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  1. Chris-n

    German Corolla TS Supercharged

    Here be there pics from my car
  2. Hello, dear Corolla fans, Has one of you already obstructed the Piper Cams of Monkeywrenchracing in 2zz-ge? Need one there also other valves, are springy? The best greetings Chris
  3. OK, and how long can this still last?? Can you give me give when he is ready with the things of Kit? Would have here in Germany some which would like to shop this Kit with pleasure.....! # Best Regards chris
  4. Hello, dear Corolla fahrer, am for a long time in search of even more achievement for my TTE Compressor...... There I have bumped into the side of Silverstone. Has several e-mail written then, however, something never came back?? Is there the company still? I absolutely wanted to buy myself this Kit... Can somebody help me? With best ones greet Chris
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