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  1. Best of luck for the future Davey on the move. Hope the financial hiccups are shortlive red diesel
  2. Hi folks happy new year to you all my personal fave mod would be to change the cloth seats for leather. Makes a huge difference imo particularly if going from black cloth seats to lighter coloured leather. Red diesel
  3. Somewhat disappointing when an organisation makes changes like this and they dont explain things well. I interpret the lovely Susans comments as meaning no improvement on the cards. And having had the delight of dealing with such changes elsewhere this year - improvements wont be forthcoming. Its like "you should be glad we are not getting rid of the scheme altogether". Continious improvement thus on permenent suspension - too much hassle you see. Red diesel
  4. Well folks there was also a bit of a fuss sometime back about the Jaguar XF "only" achieving 4 stars in euro ncap testing. It seems that if its not 5 stars its not worth driving as far as some folk are concerned. I disagree and suspect that a 3 or 4 star car is still perfectly safe. BMW it seems agree seeing nothing wrong with the safety of the e60 5 series when it only got a 3.5 star rating in initial testing. They made changes after that - but considered existing cars perfectly fine (as far as i remember). Red diesel
  5. Happy christmas to every one. Stay safe and get making those all important 2013 new years resolution lists lol. Best wishes to everyone red diesel
  6. Maybe they dont make as big a ***** up in a engine design.. ah but they do ... in an ideal world but you can guarantee that when you start producing 100,000s of things it will throw up issues that never occurred in testing. +1 - Rover K series head gaskets, Saab oil sump issues, Mazda diesel engines been an absolute disaster with big end failures and DPFs. VAG group had lots of issues with oil pumps on the 2.0 TDI - and the injectors on the 170 bhp PD version of that engine with siemens injectors - complete disaster. VAG had to recall the 170 2.0 PD TDIs over the injector issue - but of course not until lots of huffing and puffing from owners. Oh and finally there was the Isuzu Troopers with the 3.0 common rail engine - big issues with those too. Red diesel
  7. Well done on your hard work, much respect to you and your wife - and best wishes for the future. Red diesel
  8. Qasquai has been a huge maketing success for Nissan - its really rather clever in my view because theyve somehow managed to build the Quasqui into a brand name in its own right (imo). In my view theres a lot of Quasquai customers who 10 years ago would have looked at a Nissan and said not having that car because "its a Nissan". Contrast that with VW and the tiguan - youd think people would be queing up to buy them since its a VW - but no - theyd rather the quasqhi, so in my view the Quasqhis success is down to the building of the Quasqhi as a brand name. In saying that Toyota could do something better then the Urban Cruiser - something like the original Rav 4 could be put on the agenda perhaps - same size - same idea about making it nice to drive - etc. Red diesel
  9. Id go with the What car not knowing what they are on about option myself - the long term tests are a waste of time imo for example. The guys get a car for 20,000 miles - but i don't really feel i get much insight into the car - and what its like to live with. Red diesel
  10. Best of luck with the new car T Sport 1978 Red diesel
  11. By really generalising. Most smaller cars will either be second cars or commuter vehicles. Larger vehicles are more flexible and therefore as well as being second cars and commuter vehicles, they are also much more likely to be work horses such as a taxi or a rep mobile or because they're larger and thus generally more comfortable, they'll be used on longer, harder trips. As I said I'm generalising but I've based this on my personal experience even excluding the taxi work. The big car is main car and the small car gets less use. Show me the Yaris forums where many many owners are putting on 30,000+ miles per annum and I'll show you more Prius, Passat, Mondeo forums where that's the case. More miles is generally a harsher life. I think that higher miles doesn't necessarly mean a harsher life - the key factor is what sort of driving the high miles was clocked up on. We have just changed 4 x 4s to one thats 9 years newer but has the same (if not a little more) miles on it. But the newer one feels like its just run in - wheras the old one was :censor: from driving around the farm etc. And if you offered me an ex ambulance service paramedic car thingy with 50,000 miles and the same car even with a sales rep drive with 120,000 miles - id have the 120,000 mile ex rep car thanks. Taxis get a hard life generally but a lot of high mileage cars get driven on motorways in top gear at 70 odd miles an hour, a nice life for a car tbh if its well serviced of course all imo Red diesel
  12. How did Toyota Europe get involved??? - it would be interesting to know because some of the forum members here have had issues with Toyota GB on various points - Prius Gen 3 warranties for example. Red diesel
  13. The use of the BMW engines hopefully will mean no head gasket issue imo and BMW does seem to achieve the figures in terms of MPG. Only time will tell regarding the other issues Red diesel
  14. +1 - one ignorant member of staff can do a companies reputation a lot of harm, people will assume this is representative of the company as a whole. Definitely something companies need to work on as part of their "HR policies" incidents like this tend to make a mockery of the "modern HR process". The other serious issue is that this kind of thing also impacts on the good guys - especially if said good guys are being pressurized into doing better and better all the time. Yet they see the ignorant sod continuing to be an ignorant sod - and nothing been done - hugely annoying. Red diesel
  15. Hi chaps Sorry to hear about all your troubles with the spot welds. To my mind in this situation Toyota should be falling over themselves to look after you - especially seeing as this is Merlin 01s 2nd car with this exact issue. Nothing really more to add only to restate my view that if your going legal - to go to a good contract law solicitor - simply because there is a contract there between you and your dealer and imo between the dealer and Toyota. Just my opinion though Incidentally this talk of a "correct repair" on the tailgate is a tad worrying - is this implying that this is something Toyota have faced before (but perhaps would prefer not divulge???). After all how can you have a "correct repair unless at somepoint the repair has had to be done", im talking now about the tailgate - i realise that there are approved repair methods for (as an example) attaching a new rear quarter following an accident. Just as a general question folks - what would be the pitfalls of ringing or writing to Toyota asking for a meeting - or perhaps intially having a meeting with the bosses of the dealerships where the cars were bought. I know they could say no (which in my view would say rather a lot for Toyota and their dealers attitude towards their customer) but what other pitfalls would there be that i am unaware off Red diesel
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