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  1. hi, i have a Auris year 2007 1400 cc gasoline engine4zz ,5 manual gears chassisnr:SB1km56....... i want to order the complete set i have only the apart numbers , Koppelingplaat nr 31250-02140 Drukgroep nr 31210-02200 Druklager nr 31230-05012 which set contains all these parts who can give me the right type that i must order greetings from belgium Luc
  2. check your wheel bearings, jack the car up and turn the wheels manually, and feel whether there is any slack or cracking noise
  3. I removed my toyota radio and put an android radio in its place, Toyota radio is nothing wrong with it, and is looking for a new owner
  4. Measure the voltage on the battery during starting, during starting you should not drop voltage below 9.6 volts, if it drops lower, than your battery has had its best time , and it is best to replace them
  5. Hi, I have bought a DC Current clamp with this you can easily identify the correct wires all the connections you need are in the cable harness in the trunk, and to amplify the signals I have bought module Logicon Towing Interface zr2500 onley extra you must do is ,pull a thick elektrical wire from the battery to the trunk for feeding this module
  6. i find it the car has parking sensors front and rear button is to switch off the front one
  7. just bought a second-hand auris, and have some questions, what is this button for? auris 2007 gasoline greetings from belgium, Luc.
  8. i have grease the slave cilinder ,but no luck, is difficult to detect the sound from where it comes can i also lubricate the master cylinder, but how i feel litle vibrations when i operate the clutch by hand
  9. squeaky clutch it only beeps if you operate it can you lubricate this without disassembling the gearbox? greetings from belgium (auris 1,4 year 2007)
  10. I have mounted a towbar myself, now only the electrical connection. I have already purchased a 7-pin plug and a universal module. does anyone have the colors of the wires of all the rear lights, and also where I can best take off the 12 volts for the power supply for the module.
  11. i have now installed it on windows 10 but still the same, k and l line are red in the cable test. so the hardware is not compatible with my 2010 avensis thanks to yossarian247 for sending the file
  12. I ordered it in China,it came with a cd, J2534 MINI VCI Voor Toyota MINI VCI J2534 MINI-VCI FT232RL the CD contains various versions of techstream and drivers for the cable , it works under windows xp and windows 7 32 bits if you installed the driver for the cable, you can check that the cable is connected, XHorse Electronics \ MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS ” device info ,filmware 1.4.1, and if i perform the cable test in the techstream program then i get as in the photo, k and l are not good
  13. hi , what is the version of the filmware that works well on an avensis t27 year 2010, I have just ordered one, and can only change the personal settings with it, but cannot read errors or data greetings from belgium Luc.
  14. what do you mean whit indicators? i think thats is normal ,i have a avensis to, and mine do not flash either but there is a way to make it , they are modules that you can buy whit full instruction how to connect it