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  1. I find Marksh and Shpencers shocks to be very comfortable! Sorry - probably not the most helpful reply......
  2. Thanks for the bulb recommendations, but I have already fitted a pair of Bosch bulbs. Apart from having to remove the battery to get at the nearside bulb, and a bit of skinned knuckles, it wasn't too bad. I replaced them as a pair just to err on the side of caution, and there was an offer on for buying the pair. I don't expect to have to do it again for another 8 years!
  3. I have a 2006 Corolla E12 (?) 1600 colour collection. So at only 8 years old, and just 74k miles on the clock, a headlamp bulb has blown! I am outraged at this; from a car maker that claims to be reliable. This is the first thing that has gone wrong with this car in the 5 years I have owned it, and it better be the last or Toyota will be getting a strongly worded letter of complaint. But seriously .... I just cannot believe that this is the first bulb to have blown! Apart from normal service items, I think this is the first part I have had to replace. Hope I am not tempting fate here. So much more reliable than any of the number of VWs I have owned.
  4. If I was you, I would be visiting a lawyer or at the very least, Citizens Advice. It would appear from what you say that you have been sold a car which is not of reasonable quality and not fit for purpose (or whatever the wording is) under the Sale of Goods Act. Do it ASAP as your case will weaken with the passage of time. It is a PITA spending your hard earned cash on something as major as a car and it turns out to be a dog. The garage/dealer who sold you it cannot wash their hands of it just because there is no warranty. It still has to be of reasonable quality and fit for purpose. As far as I know of course, I am not a lawyer!
  5. This post here is my definitive guide to curing the squeaky clutch....... My clutch felt as if it was on it's way out before I sorted it out, and 5 months later it still feels sooooo much better!
  6. On the subject of pollen filters, I replaced mine yesterday. Bought it from a Toyota dealer, who offered me a choice .... Toyota "genuine" part for £26, or a "FRAM" filter for £6. Looking at them, it was hard to tell the difference apart from "Toyota" stamped on the expensive one. I opted for the Fram filter, strangely enough! Had it been an oil or air filter I would have stuck with the Toyota part, but for a pollen filter I thought I would be adventurous.....
  7. Check the linkage arms that join the motor to the wiper arms. Might have worked loose and come undone.
  8. Should be easy enough to check if the brakes are "binding". Find somewhere flat, move off in 1st gear just at crawling pace, then put the clutch to the floor. The car should roll reasonably freely until nature does its stuff and slows it down. You should be able to tell if the brakes are dragging a bit, as it will not roll freely and will come to a stop fairly quickly.
  9. I had to replace the slider pins on a rear caliper last month; the Toyota franchise I bought the kit from charged about £45 for it! 2 pins and boots, with the rubber washer on one of them, replacement bolts and a sachet of brake grease. I agree that this is probably the OP's problem too. Also check that the piston that pushes the pads against the disc hasn't seized or is sticking.
  10. Should be ok, I think. The cable ties are only holding the handbrake shoes in position and not actually taking any of the braking forces of the car. It will do until I get the proper parts. I don't have to use the car much these days anyway.
  11. Well it's all done .... almost. The other 3 axles were quite easy. Front ones are a dawdle. I had to use some degree of brute force to get the rear offside disc off, and in the process broke the brake shoe clips and clip retainers. Have managed to do a bodge with cable ties until I get replacement parts, but at least it is now driveable.
  12. Their website has been down since yesterday, typical sods' law! Spoke to them about it and they know there is a problem. Otherwise I would have got them delivered. I have red grease for the sliders. One of them on the caliper I took off was partially seized and needed some loosening up. Just hoping that none of the pistons are seized....
  13. Thanks for that, oldcodger. Probably should get one of those kits before I go any further. Been on a train and bus expedition to Euro Car Parts today to buy new pads and discs for all 4 wheels. I can confirm that they are VERY heavy, and that plastic bags with heavy items in them have a tendency to want to cut your fingers off!!
  14. Thanks for your replies, Sam and Fox. Looking at the Haynes manual, it would seem that the 2 pins which fell out of the partially removed drum are the locating pins which hold a securing clip, which in turn holds the handbrake shoes in place. So I dread to think what mess of springs and clips I am going to find - WHEN I get that disc off!