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  1. Cheers for help guys... Priced two new alloys with Mr T... knew it wld be expensive... but at €910 for two its a definite non runner... and thats without tyres. Sourced 4 rims with tyres from a breakers yard for €300.. slightly marked but will do. Thanks again
  2. Cheers for that Kingo: wheres what im looking for in a 17inch:
  3. As per the title im looking to source two alloys in excellent condition for a 2008 Avensis TR 2.0 D4D.... if anyone knows where i might be able to source these please let me know as im looking for them ASAP. Cheers.
  4. So since i replaced the batter yesterday afternoon i havent seen the unlocking issue..... ill report back after a week... so far things look good
  5. Exact same thing happened again this morning.... open the door with the key alarm siren & horn was actived tried what you suggested.. i.e. turning the key in the ignition and it didnt silence the alarm siren or the horn. After repeated pressing (for 15 mins or so) of the unlock bottom on the fob it finally unlocked. The red led flashes when any three of the buttons are pressed so dont think its a battery issue however ive just replaced the battery as a first attempt to resolve this issue. If its not the battery how difficult is it to get another key? I guess its a trip to Mr T.... probably gonna be expensive too... anyone done this before?
  6. Afraid not cant locate the second key which has the fob buttons.
  7. As per the title the key fob on my 2008 2.0 D4D Avensis will lock the car but wont unlock it. With over 205K miles it has got alot of use.... never replaced the battery in all this time so i will replace it first. Could it be something else other than the fob battery? I opened it manually with the key alarm going off for 10 - 15 mins disconnected the (+ lead) on the battery a few times and kept pressing unlock eventually it kicked in.
  8. Cheers Konrad for you help yet again..... that will help me narrow down a replacement bumper alot quicker.... one i had my eye on is the wrong colour :(
  9. Hi All, I'm looking to replace the rear bumper on my 2008 2.0 D4D TR avensis Saloon.... i've found a 2007 (facelift model) with an unmarked bumper.... however its a hatchback.... anyone know if the hatchback & saloon bumpers are the same? Thanks
  10. So i replaced the rear brake discs at the weekend.... was very straight forward thanks to the the workshop submission thread. On inspection they looked to be in a very poor state see the images below.... brake pads were not wearing even on the rear passenger side.... and the inside of the disc appears to be badly worn..... once i fitted the new discs and pads i took if for a test drive to find no noise coming from the rear wheels... i had suspected it was a rear bearing but seems it was due to the poor state of the discs. Thanks for all the help lads.
  11. cheers for the info Konrad.... i get what your saying i too was surprised to see the lip wore down on the disc after all they have 195K miles on them...... ill strip it down at the weekend and see whats going on. Thanks again
  12. Apologies not a great photo but heres what the rear disc looks like .... you might be able to make out the the lip on the disc is wore down.... it appears to be the calliper thats touching the disc... as the theres about 40% left on the pads. Not sure if this would result in the humming sound i've been hearing thinking it was the bearing..... So i dropped into my local Mr T dealer today and picked up rear discs and brake pads all round (front & back) for 190 euro.. will fit them this weekend with the help of the workshop submission on this site.
  13. pads are not gone... looks like the disc has wore thin allowing the caliper to touch the disc. .. ill try to get a photo of it tomorrow and upload here
  14. I was thinking a rear bearing was gone on my 2.0 D4D Avensis..... so i was in with the tyre shop today getting front tyres and got a chance to have a good look while the car was up on the lift. Tried spining the rear tyres by hand and could hear a scrapping noise.... on closer inspection i could the caliper seemed to be rubbing the disc.... there was no lip on the disc as it appears the caliper has worn it even..... could this be the huming noise im hearing? Theres 195k miles on the discs so they are well overdue replacement... i replaced the front discs at 120k mile. I see i can source non toyota discs alot cheaper online.... are the toyota disc worth the extra money? Cheers Guys
  15. thanks for that konrad... ive had the car from new... it hasnt cost me much in 200k miles... just normal wear and tear stuff.... so im happy to spend a bit more on original parts... had a bad experience with a non toyota fuel filter once ... ill be keeping her till the end. thanks again you guys have given me the confidence to take this job on