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  1. i have now installed it on windows 10 but still the same, k and l line are red in the cable test. so the hardware is not compatible with my 2010 avensis thanks to yossarian247 for sending the file
  2. I ordered it in China,it came with a cd, J2534 MINI VCI Voor Toyota MINI VCI J2534 MINI-VCI FT232RL the CD contains various versions of techstream and drivers for the cable , it works under windows xp and windows 7 32 bits if you installed the driver for the cable, you can check that the cable is connected, XHorse Electronics \ MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS ” device info ,filmware 1.4.1, and if i perform the cable test in the techstream program then i get as in the photo, k and l are not good
  3. hi , what is the version of the filmware that works well on an avensis t27 year 2010, I have just ordered one, and can only change the personal settings with it, but cannot read errors or data greetings from belgium Luc.
  4. what do you mean whit indicators? i think thats is normal ,i have a avensis to, and mine do not flash either but there is a way to make it , they are modules that you can buy whit full instruction how to connect it
  5. hello, I'm from belgium, I have an Avensis 2.0td 1999 2C-TE engine where can I find the right wire , to activate the light reminder busser. I added a switch that manual must always be off, when you shut off the engine. than I can connect this wire to my added switch. wenn you open the door and switch is in de wrong way than must go the busser . i have a elektrical manual ,but i do not fully understand it. hopefully can someone help me. greetings luc .