that aaronjp reassuring to know! Think the mechanic who installed mine would agree as he went through 3 drill bits in the process.
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