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  1. Hi Waxxy Where did you get them from and how much were they?
  2. Thanks for the tip Shappers - I will try this at my next fill up. Best wishes Edward
  3. Hi Waxxy I note you live in the Wigan area. I got my Yaris from HW Moon at Challenge Way,Martland Bridge Industrial Estate,Wigan The salesman put about half a tank in before I picked up the vehicle and he never mentioned this filling problem. I went to the BP garage at M6 Junction 26 (Standish) for the top up. I have used this garage for years with my Rover Metro and could fill up at full blast with no problems. Others have noticed this problem and if you put "Filling up" in the Search box you can read their comments. Sorry to hear you regret purchasing your Yaris - You seem to have had some bad luck. Up to now I have no complaints with my new car. Best wishes Edward
  4. Hi everyone. I have just taken delivery of a new Yaris and needed to top up the fuel. I had GREAT difficulty at the pump as the nozzle kept switching off. It must have happened over 10 times before I managed to get a very slow fill. I tried all sorts of angle with the nozzle pushed in to various depths but still could only manage a VERY slow fill. I would be greatful for suggestions to overcome this problem. Thank you Best wishes Edward
  5. Good morning. I ordered a new Yaris T2 (Standard model) 5 Door,Metallic finish on the 5th May this year. So far all I have is a verbal quote of 30th June for delivery (Nothing in writing) I have had no contact with the dealer since the 5th although I was promised regular updates. Has any member had recent experience of delivery times for this model. Also I am confused as to where this car is being built. Is it Japan or France? Thank you. Best wishes Edward
  6. Hello I am a "nearly" 70yr old pensioner and I have just ordered my FIRST new car under the Scrappage scheme. The car is a Toyota Yaris T2. Naturally I am a little apprehensive having never had a Toyota never mind a new one. Anyone like to reassure me that I have chosen wisely? Best Wishes Edward
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