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  1. Clearly we are not going to change each other’s position, which is fine. You keep paying for your clutch replacement and I’ll keep getting mine replaced under warranty. You can argue whichever you like, and if you want to find reasons to pay for stuff, more power to you. Fact: MMT clutch can, does and will get changed under Warranty from Toyota 👍
  2. @cyker you control when to brake. You decide how heavily to apply pressure to the brake pedal. The car does not apply brakes until you tell it too. In the MMT I do not directly control or influence if the car rides the clutch or half engages it, or disengages it. Yes I do use the accelerator and brake pedal but none of those directly link to the clutch. Ergo I do not influence clutch use or wear, the car decides when to change up or down dependant on other factors. @martswain that may indeed be true but if it is an automated gearbox, by its very nature it is not controlled by the driver (unlike a manual clutch). I know some manufacturers, like VAG explicitly exclude manual clutch wear on a brand new car after 6 months (IIRC). So that’s is clear when buying. However if this is the case with the MMT where is it mentioned? At time of purchase is this made clear that an MMT clutch is a wearable item? Does the brochure or any sales literature mention this? No, it’s does not because Toyota market the MMT as an _automatic_ (whole other debate around MMT not being an auto.) … so if a part wears (or breaks) in an automated gearbox, without clear and obvious evidence of user misuse and abuse, it must be a manufacturing issue and hence covered by Warranty. I suggest people read the exclusions on the Toyota Extended Warranty…it talks about manual clutches but not MMT.
  3. @Cyker Brother you’re missing the point as your comparison is not the same: Brakes - you decide when to press the pedal to either slow or stop. The car doesn’t regulate the speed by itself autonomously. There is a pedal or switch or mechanism that you as driver decide to depress, press, flick or turn. By definition that is driver controlled. MMT - I have zero impact on clutch and wear as well as the actuator and assembly as I do not influence when and how the car changes gear. Sure I can drive in manual, but if the speed slows the car will down shift itself. I clearly have no control on the clutch and it’s use as it is all controlled by… guess what…the ECU and car. There is no way I can control how the car engages or disengages the clutch under normal driving conditions. I therefore argue an MMT is a self contained unit and quite unlike a manual gearbox clutch should last the life of the car by virtue I cannot influence it…it is by its definition ‘automated manual’ gearbox. Of course everyone is different and YMMV…
  4. @TonyHSD we aren’t talking about recommending or the merits of the MMT, instead repairability. I apologise for my passion and words used. Despite my experience with it, I would recommend the MMT but caveat this with make sure you invest in the Toyota Extended Warranty. People’s default reaction to warranty can be very negative, but do the maths. I did and I bought it purely for the MMT. The warranty works out £170-odd per year, take out the MOT cost (£45) it then makes even more sense and has zero excess. My experience may sound like I have had hassle, but as I said in my follow up post, the repair time is about 2 days and painless.
  5. @Cyker the entire MMT box is covered. It does not matter whether it is the clutch, actuator, assembly or some other part. Ask yourself this question: As a driver of such a car please can you tell me how I can cause or contribute to the premature wear of those parts? You could say, oh but if you keep your foot on the brake pedal when stationary at lights that causes premature wear, or if you do excessive hill starts, or perhaps if you’re driving in slow moving traffic and it’s shifting 1 - 2 - 1…that may be so, but does the handbook advise to drive differently? Was this mentioned at the time you bought the car? Was any different or special consideration made clear that the MMT would not be fit for purpose for such driving? ProTip: it doesn’t. So ask yourself how you, as driver, can be held responsible for the premature wear or excessive use? You can’t. Therefore if it ain’t down to you, then it must be a manufacturing issue/failure. To date neither the Dealer, Toyota GB or the extended warranty company have been able to demonstrably show why, when the clutch, actuator or whatever fails, this would not be covered by warranty…and this is why I have choose to have the Toyota Extended Warranty. My repair turnaround is, on average, 2 days. Hassle factor? Zip. Cost? Well let’s just say I am ahead on all my warranty costs over the years. I accept the MMT can be fragile and given what it is and difficult to try and get fixed outside of the Toyota network. But when it works it is amazingly easy pleasant to drive and makes the Aygo an absolute HOOT to drive…but if you buy one, get the Toyota Extended Warranty for peace of mind.
  6. I tend to avoid the hassle of doing the job twice and with genuine. I figure if it lasted well on the car from factory, then I’ll spend the extra and go with the same. Save time, money and hassle in the long run. But where price or availability has been an issue I have gone for branded manufactures. For my US trucks, I trust MOOG and Raybestos Pro grade stuff. But as we’re talking about EU cars I can’t see you going wrong with Febi, Loemforder etc. - I ask myself the question: Do I really want to trust my safety to the cheapest part when I’m driving my car or truck?
  7. What utter nonsense. It is this erroneous opinnion that is oft quoted (then repeated by others) and treated as fact on forums. I couldn’t disagree more with this statement. The MMT IS covered by Toyota and the Toyota Extended Warranty. I know, because I have posted my experience on this very forum of claiming for MMT faults…not once but three times. And I’ll do it a fourth time by this time next year.
  8. Careful. It’s only a matter of time before The Liberals and Snowflakes decide frequent oil changes are wasteful and impact the environment. Then they will push for higher taxes on it and try to make it illegal. Enjoy this while you can!
  9. FWIW I’m not going to run E10 in our Aygo; but then again for the past few (many) years it’s been run on Tesco 99 (which is usually the same price as branded regular from Shell or BP).
  10. It’s a nice choice to have! So let us know what you end up doing. On another note, I wouldn’t get too excited about ‘full leather’ I’ll wager the Aygo has ‘leather like’ materials and isn’t what we would consider ‘full grain leather hide’. Enjoy your car and share some pictures!
  11. OP, asking that type of question on an owners forum will get you a variety of responses. Some will religiously stick by the Handbook, some will apply their own judgements and offer advice based on their experience, some will offer an educated opinion - but at the end of the day there will be a range of opinions. If your car ain’t broke, keep using what has been used all these years. You don’t want to go changing oil viscosity after 10+ years of using a particular grade and type. I’ve used fully synthetic Castrol Edge 5W30 from the first service of our facelift 2009/09. This is BMW LL04 spec. oil (also has VAG type approval) and it’s what Costco has. Used it in all my cars…is it type approved by Toyota? Not sure, don’t care. It’s good quality oil and I have never had any issues with it in any of my cars. I’ll bet many people who get their Aygo serviced don’t know what oil their garage has used in the first place. Love your Aygo, enjoy your Aygo and if you really want to, do an extra oil change.
  12. ihpj


    I will have to disagree. The MMT is an absolute hoot to drive and so much more fun as you’re not having to press the clutch pedal all the time. Treat an MMT as a manual (which it is) and you’ll not go far wrong - and when it does go bang (and it will) invest in the Toyota Extended Warranty.
  13. @SAM LOVERS HER TOYOTAS I have to say, I don’t think I have ever known anyone who seems to have the kind of bad luck you have with your Aygo - both in the frequency and regularity you seem too. Want to buy mine 🤣 It has the benefit of Toyota Extended warranty until 07/2022, has been over serviced in its life and been in our ownership from brand new.
  14. The only chain of events I can think of at this time is the accelerator was stuck ‘on’ after the car was started and shifted into first. These cars are drive by wire on the accelerator (from what I know) but I cannot countenance a circumstance where an auto. (or MMT!) would start in gear as described - as another contributor has mentioned there are many (many) safety systems in place to prevent something like this…and for all of them to have failed or overridden seems very unfortunate. Has this incident been picked up by the local press where you live OP? Can you share a link to local media reports of this incident please?
  15. And just to update the Forum, the Dealer tested the car but did not feel the clutch was worn such that it would warrant a replacement - so they reset the adaptions and actuator. It is a temporary fix and has made it better, but I’m not going to fight my dealership - the clutch is in its way out, still have a year to go on the warranty so plenty of time to go still.
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