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  1. Hi, I got a replacement key cut for my yaris - the key goes into the ignition but it doesn't turn. I was wondering if this is because I haven't transferred the electronics (scared to incase it needs reprogramming) and maybe an imobiliser isn't being disarmed or something? Or is it just a bad key cut? Thanks for your help, Stu
  2. Hello, I have a battery that gets drained overnight. (my car is an Avensis GLS 2.0 petrol 98/R) With the ignition off I took out each fuse in turn and measured the voltage accross the female contacts. Here are the results: Dome: 10V Head (RH): 0V ECU-B: 12V AM2: 0V RAD NO.1: 11V D.C.C: 10V HEAD(LH): 0V HORN: 0V ALT-S: 6V H-LP CLN: 0V HAZARD: 12V EFI: 11V I was expecting one to give a voltage but getting 7 was a bit of a surprise! (I would give you Amp readings but unfortunately I blew the multimeter's Amp testing circuit's fuse by applying directly to the battery!) Is there anywhere I can get a wiring map to find a common denominator between all the bad circuits? Many thanks for your help! Stu
  3. Hello everyone, I have a slipping fanbelt and so went to tighten the relevent bolt but... the bolt head is totally burred over! I can't even remove it and replace it with a new one! Does anyone have any suggestions for getting the blighter off?! Thanks! Stu p.s. the car is a 98/R Avensis GLS
  4. Hi Paul - the alarm used to off during the night for no apparent reason. (Even if the alarm speaker is disconnected the lights flash and still drain the battery.) Stu
  5. Hello, I have a 98/R GLS 2.0 petrol Avensis. The alarm drains the battery during the night so I've put an isolation switch on the battery. Please could somebody tell me how to fix the underlying problem so that I don't have to isolate the battery every time I park?! Many thanks for your help! Stu
  6. Hello eveyone, I'm getting a metalic throbbing noise once per wheel revolution at the front-left wheel / shaft. It not a grinding noise, it's more like the shaft is getting loaded and unloaded each time the wheel turns. Could this be a universal joint or bearing problem? Many thanks for your help! Stu
  7. OK well as it turns out it was very easy. If you stand in front of the engine bay the starter motor is on the lower right hand side (in plain view!)
  8. Hello, Please could you tell me how to replace the starter motor on a 98/R avensis GLS 2.0 petrol (manual)? Many thanks, Stu
  9. Thanks very much. Just to be clear are the solenoids in the same unit as the starter motor or are these seperate? i.e. if I replace the starter motor will that take care of the solenoids? (I'm thinking of replacing the starter motor entirely because they're only about £40 from a breaker's yard). Thanks, Stu
  10. Hello, When I turn the ignition there is a 'click' noise in the engine - the click is mechanical so I think the start motor is trying to turn but not succeeding. Very occasionally (about 1 in in 50 attempts) the crank turns part of a revolution or two but then the engine dies. Being an electrical component I guess the electrical contacts either work or don't work? - therefore if movement is happening does this mean the solenoids are OK? Which woud mean that something else is stopping the starter motor turning - could it just need servicing/lubricating? Thanks, Stu ediit - sorry forgot to mention that I've tested the battery and it's fine.
  11. Hi everyone, Thanks for your help. Just to clarify I'm just looking to top up the aircon with this: rather than draining the system and starting again. Or are you saying even just topping it up with this product is dangerous? If it's safe please could you point me in the direction of the port? Thanks, Stu
  12. Hi everyone, I'm looking to recharge the airconditioning on my 1998 Avensis. According to my recharge can there should be a black or blue dust cap which when unscrewed reveals the low pressure port. Please could someone tell me where this is as I can't seem to find it! Thanks for your help. Stu