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  1. Happy Birthday david j starkie!

  2. Not posted for a few days as i have started a new p/t job delivering cars last wednesday i dropped a new prius off to a nice gent in Dunstable. What a car it was one of the nicest cars i have driven the outlay of all the controls was spot on,only thing was this one i delivered did'nt have sat nav i liked the way when in a tail back on the motorway you can switch to electric mode so its free driving as soon as it gets to about 30 mph the engine kicks in to eco drive There is also a sportier setting which i only tried once( as it was a customers car was very responsive) if i had 20 grand id get a prius tomorrow it cost me £15 to get to dunstable from manchester not bad.
  3. Yeah i remember the tuxedo under the bridge, the Royal i meant was on the sea front at whitley it was a hotel that had a club on the ground floor it was a bit rough but all the lads who were from out of town drank there, mad mad times.
  4. Hi mate welcome to toc, Gateshead has fond memories for me i worked on the metro centre and lived in whitley bay for over a year is the royal night club still going? good luck with the motor. Dave
  5. The clips are part of the trim when you push the trim up it doesnt seem to engage with anything like there should be a click but its loose i think ill take it to Mr T as try and botch it, thanks for the reply mate
  6. Its getting sad when i have to reply to my own posts ! anyone had and solved this problem, cant get anything to stay stuck it seems to vibrate its self loose and then drops down
  7. welcome mate looks sound might be best to have blacked out the reg, cant be too careful these days .
  8. welcome mate drive it carefully keep your points low and before you know it you'll be able to drive and afford loads of top motors
  9. Em have you looked at Tesco pet insurance its£3.99 for a three year old cat and 35% off if you get it on line may be worth a peek .
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