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  1. Very good advice about year end and MOT - something we all should be mindful of 🧐 If it hadn’t been for renewal of the Toyota Warranty, I think I would’ve bought a new one. I bought this brand new for my father in 2009 and I think it’s time for a new one again 🤘 Be safe y’all and enjoy this weekend 😁
  2. Welp, it’s that time of year where the Aygo goes to our local Dealership for its annual service. Just to recap, facelift 2009/09 Aygo Blue MMT with just under 65K from new. In addition to the annual service I also decided to have some preventative maintenance undertaken - I was surprised just how reasonable genuine Toyota parts are and there was no cost labour charge from the garage too: * replace front bleed nipples - figure those buggers will likely seize when I least need them too so for £6-odd each worth getting done with BFC. * replace alternator belt (£12). * figured the original factory fit headlight bulbs should be changed for the opti-bright things (£21 pair) as they’ll give out when it’s least convenient. It benefited from Govt. MOT extension so I’ll get it done later in the year otherwise it’s had x4 new ContiEco 6 tyres supplied and fitted by Toyota last year and I put genuine pads and discs on it myself about that time too. I’m just surprised it’s not needed any suspension work in its time with us and has otherwise been amazingly well engineered. Toyota Warranty however was recently renewed for the next two years so I suspect hassle free motoring during this time - although it is due a MMT clutch/ assembly in about 18 months so...money well spent methinks 😂 Happy and safe motoring y’all 🤘
  3. Is it me or do the drivers side pads seem more worn than the passenger 🧐
  4. ihpj

    aygo shuddering

    I’ll put good money down it’s your clutch given the age and model.
  5. Well you did point this out last time and I was able to follow this up with Toyota - I am grateful that you did! As for the 12 year rule, 2009 + 12 = 2021. Current Warranty runs from 07/2020 - 07/2022. Sadly, when the Warranty expires in 2022, we will be outside of the 12 year rule 😫
  6. The second year of the warranty always seems to go faster than the first, but you just got to bite the bullet and renew when the time comes. Sadly, given the 12 year rule, this will be the last time we will be able to renew on our Aygo (2009/09 facelift). At least the price (£345) seems to be constant over the years so with inflation, seems quite reasonable and thats when you factor in ZERO excess at claim and two year coverage with full AA recovery support. And if history is anything to go by, we will be needing a clutch/actuator assembly/unit late 2021/early 2022 🤣 Safe travels y'all 🤘
  7. I’m sorry to hear of your trouble with the MMT. This is a known weak point on these cars. I have (extensively) posted my experience with this box in our Aygo, so I summarise here for you: I bought this car brand new in 2009 at the time of the original scrapage scheme. It came with a 3 year factory warranty. I knew the car would be trouble but we bought it as that’s what my father wanted. At the end of 3 years and (IIRC) 20K miles it suffered gear selector failure (wouldn’t go into gear). Recovered to Toyota who diagnosed it needed a new clutch and assembly - covered under warranty. I opted to renew the warranty with Toyota as I figured it would break again and I didn’t want the hassle of grappling with third party garages for repair. In the 11 years we’ve owned it, it has needed a new clutch and actuator assembly like clockwork every 3 years. The Toyota warranty has paid out every time without quibble and I don’t think I’d want to pay £1.5K’ish every 3 years. I’ve said it many times before: if you own an MMT, buy the Toyota warranty. The cost will pale in comparison to getting the MMT fixed as it will go wrong. We are on our 4th clutch/actuator and when I can no longer renew the warranty, that’s when I’ll sell it.
  8. The hangar is known weak spot. When this started to happen to ours, I figured since the exhaust is factory fit and working well otherwise, just to get the hangar repaired. My solution was to have it welded by a local garage for the price of a crate beers. I did consider replacing the back box, but I haven’t had the best of experiences with aftermarket exhausts, and the cost of Toyota Genuine was not justifiable. You may perhaps find yourself in a similar situation and for very little cost, have your exhaust fixed. Best of luck!
  9. From my experience (so far 3 clutch replacements all under warranty in the last 10 years of ownership) from what you describe I do believe it suggests you need a replacement clutch. This is a key reason why I renew the Toyota Extended Warranty on the Aygo in our family.
  10. I'm so pleased to hear of your experience. These are well put together cars it seems. Ours is due its 8th MOT from new next month and I have every expectation it'll pass without issue - although I do have the Toyota Extended Warranty in case this is the year when it does not (not likely).
  11. FWIW, in my experience I find the genuine Toyota pads and discs to be very good in terms of brake feel and bite, even from cold, and have never faded. Like with tyres, I never compromise on quality as you really want to have the best possible chance of stopping (and steering) when you need to...and not end up in a ditch (or worse). I tend to buy genuine items for all my cars and fit them myself. That way I know I have fitted the right parts and the jobs been done right. As it happens, no matter how good the genuine Toyota items are, they do seem to be made from butter and toast...I end up replacing pads every and discs every 15K-20K miles.
  12. A lot of misinformation and conjecture in this thread. The benefit of such Forums is to share ownership experience; consequently I would ask if the OP has actually completed a search on this Forum? HINT: Clutch (for an MMT) can and should be covered under both factory and extended warranty. SOURCE: I've had it done by Toyota GB twice and likely a third time in my ownership.
  13. I do believe if you press the underwriters they will concede the clutch in the MMT should be covered under most circumstances because it is, after all, not something the driver can influence the rate of wear as it is, by its very definition part of the transmission and automated. I do accept that ours is a very good Dealer with whom we have an excellent relationship (for Servicing) and this has helped move the conversation forward with the Toyota Warranty. Fundamentally though, I can’t see how the warranty company can argue wear and tear or user interference should the clutch wear? I am pleased for the update on extending the warranty - we might just do that when it falls for renewal next year - and given previous form of needing a clutch assembly every 3 years and circa 35K miles we should be spot on for the next one!
  14. I know much has been discussed on these forums about the MMT and we have had much debate as to how to prevent (and resolve) issues when they inevitably arise. Most often it is related to clutch failure which requires a Toyota main dealer to replace the clutch at a cost of about £650-odd. To mitigate against this, I made the decision to maintain the extended warranty with Toyota (especially since they have been offering 2-4-1 for many years). We have owned our facelift 2009 Aygo Blue since new. When she was about 3.5 years old she needed a new clutch kit at about 35K miles. This was arranged through the extended warranty no issues. Aside from the odd warranty claim now and again for things I am convinced my Toyota dealer went looking for, she’s been rather faultless. Then last week she ticked over 60K miles and clutch slippage was again detected. Booked into my local Dealer and returned with all new clutch kit after 2 days - yup you guessed, all covered by extended warranty. I cannot understate the value of the Toyota extended warranty which has really come through for us over the years. Regrettably my Aygo won’t be elgiable for renewal when the current policy expires in Summer of 2020, but it may persuade me to buy a new Aygo. I hope my experience helps others. ...and she had the rear window recall work done at the same time too!