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  1. ask your toyota dealer for a price of a steel spare also see enid's rav posting peter
  2. Hi, can I ask where you got the steel spare wheel from for £70? Thanks
  3. have you asked your local toyota dealer about a steel spare? also see posting under enid's rav peter
  4. hi e-mailed the seller an he recomended this Item number: 320597947444 hope this helps ps tell me what they are like if you buy as mine is still in big black poly bag thing enid's rav
  5. hi toyota main dealer at barnstaple(toyota roundswell) £74.40 + vat =£87.42 just the STEEL plain wheel because i would not pay the price of another alloy tyre i already had after punture so they fitted it for free!!!!!definitely 5 nut holes and correct size now i am after a cover and something to secure it in the back. CRAZY TO THINK TOYOTA DIDN'T PUT ONE IN £25000 CAR IS IT NOT. As i said in the start saving pennies but loosing a fortune in sales for £50.00(bulk buying) also a little more thought in the design stage, changing kit already in the well at the back!!! hope that helps peter
  6. hi Dave.m thanks for the photo my steel spare arrived today, i thought it was reasonable from dealers dealer fitted tyre f.o.c. which i had from previous problem it is interesting to note that all changing gear is standard, jack,brace etc will you tell me where you purchased the cover as my wheel is in a big bag at the moment is the strap also available? thanks peter(enid's old man)
  7. In the boot, like this -
  8. hi thanks i thought i was not dipping correctly does this mean that i can get a different dipstick? peter
  9. 08 rav xtr my tyres are 225 65 r 17 101h yokohama which are not run flat tyres you can fill them and run on BUT subject to conditions(see manual or ask to see one).this is not so easy when parked roadside and they also need to be cleaned out prior to repair/replaced may i suggest you try around to access their availability and if NORMALLY in stock!!!!!not i can get one tomorrow i like to ring round to get the best price before i buy, but this is not possible on recovery it seems that a spare tyre in my garage (or boot) is my way forward especially if it need replacing at night away from home which any garage can do if you have the tyre don't let this put you off but better to take steps first especially if you can get a spare wheel at a reduced price as part of purchase for what it's worth it's a great car!!!
  10. So are you saying that the tyres that are fitted to the new rav are not a standard tyre. i thought that if you had a puncture you used the repair kit it should last for 100miles and then go and get it repaired anywhere. Maybe i'm wrong but this issue if holding me back from a new rav. All other suv's on the market have space savers.
  11. great photo thanks so it's not just me take note eec and toyota
  12. i knew i should have voted U K I P but too late now
  13. Get used to it!.... It would seem the EU are non to happy about all these 'Sunday Mechanics' messing about with their cars and are looking at proposals to stop this.. The idea is that on all new cars all four wheels will be linked to the cars ECU and if any of the wheels are removed this link will be broken and thus the engine wont start, only a trip to the nearest Stealer for a reset will allow the engine to fire up again. Spare wheels will be a thing of the past and all cars will just get a can of Tyreweld. you have been warned!.
  14. not rft i love mine too but as above what a pain i understand that some owners buy a spare but where do you put it? surely that is toyota's job in the 1st place enid's old man